1301 Sand Hill Rd., Bldg. 300
Chandler, NC 28728
United States
Phone: (828) 665-6781
Fax: (828) 665-6782

In operation: 20+ yrs., ICTA

PlexCall is the leader in server call systems, for the rapidly growing dine-in, VIP and self-serve cinemas. PlexCall is installed in over 800 theatres and 70,000 seats, utilizing wireless, battery, and permanent powered solutions, maximizing the dining experience. PlexCall Order Commander, offering online, in the lobby, and at your seat ordering of food, and, beverages. With PlexCall Order Commander you can increase sales, reduce your operating costs, decrease customer wait times, and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Dir. of Sales: Chris Pollak
  • VP Operations: Borden S. Borden