Film Development

Films are in the early stages of the development process. As the film gets closer to principal photography, information on these listings may change.


Crank 2
A sequel to the 2006 film. This time a Chinese mobster has stolen the hit man's heart and replaced it with a battery-powered artificial heart that requires regular jolts of electricity. Jason Statham reprises his role as Chev Chelios. Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are writing the script and co-directing. Casting: Kelly Wagner Casting, 955 S. Carrillo Dr., Ste. 300, L.A., CA 90048.

The Crazies
A remake of the 1973 George Romero movie that tells the story of a small town where residents are beset by death and insanity after a secret biological weapon enters the water supply. Breck Eisner is directing. Scott Kosar and Ray Wright wrote the screenplay. Casting: Automatic Sweat, 5243 W. Washington Blvd., L.A.,CA 90016.

Drag Me to Hell
A thriller about the unwitting recipient of a mystical curse. The screenplay is by Sam and Ivan Raimi. Sam Raimi is directing. Casting: Automatic Sweat, 5243 W. Washington Blvd., L.A., CA 90016.

Fast and the Furious IV
The fourth installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are set to star. Chris Morgan is the screenwriter. Justin Lin will direct. Casting: Finn/Hiller Casting, 588 N. Larchmont, 1st Fl., L.A., CA 90004.

Hannah Montana
A film based on the characters from the Disney Channel television series following the Stewart family as they return to Tennessee. The cast includes Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley Cyrus, Emily Osment, Jason Earles, and Mitchel Tate Muso. Casting: Beach/Katzman Casting, 606 N. Larchmont Blvd., #311, L.A., CA 90038.

Mostly Ghostly
Based on the novel series by R.L. Stine that follows the adventures of a young boy who lives with two friendly, mischievous ghosts. His dad wants to send him to boarding school, his brother is a horrible bully, and the ghosts decide it's time to help Max out. Richard Correl is directing. Casting: London/Stroud Casting.

My Bloody Valentine
A horror remake of a 1981 film of the same name following a murderer who kills people who celebrate Valentine's Day. Zane Smith wrote the screenplay. Patrick Lussier is directing. Casting: Nancy Nayor Battino, 6320 Commodore Sloat, 2nd Fl., L.A., CA 90048.

My One and Only
Based on the true story of actor George Hamilton's childhood, during which he accompanied his mother on a road trip across the country to track down her former boyfriends. Ren?e Zellweger is set to star. Richard Loncraine is directing. The screenplay is by Charlie Peters. Casting: Artz & Ginsberg Casting, 130 S. El Camino Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

A political satire about a small-town receptionist who has a nail accidentally shot into her head by a clumsy workman, eliciting wild sexual urges. She goes to Washington to fight for the rights of the bizarrely injured. Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel star. David O. Russell co-wrote the screenplay with Al Gore's daughter, Kristin Gore. Russell will also direct. Casting: Betty Mae Casting, 1023-1/2 Abbott Kinney Blvd., Venice, CA 90291.

A thriller about an asset manager with a beautiful wife who is stalked by a new office worker. The cast includes Beyonce Knowles, Idris Elba, and Ali Larter. Steve Shill is directing. Casting: Massalas/Digman Casting, Sony Pictures Entertainment, 10202 W. Washington Blvd., David Lean Bldg., Rm. 200, Culver City, CA 90232.

Robosapien: Rebooted
A sci-fi drama about a 12-year-old boy who finds a robot who becomes his best friend. The robot's inventor and a company that wants to use the robot for military applications try to take the robot back. Sean McNamara is directing. The screenplay is by Max Botkin. Casting: Fern Champion/Paul Ruddy, 10203 Santa Monica Blvd., 4th Fl., L.A., CA 90067.

An adventure film that follows a group of outcast kids who stumble upon a magical object that releases mysterious powers in their neighborhood. Robert Rodriguez is writing and directing. Casting: Betty Mae Casting, 1023-1/2 Abbott Kinney Blvd., Venice, CA 90291.

A sci-fi movie based on the 2006 graphic novel set in a world where humans live an isolated existence and interact vicariously through surrogate robots. Bruce Willis is set to star. Jonathan Mostow is directing. Casting: The Casting Company, 12750 Ventura Blvd., Ste. 102, Studio City, CA 91604.

The Things We Carry
A drama that follows a young woman whose drug-addict mother dies. She returns home for a package her mother has left her, reconnecting with her sister along the way. The cast includes Alyssa Lobit, Noureen DeWulf, Jennifer Blanc, and Vince Vieluf. Ian McCrudden is directing. The script is by Alyssa Lobit. Casting: Freddy Luis/Engine, 1531 14th St., Santa Monica, CA 90404.

