Moving iMage Technologies helps convert Oregon's Cornelius Cinemas


Moving iMage Technologies (MiT), with its partners in virtual-print-fee finance and technology industries, offered a digital-cinema solution crafted specifically for converting Act V Theaters’ Cornelius Cinema multiplex in Cornelius, Oregon.

“We are placing our customers in the best possible opportunity with respect to digital-cinema conversions,” says Tom Lipiec, VP of sales and customer service at MiT. “With help from friends like Robert Perkins, an independent cinema exhibitor himself and owner of Act V Theaters, MiT has been able to learn a great deal about the trials and tribulations of the independent. Our package of digital solutions reflects our knowledge and understanding of the independent exhibitor.”

Perkins observes, “Digital cinema is the future of motion picture exhibition. The content, format and opportunities are constantly changing, and being 100% digital gives us the flexibility to meet the demands of an ever-changing marketplace. Moving iMage Technologies was enormously helpful getting us fully deployed. There were so many different technologies and applications to consider. It was great to have one source to help us assemble all the components in one place and then deliver our digital equipment package in total, ready for our discerning audience.”