Augmented Engagement: Before The Movie introduces Fuze Viewer AR app


Before The Movie, Inc., and Inovadar, Inc. have launched Fuze Viewer, an immersive AR (augmented reality) application due to hit cinema screens this August. The platform enables cinema owners to create new, innovative engagement opportunities for moviegoers using Inovadar’s free Fuze Viewer app, now available on Android and iOS.

Fuze has created engaging experiences for brands like Coca-Cola and Screenvision Media, in addition to movie studios and advertisers, for nearly five years. Their technology enables these partners to extend consumer interaction beyond the confines of one location. Fuze Viewer allows users to engage with studios, advertisers and brands in a way never before possible.

The user simply opens the app, clicks the “Cinema” button and holds the device over a Fuze Viewer trigger (movie poster, popcorn bucket, soda cup, etc.) for an immersive AR experience. Additionally, the Fuze Viewer offers a variety of engagement opportunities on its app including digital scavenger hunts, sponsorship and ad revenue opportunities, rewards programs and ticket purchases.

As a young, educated, affluent, influential and tech-savvy group, moviegoers are a very desirable audience for brands. Furthermore, as moviegoers seek to enrich their lives through mobile technology, advancements in AR help enhance their cinema experience. Accordingly, Fuze has formed a strategic partnership with Screenvision Media to create captivating AR programming opportunities for their pre-show and lobby programming, in addition to serving as a creative resource for advertisers.

“This is an exciting time in our industry,” says Corey Tocchini, CEO of Before The Movie and Inovadar, “We are excited to work with Screenvision Media to get this technology into the hands of moviegoers. Fuze allows the moviegoer to extend their ‘in cinema’ experience beyond the walls of the theatre and take it home! It really connects them to the theatre and film.”

Along with the AR functionality, what makes Fuze unique is that it is light and nimble, considering that Fuze also features loyalty, gaming, ticket purchasing and digital scavenger hunt capabilities all within one application and streams at less than 20MB, considerably lighter than other industry applications. “Fuze is the conduit connecting the moviegoer to the theatre, movies and advertisers while engaging them on their own personal device,” Tocchini declares.

The company plans to launch nationwide on more than 15,000 screens beginning this August. Before The Movie is a leading pre-show provider now servicing 1,100 screens in the U.S. and the company will begin offering the Fuze platform free of charge to its exhibitor clients this summer.