Barco + Kinepolis: Leading Belgian circuit believes in laser


“Delivering the ultimate movie experience” has been the mission of Kinepolis Group ever since its establishment in Belgium in 1997. Today, the group manages 49 cinemas—500 screens—spread across Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Switzerland and Poland, and is praised by the international movie community for its innovative and customer-centric approach. Barco entered the Kinepolis story over a decade ago, at the start of the digital-cinema era, andhas been a trusted technology provider along the way. By setting up the all-Barco laser cinema in the Netherlands city of Breda (the first all-laser multiplex in Europe), Kinepolis reconfirms its trust in its long-term technology partner.

Barco laser projection x 10

In earlyDecember 2014, Barco’s DP4K-60L Flagship Laser projector premiered at the Kinepolis flagship cinemas in France, Belgium and Spain. Since then, Kinepolis has been using Barco’s flagship Laser projectors to further elevate the immersive realism of its blockbusters. The largest auditorium at the new multiplex in Breda, which debuted in August 2016, features Laser ULTRA, including an ultra-bright Flagship Laser projector. In the other cinema rooms, Kinepolis installed nine Smart Laser projectors. Asthe projectors are visible in the lobby, visitors are treated to a glimpse “behind the scenes” of cinema before and after the screening.

Customers clearly prefer laser projection

“We are very, very proud to be Europe’s first full-laser cinema, so we included that message in all our marketing communications,” says Vicky Vekemans, theatre manager at the Kinepolis Breda. “That approach clearly bore fruit. Visitor numbers have exceeded our expectations since day one, and we see that quite a few visitors come from outside Breda, especially to experience the magic that our laser concept brings. The image quality is simply sublime. Once you’ve seen movies with this image quality, you never want to go back.”

Vicky’s claims are not just gut feelings. Kinepolis Breda actually measures customer satisfaction, so her conclusion is based on hard facts.

30% energy savings

And there are more benefits to laser than superb image quality. Vekemans reports, “Laser projection helps us cut energy consumption by 30 percent, so that alone is a good reason to go laser. In addition, there are no more lamps involved, so that helps us save on lamps and on staff to replace them.”

Preventative maintenance is done remotely every quarter from the Kinepolis headquarters in Belgium. “It’s true, we take really good care of our cinema projectors. After all, they are at the core of what we do: Without first-class projectors, we could never deliver the ultimate cinema experience that we promise our visitors.”

At a Glance

Barco Systems at Breda:

1 Barco Flagship Laser DP4K-60L

5 Barco Smart Laser DP2K-15CLPs

4 Barco Smart Laser DP2K-20CLPs


Image quality

Energy savings