A Thousand Words
The story of a smooth, talkative man who discovers that he has only 1,000 words left to speak before he dies. Eddie Murphy is set to star. Brian Robbins is directing. Casting: Bestrop/Yanklewitz Casting, 11336 Camarillo St., Ste. 301, W. Toluca Lake, CA 91602.

Transformers 2
The sequel to the 2007 film. Michael Bay is directing. Shia LaBeouf is set to star. The screenplay is by Ehren Kruger, Alex Kurtzman, and Roberto Orci. Casting: Denise Chamian Casting, Sunset Gower Studios, 1438 N. Gower St., Bldg. 35, Rm. 270, Hollywood, CA 90028.

The Ugly Truth
The story of a news producer who is forced to hire a relationship expert for her show. His theories help her get the guy of her dreams. Katherine Heigl is set to star. Robert Luketic is directing. Casting: Aquila/Wood Casting, 1680 Vine Street, Ste. 806, Hollywood, CA 90028.

A political biopic that tells the story of the life and presidency of George W. Bush. Josh Brolin is set to play Bush. Oliver Stone is directing. The screenplay is by Stanley Weiser. Casting: Finn/Hiller Casting, 588 N. Larchmont Blvd., L.A., CA 90004.

Witch Mountain
A re-imagining of the 1975 adventure movie Escape to Witch Mountain. The story follows a pair of siblings with paranormal powers who go on the run to escape a group of men who wish to exploit their abilities. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is among the cast. Andy Fickman is directing. Casting: Finn/Hiller Casting, 588 N. Larchmont, 1st Fl., L.A., CA 90004.

Youth in Revolt
A comedy based on the 1996 novel by C.D. Payne that follows the journal of Nick Twisp, a smart, sex-obsessed teen living in a world of moronic adults. Michael Cera is set to star. Miguel Arteta is directing. Casting: Joanna Colbert/Richard Mento/Meredith Tucker, 9720 Wilshire Blvd., 4th Fl., Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

New York

Aram Finkelstein
A romantic comedy. Directed by Bart Freundlich. Shooting April 21?June 13. Principals: Douglas Aibel, c/o Vineyard Theatre, 108 E. 15th St., NYC 10003. Background: Grant Wilfley Casting, 123 W. 18th St., 8th fl., NYC 10011.

A gay drama based on the 2005 short film Postmortem. Directed by Eldar Rapaport. Shooting in August. Principals and background: For more information, go to Union/ nonunion shoot.

Blood Cauldron
A horror film about a secret underground research facility. Directed by Robert Stock. Shooting begins June 25. With Corbin Bernsen, Antonio Saillant, Neville White, and Dina Davis. Principals and background: Angel Light Pictures LLC, 331 W. 57th St., Studio 421, NYC 10019 or

City Island
A feature film. No director announced. Shooting this summer in NYC and surrounding area. Principals: Casting two roles: male, 16, skinny, Caucasian, dark-haired, temperamental; female, 25?40, any ethnicity, "big beautiful woman," 300 pounds or more and comfortable with her size, sexy. Background: Not casting at this time.

Doris' Mouse Earrings
A dark absurdist film that is one of a series of short experimental features. Directed by Abrodar Saladino. Shooting in mid-May. Principals: Seeking female character actor to play title role of Doris, a hillbilly, plus "all other creative revolutionaries who are truly interested in doing edgy, unconventional work." Please include a statement as to why you are interested in this work. Background: Not casting. Deferred pay; "no-attitude production." For a representative sample of the company's work, see The Cornstarch Gizmo on

The Empty Hands II
An action film. Directed by Mahaliel Bethea. Shooting in July.
Principals and background: Call (212) 760-4823. Seeking actors for two principal roles: African-American male, age 23?29, martial artist; African-American female, age 18?29, athletic build, 5'3" to 5'10". Also seeking model-type background actors for club scene.

The Expendables: Soul Harvest
A horror film about a church's hit squad against evil. Directed by Robert Stock. Shooting begins Sept. 23. With Antonio Saillant, Neville White, Dina Davis, and Jason Drumwright. Principals and background: Angel Light Pictures LLC, 331 W. 57th St., Studio 421, NYC 10019 or

Go Quietly
A suspense thriller. Directed by Ray Soltani. Shooting June 14?22 in Lake George, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. Principals: Seeking three attractive females, 18?21, and one attractive male, 31?35. Background: Not casting. For more information, go to

Horatio's Odyssey
A film about a homeless man who acquires special powers. Directed by Robertson Tirado. Shooting April?May. Principals: No further casting. Background: Seeking club types, energetic, male and female, all races, for April 27 shoot in the Bronx. No pay, but meal provided.

