Harkness Digital Screen Modeller offers new features


The latest release of Harkness Screens’ Digital Screen Modeller is available to download for free now from both the iOS and Android platforms and contains more functionality to enable exhibitors to design and specify the best auditorium possible.

The Lamp Life Simulator allows users to simulate visually the effect of lamp life degradation and projection features such as light-lock to show brightness levels throughout the life of a lamp.

The Visual Performance Indicator highlights all seats within the auditorium that fall within an acceptable tolerance (50%+) of peak center-screen brightness and displays these seats visually in a seat map.

Other functionality includes the ability to set the port height from the auditorium floor, improved seating configurations to allow for two raked seating sections, and new manufacturer content including MasterImage Horizon 3D.

With an install base now exceeding 1,500 users worldwide across the iOS and Android platforms, the Digital Screen Modeller has become the industry’s leading tool for allowing architects, engineers and exhibitors to visualize and optimize digital-cinema scenarios and equipment in a virtual 3D environment.

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