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‘The Accountant’ earns big numbers as Kevin Hart breaks a record
Week in review: 10/10-10/14
Can 'The Accountant' count on a sizable opening weekend?
What should I see this weekend?, 10/14-10/16
Week in trailers: 'The Great Wall,' 'Power Rangers,' 'Rogue One'
Seeing the future at NYFF's Convergence series
Gianfranco Rosi's 'Fire at Sea' examines the people of Lampedusa and its tide of refugees
Week in review: 10/3-10/7
'The Girl on the Train,' 'The Birth of a Nation' go up against 'Peregrine,' 'Deepwater'
Week in trailers: 'Jackie,' 'Personal Shopper,' 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales'
What should I see this weekend?, 10/7-10/9
‘Miss Peregrine,’ ‘Deepwater Horizon’ unseat ‘The Magnificent Seven’
Tavernier and Hathaway retrospectives enliven the New York Film Festival
‘Miss Peregrine,’ ‘Deepwater Horizon’ take aim at ‘The Magnificent Seven’
What should I see this weekend?, 9/30-10/2
Week in trailers: 'Fences,' 'The 13th,' 'King Cobra'
Zurich Film Festival showcases bold voices with 'Lady Macbeth,' 'I Am Not Madame Bovary,' 'A Taste of Ink'
'From Bowery to Hollywood' at Film Forum revisits vaudeville's glory days
'Nocturama,' 'Dancer' impress at the Zurich Film Festival
'La La Land''s nostalgia sings, 'Forever Pure' and 'Under the Shadow' shine at the Zurich Film Festival
‘Blair Witch,’ ‘Bridget Jones,’ ‘Snowden’ underperform as ‘Sully’ stays on top
Week in review: 9/12-9/16
‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ and ‘Blair Witch’ fight to take down ‘Sully’
Week in trailers: 'Nocturnal Animals,' 'Bastards,' 'Fifty Shades Darker'
What should I see this weekend?, 9/16-9/18