USL adds features to cinema media server


USL Inc.’s CMS-2200 Cinema Media Server with immersive sound technology has added new features for digital-cinema operators. The patented technology supports 13.1 or more immersive channels without the need for an external rendering processor. 

Utilizing the DTS Multidimensional Audio engine, USL has created an immersive audio system that is fully DCI-compliant. USL will display the CMS-2200 at the CineEurope convention in Barcelona, Spain, June 16–19.

USL founder, president and chief technical designer Jack Cashin states, “Our patented method of processing immersive audio data on media blocks offers a very cost-effective solution that could enable wide use of 3D audio playback in cinemas.”

In addition to the patented audio processing technology, USL has added several other innovative features to the CMS-2200. Product manager Bill Cribbs explains, “The CMS-2200 now has cue bundling, which is the ability to group any number of automation cues into a bundle, greatly simplifying playlist creation. When used with the CMSA controller, this provides an incredibly powerful automation solution. In the alternative-content area, the CMS-2200 now supports HDMI auto switching, which means HDMI presentations can be placed directly into one playlist. An intermission feature was also added to playlist creation, which allows a user to insert an intermission playlist inside a feature presentation.” The CMS-2200 servers are cloud-based and support network transfers of both content and playlists.