Harkness Screens to host free web seminar


The screen surface is one of the lowest-cost items in fitting out a cinema, but it can have a major impact on the overall viewing experience, from brightness to uniformity.

Since 2013, Harkness Screens has released a number of software tools on the iOS and Android platforms as well as via the Harkness website that are aimed at helping cinemas from single screens to large multiplex chains manage their screen portfolios and get the best returns on their digital screen investments.

On Feb. 26 at 10 a.m. EST (15:00 GMT), Harkness Screens is hosting a free one-hour seminar to educate cinemas on the use of their tools. Topics will include:
    * Screen lifecycle management as a concept
    * How the Digital Screen Calculator can help select the right screen to optimisz light levels and reduce operating costs
    *How the Digital Screen Modeller allows scenarios to be visualized in a 3D environment to optimize performance and ensure industry-standard compliance
    * How the Digital Screen Archiver allows key cinema data captured during maintenance visits to be securely captured and used to monitor performance and scheduled proactive maintenance

You'll also see live demonstrations of each software tool and how these interact together to form seamless processes for managing screens.
 For further information on this event and to register online, click here.