Sony launches new digital projector for smaller screens


Sony Digital Cinema has introduced a competitively priced addition to its 4K digital projector family. The new SRX-R510P brings Sony 4K to cost-conscious independent cinema owners and smaller theatres with screens up to 10 meters wide. It shares the same compact body, integrated media block and optical engine as the SRX-R515P projector.
At the heart of the SRX-R510P is Sony’s SXRD optical engine. Coupled with the projector’s premium wide aperture lens, it achieves brightness of 9,000 lumens, together with a contrast ratio of over 4000:1, far in excess of DCI specifications.
The projector is illuminated by an array of four individually replaceable HPM (High Pressure Mercury) lamps that provide ample light levels for smaller screens. The multi-lamp array offers the additional benefits of fuss-free lamp replacement, low operating costs and a reduced risk of “dark screen” outages in the event of single lamp failure.
Like all other projectors in the Sony 4K lineup, the SRX-R510P can be adapted in minutes for smooth, immersive 3D presentation by adding an easy-to-fit optional dual lens and filter pack.

Playback options are broadened further with two standard HDMI inputs that allow projection of alternative content such as live video or Blu-ray Disc.
The SRX-R510P 4K digital projector will be available in Europe from February 2014.