Building Sony’s new superwoman


Earlier this week came exciting word from Sony’s executive suite: The studio behind The Amazing Spider-Man franchise intends to release the first-ever female Marvel superhero film, a spin-off of its Spidey series. Most details surrounding the project have yet to be released, although we do know Lisa Joy, of the upcoming Evan Rachel Wood and Anthony Hopkins-starrer Westworld, is the lucky lady writer attached. No word on director, or, most importantly, which of the women populating Spider-Man’s fictive universe is the lucky recipient of her very own tentpole.

Following Monday’s announcement, The Hollywood Reporter published a list of six suggestions, including the “derivative” choice of Spider-Woman, and the intriguing, as most everyone who has seen The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is likely to term it, selection of love interest Gwen Stacy. (Yes, who wouldn’t suspend her disbelief by several stories for the sake of an Emma Stone superhero flick?)

As helpful and informative as the publication’s list is, however, it doesn’t mean very much to those who have never read the Marvel comic-books from which its characters are drawn. And yet, ignorant as we are of the nuances of a personality like Silver Sable, or Bombshell, there are certain abstract characteristics we would love to see represented in female-superhero form. To that end, using Great Ladies of the Cinema past for our inspiration, we’ve compiled a wish-list of traits we’re gunning to see embodied by Sony’s new superwoman:


Scarlett O’Hara’s tenacity:

Lisbeth Salander’s intelligence:

Belle’s emotional intelligence:

Eleanor of Aquitaine’s wit:

Ree’s grit:

Tracy’s warmth:

Margo’s pathos…:

…and humor: