CES+ introduces 'Cinema-as-a-Service' system


Miami-based CES+ announced the launch of the industry’s first “Cinema-as-a-Service” (CaaS) system during CinemaCon.

CES+ leveraged its data, technology and services to design an innovative subscription service model that will evolve the way exhibitors buy, operate and support projection and sound equipment.

Cinema-as-a-Service is a 100% agnostic and comprehensive end-to-end managed service system that significantly decreases exhibitors’ upfront investments and removes the weight of projection operations.

In the words of Luis M. Arreola, VP of business development at CES+: “We deliver a solution that supports our customers’ need to adopt latest-generation equipment for all their auditoriums, such as laser projection and immersive sound, so they can offer guests a more engaging experience. This not only helps exhibitors to keep their venues updated but also gives them key differentiators to attract more guests.” Through CES+’s Cinema-as-a-Service solution, he says, exhibitors can easily invest in new technology and equipment starting at US$10 an hour.

Further, the company notes, for the same rate and during the entire lifetime of the service agreement, CES+ alleviates client worries around their theatrical operations, equipment maintenance and tech support by providing a broad network of certified technicians and a 24/7 support center, empowered by CIELO solutions and predictive analytics.

“Cinema-as-a-Service is just the beginning of a new wave of CES+ continuous innovation we leverage on solid technology and partnerships to guide our customers to create a genuine competitive advantage,” said Guillermo Younger Jr., CEO at CES+.

CES+ will also unveil other launches during CinemaCon, pivotal among them the Projection Network IT Management Service and the fifth version of CIELO.

If you’re attending CinemaCon and would like to learn more about CES+’s solutions, schedule an appointment at sales@ces.plus.