CMX CinéBistro opens first NYC location


A brand new VIP theatrical experience comes to New York City’s Upper East Side this Thursday, October 18th, with the opening of the CMX CinéBistro 62nd St.. Boasting six screens, a full menu and two full-service bars, the theatre is the first New York outpost of CMX Cinemas, a subsidiary of Mexico-based chain Cinemex.

A special reception held earlier this week gave attendees the chance to get a sneak peek at the sophisticated, industrial-inspired design of the 45,500 sq. ft. theatre. That sophistication is mirrored in the theatre’s menu, which includes such dishes as a Petite Filet steak, Cacio e Pepe and Caramelized Banana Cheesecake. Fred Meyers, VP of Operations for CMX CinéBistro, describes the chain's philosophy as “very food- and drink-focused. Points of differentiation that separate us are our food, our people and our service…. Our menu consists of American cuisine, and what that means it is represents quite nicely the city that we’re in. Multi-ethnic cuisine, multiple cooking styles, a little bit of something for everyone.” Isaac Stewart, CMX Cinemas’ VP of Culinary Development, “gets to create some of the most delicious food, that you’d never expect coming from a movie theatre.” Drinks include a wide variety of specialty alcoholic beverages, including two—the Rosemary Dirty Martini and the Smoked Bourbon on the rocks—that are unique to this particular location.

Patrons at the CMX CinéBistro are invited to get to their reserved seats—all of which are comfortable electric recliners—30 minutes ahead of time. During the pre-show, servers come around to take their orders and deliver food; after the previews have started, those who wish to order more food or beverages can do so at one of the theatres' two bars, where they’ll be given a pager to alert them to as to when their order is ready to be picked up. This system cuts down on interruptions during the film itself, which patrons can watch free of the distraction provided by servers bustling around delivering orders. “We don’t want a boisterous, loud, rambunctious environment,” Meyers explains. “We’re really into style, sophistication and class. We want to pamper you with service. We want to entice you with food and drink. Our staff is very engaging and looks to serve and anticipate your needs.”

The food and beverage service—judging by Meyers’ effusive praise, the jewel in this particular theatres’crown—is only one element of the luxury CMX CinéBistro provides. Each theatre boasts digital projection and Dolby 7.1 sound; five of the screens will be devoted to major new releases, with the sixth reserved for more arthouse titles, a smart decision for this particular neighborhood. The theatres are on the intimate side, ranging from 46 to 64 seats. Says Frank Stryjewski, COO of CMX Cinemas. “This building has been an integral part of the neighborhood for many years”—it was earlier a theatre, but was vacant for several years before CMX took over—“and we are proud to have the opportunity to renovate it to its former glory, so that the community can come and enjoy the magic of the cinema."