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Manufacturer of Tekefingers. The story begins with a détrempe dough rolled out and folded to become a perfect, tender, crunchy and amazing pastry, covering many and different amazing Tekefingers flavors. 

Tekecheese: Delicious and crunchy, perfectly filled cheese snack, ready to become the new king of the snacks. Warm, tender, natural and not greasy cheese stick that everybody loves

Tekeboom: Belgian Chocolate is simply delicious; but if you cover it with a pastry of Tekefingers, the result will be simply amazing

Tekepizza: Tasty mozzarella, sliced tomato, fresh oregan and other secret species, mixed together to remind nonna’s homemade recipe.

Snacking time is changing… Be part of the snack revolution… Enjoy a Tekefingers. Just one is never enough!