B.O. hits two-year low


As expected, this past Friday-Sunday saw low returns from each film screening in theatres. The top 12 movies earned a combined $51.9 million, marking this weekend as the slowest in two years.

Equally as expected, Guardians of the Galaxy grossed the most money of its competitors. The film dipped 41 percent to earn $10.2 million. With $294.6 million in overall earnings (and counting), the Marvel blockbuster is officially the most successful August release of all time. Perhaps even more impressive, Guardians is well on its way toward surpassing the original Iron Man and that film’s $318 million total.

Always-the-bridesmaid The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles remained firmly ensconced at No. 2 with a weekend gross of $6.5 million. Its cume now stands at $174.6 million.

If I Stay did, in fact, stay put at No. 3, dipping 38 percent to rake in $5.75 million. It may not have earned the approbation of critics, but its teen fans have buoyed the film to a respectable $39.7 million total.

Let’s Be Cops, another movie that failed to enthrall reviewers, continued to resonate with audiences. The comedy grossed an additional $5.4 million, boosting its total to $66.6 million.

Yet another holdover rounded out the Top 5: The November Man earned $4.2 million, a downturn of 47 percent. After two weeks, the Pierce Brosnan vehicle has earned an unimpressive $17.9 million.

The weekend’s only new major release, The Identical, was a certified bomb with $1.91 million. The faith-based film did earn enough to crack the Top 12, if barely: It clocked in at No. 11. Despite what some may have inferred from the success of recent hits God’s Not Dead and Heaven Is for Real, audiences do not, in fact, simply flock to any movie with a religious angle. Story does still count.

Forrest Gump has enough story for several movies, but perhaps not enough spectacle to make it a good fit for IMAX. Paramount found this out the hard way when its IMAX re-release of the film only grossed $405,000. Raiders of the Lost Ark, in contrast, raked in a little over $1.5 million upon its IMAX re-release last year.