Christie pacts with China's Time Antaeus Media Group


Time Antaeus Media Group, a Chinese digital-cinema industry leader, selected Christie as its partner for its digital-cinema deployment in China. This marks the country’s most extensive commercial effort to install 800 Christie CP2000 series DLP Cinema® projectors in select cinemas by the end of 2010. The projectors will be installed together with 800 Time Antaeus Montage CDCS2000 d-cinema servers.

The collaboration between Christie and Time Antaeus began at the 2008 Beijing Summer Games’ ceremonies with the purchase of 120 Christie CP2000-ZX models. The CP2000-ZX digital-cinema projectors delivered spectacular visuals throughout the event, demonstrating their flexibility in a non-cinema environment. After the ceremonies, these projectors and Time Antaeus’ Montage CDCS2000 d-cinema servers were installed by CFG-Antaeus Digital Cinema Investment Co. Ltd., a joint venture of China Film Group and Antaeus Group, in theatres across China. In August 2008, Christie and Time Antaeus were selected by CFG-Antaeus to provide another additional 400 units of digital-cinema projectors and servers.

The Montage CDCS2000 d-cinema server provided is a joint development between Time Antaeus and Doremi Cinema. It conforms to the DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) specifications for digital-cinema servers.

This tailored digital-cinema solution supports devices such as JNior and eCNA as well as 3D technologies such as Dolby 3D, MasterImage, RealD and XpanD. It also includes a Theatre Management System to allow remote content programming and management. In addition, the server can be remotely monitored by a network operations center.

“We selected Christie because they offer a range of proven entertainment solutions with remarkable image quality, reliability and stability,” says Zhang Baoquan, chairman of Time Antaeus Media Group. “Most importantly, we foresee their excellent service and undisputed success in the series of massive deployments around the world. This will certainly help us contribute to the growth of the digital cinema market in China. As a leading player in the local cinema industry, we have contributed to the digital-cinema infrastructure in terms of production and distribution. Now we have completed the digital chain by embarking on the digital exhibition platform. By advocating digital-cinema deployments on a massive scale, we hope to turn digital movies into mainstream popular culture that is readily available and affordable to the masses.”

“China has always been an early adopter of digital cinema technologies,” comments Jack Kline, president and COO, Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc. “As early as 2001, the country started its nationwide film-to-digital transition. In addition to the state-level developments, commercial market forces are now coming together to further spur the growth of digital cinema in the country. Time Antaeus’ massive rollout is the largest single commercial effort and places China at the forefront of the digital cinema evolution, surpassing many other countries in the world.”

Christie boasts a 70% worldwide market share that includes more than 7,500 systems.