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‘Star Trek Beyond’ opens to #1 as ‘Ice Age: Collision Course’ fails to set the box office on fire
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‘Star Trek Beyond’ boldly goes for $50 million-plus weekend
Museum of Modern Art salutes comedy pioneer Leo McCarey
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‘The Secret Life of Pets’ to unseat ‘Finding Dory’
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Week in trailers: 'Imperium,' 'Goat,' 'Blood Father,' 'Bleed for This'
Home entertainment displays major improvements at CE Week conference
‘Finding Dory’ lands on top as ‘The BFG’ has a neither big nor friendly debut
‘Finding Dory’ sails as new releases crash and burn
'Finding Dory' to stay afloat amidst new releases
Week in trailers: 'Birth of a Nation,' 'Mechanic: Resurrection,' 'American Honey,' 'War on Everyone'
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‘Finding Dory’'s release goes swimmingly, sets records for Pixar
Will ‘Finding Dory’ put an end to the summer doldrums?
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