Village Cines and Cines Multiplex Argentina select Doremi for digital conversions


One of Argentina’s top theatre circuits, Village Cines, will complete its digital conversion by the end of 2014 using Doremi IMBs and servers for its 57 remaining screens. Both 2K and 4K ShowVault servers will be deployed, along with Doremi’s IMB Integrated Media Block.

“After evaluating different options, we have chosen to remain with Doremi, as we have discovered that its technological platform, both in hardware and software products, most closely meets the need to offer cinemagoers the best entertainment experience. Additionally, their established in-country presence assures us of their long-term commitment to the exhibition market,” stated Pablo Borello, CEO of Village Cines.

With 18 years of experience in the Argentine market, Village Cines was the first multi-screen chain in the country. It currently has eight complexes and 76 cinema screens. In Pilar, Argentina, Village Cines recently opened its second “Monster Screen,” measuring four stories high and featuring Dolby Atmos immersive audio.

“Doremi Labs is honored to have been chosen by a company that has always carried such a distinguished profile in exhibition, always procuring the best, and enriching the cinema patrons’ entertainment experience. We look forward to continuing to work together with Village Cines on these ambitious projects,” said Luciano Taffetani, Doremi’s sales manager, South America.

Another Argentine circuit, Cines Multiplex Argentina, has completed a comprehensive digital conversion of its properties by installing Doremi servers in each of its 31 screens. Doremi servers will also be deployed for its most recent opening in Pilar. The project will have nine screens, including the popular Multicine branded 3DXtremo theatre.

Among the equipment to be installed are the ShowVault/IMB Server, the IMS1000 Integrated Media Server, and the IMS1000AR.

"More than two years ago we started with the digitization of our theatres,” stated Gabriel Feldman, CEO of Multiplex Cinemas. “Over this time, we have been able to fully evaluate Doremi’s technology. Their historically high uptime rate, simplicity of operation and post-sales support has given us the confidence to continue with them. Even at this stage of technological change and more available options, we remain committed to Doremi.”

"Cines Multiplex is a company with extensive experience in the exhibition side of the film industry. They have successfully adapted the traditional business model to multi-screen complexes and shopping centers while maintaining a pristine identity and high-quality offering for the viewer... Doremi appreciates the company’s confidence in our server technology as they make their digital conversion," said Jason Vreeman, senior sales manager, Latin America.

Doremi technology has been applied to over 62% of Argentina’s screens. In 2013, Doremi opened its local service center in Buenos Aires, and this year the company began local assembly of its integrated server, the IMS1000-AR, to supply the domestic market and facilitate the conversion process for exhibitors.

So far in 2014, Doremi has deployed 2,600 servers in South America, with over 1,500 servers in Brazil alone.