Film Review: Poltergeist

Yet another unnecessary remake, this suitably scary haunted-house tale is likely to be loved only by those who never saw the original.

Film Review: Aloft

Visually striking but pretentious film about a working-class woman who finds her life’s purpose as a hands-on healer at the expense of the son she has abandoned.

Film Review: Sunshine Superman

Gorgeous, thrilling bio-doc about the godfather of BASE jumping that’s energized by its subject’s personal peak-leaping movie footage.
Cinemas News

Focus Features revives Gramercy label for genre films

Focus Features has revived the Gramercy Pictures label as branding for action, horror, and sci-fi genre movies. This renewed label “reinforces Focus Features’ commitment to bringing a broad spectrum of entertainment to audiences that encompasses both commercial and specialty fare,” the...

Christie promotes George Scheckel and Bryan Boehme to senior posts

Christie announced two promotions within its senior sales and business development team.George Scheckel was promoted to senior director of entertainment solutions, Americas, and Bryan Boehme was upped to director of location-based entertainment, Americas....

Fathom Events to present 'Insider Access' to 'Inside Out'

Fathom Events and Disney are working together to present a special screening of “Insider Access to Disney-Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’” in select U.S. movie theatres on Tuesday, June 16—three days before Inside Out hits theatres....
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Cannes part III: Directors Deniz Gamze Erguven and Trey Edward Shults; plus, 'Love'

Although much hype is duly awarded the films in the Competition and Un Certain Regard categories, the lesser-known movies of the Cannes Film Festival's parallel series are often more exciting for...

'Tomorrowland' set to take Memorial Day weekend at the box office

Its reviews may be decidedly mixed--with our own critic calling it "an odd mixture of the fantastic and the banal"--but that won't stop Brad Bird's Tomorrowland from winging its way to victory over...

Week in review: 5/18-5/22

Warner Bros.' Blade Runner sequel has enlisted some star quality of the cinematographic variety: The legendary Roger Deakins has signed on to lens the film, which will be his third collaboration with director Denis Villeneuve.
Movie News

Cameron Crowe's 'Aloha' Criticized for Depicting "Whitewashed" Hawaii

The Bradley Cooper-Emma Stone film "uses Hawaii for its exotic backdrop but goes out of its way to exclude the very people who ...

Johnny Depp Enjoys Stomping Faces in New 'Black Mass' Trailer (Video)

Depp stars as gangster Whitey Bulger in the Warner Bros. more

‘Visit or Memories and Confessions’: Cannes Review

A long-hidden, personal doc about leaving a beloved house by the late, revered Portuguese director Manoel de Oliveiraread more
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