How I Got Lost
A film set in NYC between Sept. 11, 2001, and the power blackout of 2003. Directed by Joe Leonard. Shooting begins April 19. Principals: No information available. Background: Seeking New Yorkers of all ages and types. Some pay for certain assignments.

Live to Dream
An independent film about a man who wants to settle in the country but keeps getting into trouble in the city. Directed by Marcy Elliot, with Burton Lorber producing. Shooting May?June. Principals and background: Haromar Pictures Ltd., P.O. Box 286273, NYC 10128. Also seeking crew, including production assistant and hair/makeup technician.

A drama. Directed by Katherine Dieckmann. Shooting May 5?June 8. Principals: No information available. Background: Kee Casting, P.O. Box 3170, Guttenberg, NJ 07093.

An HD feature directed by Marc Lafia. Shooting begins this spring in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Principals and background: Irena Rogovsky, Paradise Films, 191 Sixth Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11217. No electronic submissions. Especially seeking people with a background in experimental theatre and performance art. Some pay. Also seeking production assistant (stipend available).

When in Rome
A romantic comedy about coins stolen from a Roman fountain. Directed by Mark Steven Johnson. Shooting in New York City and Rome, starting April 18. With Kristen Bell, Will Arnett, Anjelica Huston, Jon Heder, Josh Duhamel, Dax Shepard, and Alexis Dziena. Principals: No further casting. Background: Central Casting New York, 875 Sixth Ave., 15th fl., NYC 10001.

New York: Currently Shooting

A drama. Directed by Wes Craven. Shooting from April 15 to mid-June in the New Milford, Tolland, and Stamford areas of Connecticut. Principals: No information available. Background: Sophia Costas at Include phone numbers, address, height, weight, and availability during shooting period. Especially seeking those who can portray high school and college students and teachers.

All Good Things
A family drama set in the 1970s. Directed by Andrew Jarecki. Shooting now through mid-June. Principals: No information available. Background: Kee Casting, P.O. Box 3170, Guttenberg, NJ 07093.

Bride Wars
A comedy. Directed by Gary Winick. Shooting April 7?May 28. With Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson. Principals: No further casting. Background: Grant Wilfley Casting, 123 W. 18th St., 8th fl., NYC 10011.

Confessions of a Shopaholic
A comic romance about a young financial journalist with a shopping addiction, based on the novel by Sophie Kinsella. Directed by P.J. Hogan. Shooting until May 5. With Isla Fisher and Krysten Ritter. Principals: No information available. Background: Comer & Gallucio Casting,

A thriller about a pair of corporate spies. Directed by Tony Gilroy. Shooting in New York March 9?May 13. With Clive Owen and Julia Roberts. Principals: No information available. Background: Barbara McNamara Casting, 249 W. 34th St., Ste. 500, NYC 10001.

Julie and Julia
A film based on the book by Julie Powell about a government employee who cooks her way through Julia Child's cookbook. Directed by Nora Ephron. Shooting from March 17 through mid-June. With Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. Principals: No further casting. Background: Grant Wilfley Casting, 123 W. 18th St., 8th fl., NYC 10011.

A biopic on the life of rapper Notorious B.I.G. Directed by George Tillman Jr. Shooting March 24?May 13. With Jamal "Gravy" Woolard, Angela Bassett, and Anthony Mackie. Principals: No information available. Background: T.E.C. Casting, P.O. Box 523, Bronx, NY 10462 or

Silent River
A DV ghost story. Directed by Doug Eaton. Shooting through June in the Easton/Bethlehem, Pa., area. Principals and background: No pay.

The Taking of Pelham 123
An action film from Columbia Pictures. Directed by Tony Scott. Shooting March?June. Principals: No information available. Background: Billy Dowd Casting, Kaufman Astoria Studios, 34-12 36th St., 3rd fl., Astoria, NY 11106. Do not send additional r?sum?s and headshots if you have already registered with Billy Dowd Casting.

Untitled Woody Allen Feature
A romantic comedy. Shooting from April 14 to late spring. Principals: No further casting. Background: Kee Casting, P.O. Box 3170, Guttenberg, NJ 07093.

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