Audience breakdown for 'It' compares to superhero blockbusters


Dr. Bryan Smith, chief data scientist at Movio, has shared some interesting data on the demographics for It, the blockbuster movie based on the Stephen King novel, exclusively with FJI. Dr. Smith reports: “With domestic box office exceeding $320 million and counting, It is the highest-grossing horror movie of all time by a considerable margin. The audience evolved over the first four weeks of its theatrical run in a similar manner to most blockbusters. The audience started out predominantly young and male and grew older and more female-skewed over time. As the content is still very much in the horror genre, It never attracted the older (50+) audience that a true four-quadrant film eventually draws. However, the gender and ethnicity splits do look more like a superhero or action/adventure blockbuster than a typical horror genre movie.”

Read Dr. Smith's full report here.