Previewing CineEurope: Exhibition community journeys to Barcelona


For the second year in a row, CineEurope is Barcelona-bound. The 22nd edition of the European cinema convention will once again be based at El Centro de Convenciones Internacional de Barcelona June 24-27 and will address all the dramatic changes impacting the movie exhibition business.

“2013 will be our biggest show ever in terms of films being screened, product reels, the tradeshow and attendance,” reports managing director Robert Sunshine. “The cooperation from the film studios is unprecedented this year. In addition to the normal participation from Fox, Disney, Warners, Paramount, Sony and Universal, DreamWorks Animation, DreamWorks Studios (via Mister Smith Entertainment) and Lionsgate have all come onboard.”

Sunshine notes, “Perhaps cooperation is a good theme for this year’s show. It appears that exhibition and distribution are enjoying good times together as we anticipate record numbers this summer from top-grossing films at the box office. The only drawback to this are the financially troubled times that countries in Southern Europe are facing.

“Global cooperation between UNIC [the International Union of Cinemas, Europe’s exhibitor organization] and its U.S. counterpart NATO is also thriving,” Sunshine adds, “and the two groups continue to tackle jointly issues having global consequences.”

Sunshine is also very enthusiastic about the educational component of CineEurope. “Together, UNIC and management at the Film Expo Group have put together an awesome program that, in addition to screening eight movies and product reels, includes sessions on innovative marketing, top exhibitors talking about new technologies and what’s coming down the pike, and alternative content.”

On opening day, Pamela McClintock, senior film reporter at The Hollywood Reporter, will moderate an Exhibitor Roundtable covering such vital topics as digital projection, 3D, immersive sound, high frame rates, laser projection, alternative content and the cinema of the future. The distinguished panel includes Eddy Duquenne, CEO, Kinepolis Group (representing Europe); Miguel Mier, COO, Cinepolis (South America); Ben Murray Bruce, chairman, Silverbird Group (Africa); and Mark Walukevich, senior VP of film, international, National Amusements (North America).

Later that day, Rory Bruer, president of worldwide distribution, Sony Pictures, will deliver the keynote address, followed by an industry address by Phil Clapp, president of UNIC, and the presentation of the UNIC Award of Achievement to former UNIC head Ad Weststrate.
On Tuesday, RealD will offer a product presentation introducing its new Precision White Screen for 3D and 2D and Barco Auro 11.1 will demo its 3D sound system, both at the Cinesa Diagonal Mar.

A Wednesday programming highlight is the Cinema Retail Workshop presented by The Coca-Cola Company. Says Sunshine, “Coke has brought together experts from the retail exhibition community to conduct research and share best practices, and has encouraged these theatre operators to share their real-life experiences on how they made retail in cinemas more productive, innovative and friendly.” Coke, UNIC and CineEurope will also present the first Cinema Retail Achievement Award to a deserving exhibitor at the show.

Another Wednesday highlight is “Event Cinema: New Frontiers in Alternative Content,” a session exploring exciting new possibilities for alternative programming in cinemas beyond opera, live theatre and ballet. The Event Cinema Association will showcase 45 minutes of upcoming live and recorded events as part of the presentation.

As for movies, CineEurope has an exciting lineup of summer attractions: Warner Bros. International’s Pacific Rim and We’re the Millers, Paramount Pictures International’s World War Z, Walt Disney International’s Planes and The Lone Ranger, Universal Pictures International’s Despicable Me 2, 20th Century Fox International’s and DreamWorks Animation’s Turbo, and Lionsgate’s RED 2.

The show culminates on June 27 with a celebratory awards luncheon. As Sunshine notes, “An award is being presented to Mars Entertainment, the first time an exhibitor from Turkey is being feted with one of the top honors. And this was a good year to select Dave Hollis of Disney to be honored, as Disney under his umbrella has scored huge with The Avengers, now the third highest-grossing film of all time, and Iron Man 3, now the fifth largest-grossing film of all time.”