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For more than 50 years, Back Stage has been the most trusted place for actors to find career advice and casting information.

Started in December 1960 by Ira Eaker and Allen Zwerdling, Back Stage quickly became required reading for every young actor who came to New York to cut their teeth. The newspaper's original blue-and-red logo became as synonymous with NYC actors as a class at The Actors Studio.

A Los Angeles edition, Back Stage West, was launched in 1994, and BackStage.com came to life in 1997. In late 2008, the two regional newspapers were synthesized into a single national edition, now known simply as Back Stage, which is sold across the United States and Canada.

Today, the Back Stage brand signifies something greater than simply casting notices: Back Stage is a place where actors, singers and dancers can connect with the greater performing arts community.

More importantly, Back Stage is where performers can get all the information they need to succeed in the entertainment business. Actors browse through our weekly newspaper, checking updated production listings or reading our periodic spotlights on photography, college programs, acting schools and coaches. Or they check our many interactive online features, from news, reviews, and advice columns to a vibrant message board, weblogs, video, and much more.

And, of course, actors browse through our casting notices.

Back Stage takes pride in having the most up-to-date technology, whether you are creating a multimedia resume or viewing casting notices. Upload your resume, post photos, upload a reel — all can be done with the touch of a button.

But none of that technology means anything without the job listings. And we have the best notices in the business.

Back Stage publishes between 800 to 1,000 top audition notices each week for every type of performance: film, stage, TV, commercials, multimedia, dance, voiceovers, singing, and more. Included are opportunities for both adults and children. Plus, we offer ads seeking people in related fields, such as stage/film crews, models, musicians, and writers.

Besides performance hubs New York City and Los Angeles, we publish notices for dozens of other cities across the United States and Canada, including Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Miami, Philadelphia, Denver, Seattle, Vancouver and many more. Simply search by state or province and job type to see what's available in your area.

Note: You do NOT need to be a subscriber to search our listings. To view complete notices, however, requires a Back Stage online subscription.

Protecting Actors
Actors are, unfortunately, highly vulnerable to all kinds of sleazy operators and scam artists. Back Stage takes particular pride in trying to prevent that.

We offer every actor our unique Back Stage Casting Pledge: We check out all casting notices before we publish them.

We never simply publish a casting notice as submitted. We ask questions, check references, and refuse to publish calls that seem less than reputable. No other publication takes the steps we do to protect actors.

For instance, we ask production companies whether roles are paid or not; if roles require nudity; whether they are seeking union or nonunion actors (and if it's union, under which contract); and so forth. We refuse to publish casting calls for pornography, or for projects that ask for exorbitant fees or for the actor to purchase headshots or classes to participate. (If a modest fee is requested, we'll include exactly what's expected in the casting notice.)

You should never go into an audition wondering if the person behind that door will try to take your money — or worse.

However, we're not perfect. Despite our best efforts, con artists and creeps occasionally fool us. But we take your complaints seriously. If someone is proven to be a scammer or deliberately misleading in their ads, we never allow that person to advertise with us again. Ever. That's a promise.

We want to empower actors by supplying the most complete information possible about a project, so you know exactly what to expect at an audition before you attend. Then, if you are told something completely different, contact us immediately at castinghelp@backstage.com and we'll investigate.

Back Stage works hard every day to be an actor's most trusted daily resource. Subscribe today!


Publisher: Charlie Weiss
Executive Editor: Daniel Holloway
National Casting Editor: Luke Crowe

NY Bureau Chief: Mark Peikert
Senior Web Editor: Suzy Evans
Film and TV Editor: Jenelle Riley
Staff Editor: Erik Haagensen
Special Sections Editor: David Sheward
Senior Staff Writer: Simi Horwitz
Staff Writer: Daniel Lehman
Copy Editor: Sylvia Tan

Managing Casting Editor: Scott Matthew Harris
Senior Casting Editor: Melinda Loewenstein
Film and TV Casting Editors: Jesse Landberg and Michael Coughlin
Theater and Performing Arts Casting Editors: Sri Gordon and Sarah McKinley Oakes
Regional Casting Editor: Byron Karlevics
Research Editor: Pete Keeley
Casting and Agency Market Specialist: Jessica Gardner
Customer Service and Community Manager: Ron Kagan
Contributors: Susan Woods, Andrea Wolloff, Jeanne Brei, Laurie Burke, Nancy Clendaniel, Sherry Hoffman

Advertising Sales
Director, Integrated Marketing: Kasey Howe
Sales Manager: Allen Buhl
Sr. Account Executive (NY): Gerry Sankner Sr.
Sr. Account Executive (LA): Richard H. Johnston
Advertising Sales Supervisor (LA): Rick Tyberg
Account Executive (LA): Joseph Malone
Sales Coordinator: Christina Nieto

Senior Project Manager: Tom Penketh

Marketing and Events
Events Sponsorships: Joshua Shames
Graphic Designer: Larry Johnson
Marketing and Event Coordinator: Caroline Perkins

Art and Production
Creative Director: Kelly Lewis
Art Director: Eric Hernandez
Associate Art Director: William Scalia
Production Manager: Shenaya Archer
Graphic Production Artist: Gene Williams
Production Assistant: Joe Garcia
Video/Photo Producer: Andrew Hur

John Amato, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Joshua Ellstein, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer
Justin Smithline, Chief Product Officer
Jim Jazwiecki, Chief Technology Officer
Michael Rieck, Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration
Charlie Weiss, Vice President and Publisher
Luke Crowe, Vice President
Ryan Remstad, Office Manager and Executive Assistant






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