'TFIOS' bench goes missing – who’s next?


The mystery of the day reads like a special themed edition of Clue: Was it the neighbors with crowbars, crazed fans with the brute strength of the obsessed, or city officials with whatever legitimate means are necessary to pry a metal structure loose from concrete? No one knows who took a bench featured in The Fault in Our Stars from its place along the Leidsegracht in Amsterdam, or why. But it has gone missing. Where once sat it and gave seat, now, there’s nothing but a flowerpot. No one knows who put that there, either.

"It's a bit embarrassing, because we do keep good track of them, but it's gone all right," says spokesperson Stephan van der Hoek of the missing bench . It’s possible the city of Amsterdam absconded with the popular albeit aged resting spot in order to repair it. It’s possible rabid fans of The Fault in Our Stars made off with the site of a pivotal scene in the film. It’s possible these same fans moved nearby inhabitants, tired of the increase in foot (most likely Converse-shod) traffic, to do away with the new tourist attraction altogether. Whoever the culprits, and whatever their motives, they’ve accomplished their task with admirable discretion.

But this event does lead us to wonder which innocent posterior repository could be next. If the act was in fact cinematically motivated, there’s a host of potential victims the world over that are (pardon the pun) sitting ducks. We’ve compiled an international list of five of the most famous, and therefore most vulnerable. Apparently, benches in movies is such a popular topic, there’s even a Sporcle quiz for it.

Notting Hill bench
Location: Perth, Australia*

In Bruges bench
Location: Bruges, Belgium

The Age of Innocence bench
Location: Paris, France

Manhattan bench
Location: New York, NY

And of course…
Forrest Gump bench
Location: Savannah, GA

*The scene in which the bench features was originally shot on a film set, but the bench itself was later moved to its current location in Oz.