Doremi updates CineAsset mastering software suite


Doremi has released CineAsset 7.0, a maintenance and enhancement update, to its comprehensive DCP mastering software. The new version includes several enhancements, like support for Dolby Atmos and Theater Key Retrieval. The update is free for all current CineAsset 6.4 users.

CineAsset is a complete set of mastering tools that create and play back encrypted (Pro version) and unencrypted DCI-compliant packages from virtually any source. The toolset includes a separate Editor application for generating DCPs. CineAsset Pro adds the ability to easily generate KDMs for any encrypted content in the database.

Also included is CinePlayer, used for the quality control of created assets as well as the playback of any file type supported by CineAsset. CineAsset offers additional functionality when used with Doremi Digital Cinema Servers, including transport controls, file transfer, and KDM management for the connected device.

Added features include:
- Dolby Atmos support
- Subtitle Editor
- TKR (Theatre Key Retrieval)
- Ability to trim I/O for content on timeline (edit multiple reel DCPs)
- Adding XYZ to RGB conversion for export to uncompressed or Prores MOV files.
- Adding downscale for export to uncompressed or Prores MOV files.
- Ability to burn subtitles into exported video (MOV export, etc.)
- Ability to adjust bitrate higher than 250 for any framerate
- Direct import of external DCP to database without using editor
- Support to accept raw encrypted CPL.xml files in GUI KDM generation tab
- Scheduling additional tasks at the end of the encoding (generate DCP) including exporting DCP to another location and generating KDMs
- Support for multiple CPL DCPs
- Main Marker support
- Adding default P3 to XYZ color conversion
- Allowing CinePlayer controls to be on secondary monitor

Additional details and features may be found on the CineAsset product page.