Cinema Equipment & Supplies unveils rebranding as CES+


Cinema Equipment & Supplies Inc. announced their rebranding as CES+. The rebranding represents the evolution of CES+ as a leading provider of solutions for the movie theatre industry that include first-class equipment, software and managed services.

“Our new brand embraces our unremitting commitment to work with our partners, clients and staff to deliver industry-changing solutions that attract repeatable, sustainable business,” stated Guillermo Younger, Jr., president of CES+.

CES+ says it worked with experts to design a new style book and name to showcase the cinema solution provider as a young, fresh brand in constant motion, but with a decidedly set pace and robust market positioning that only happens after 35 years of successful experience in the cinema industry.

The company says it redesigned and repositioned its familiar plus sign to signal CES+’s continuous value add to partners and customers alike, their ability to go above expectations and deliver the next and best solution to ongoing customer challenges.

Younger noted, “The dots in the plus sign symbolize our partners, employees, ideas, services and technology ecosystem, which is perfectly aligned and connected by our guiding principles, making us an ideal change agent to empower our clients to thrive in the cinema industry of the future.”

The rebranding coincides with the company’s 35th anniversary and speaks to the company’s wish to celebrate their legacy: the highs and lows and experiences that, in their words, taught them to be resilient and overcome—together with their clients and partners—the industry’s many challenges. These very challenges partly drove CES+ to reconsider their branding and what it meant to their clients, and to the industry itself. 

“We pride ourselves on not only embracing, but driving change in our industry,” Younger declared. He further states that CES+’s rebranding reflects their own transformation not only as a global Integrator of end-to-end cinema solutions, but as a “disruptive facilitator” of the evolution of the modern movie theatre operation.

CES+ is available to discuss their most recent innovation during CinemaCon 2018 in Las Vegas. You can make appointments at