Customer Convenience: Ticketing and POS companies showcase their latest innovations


Film Journal International offers our annual update on the latest initiatives from companies that specialize in ticketing for movie theatres.

Atom Tickets

Atom Tickets is changing the way people go to the movies by creating a more convenient and more social moviegoing experience. The Atom Tickets app has revolutionized the digital movie ticketing process for consumers to seamlessly include inviting friends (via contact lists or Facebook) and pre-ordering concessions. 

In an effort to create special theatrical experiences that drive box-office attendance, Atom partners closely with studios. The company recently teamed up with Amazon and Sony to enable early ticketing for a special Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle screening exclusively for Prime members a week before the movie was released. Creating this special ticketed movie moment had never been done before and Prime members loved the VIP treatment.

Atom Tickets is also focused on driving moviegoing innovation. One way Atom is doing this is by partnering with Regal Cinemas to pilot dynamic pricing looking for the right way to approach ticket prices. (


Compeso is at the cutting edge of technology, applying big data to the cinema exhibition business. With products such as the exceptional ticketing solution WinTICKET, exhibitors now have the opportunity to use their data to increase their revenue. They are already reaping the benefits of our fully equipped WinTICKET, which offers: box office, retail POS, in-theatre service, cross-center sales, online sales, mobile admittance, kiosk purchases, loyalty schemes, marketing tools,film bookingand reporting, TMS interface, smart pricinganddata analysis.

Make your data count! That’s what we say at Compeso. (


B&B Theatres, the seventh-largest movie theatre chain in the U.S., and Dealflicks have launched a mix of full-priced tickets and deals across B&B’s 391 screens and 49 theatres. While online ticketing for all films and showtimes will be available, a varied amount of ticket and concession deals will be available for movies on certain days. Availability and prices will differ depending on time of day, day of week, seat availability and other factors.

All B&B sales will run through movieXchange, Vista Group’s newest ticketing API, ensuring guaranteed seating and a seamless in-theatre redemption experience for the customer. By compiling the sales and API inventory data, Dealflicks’ pricing and inventory can get “smarter” as time goes on.

“We are thrilled about taking our partnership with Dealflicks to the next level while being the first exhibitor to launch on this new technology,” said Bobbie Bagby Ford, executive VP for B&B Theatres. “This type of dynamic offering is what we have been looking for since online ticketing arrived over a decade ago.”

Launched in 2012, Dealflicks has grown to over 500 locations and raised over $4.2 million in capital. While Dealflicks’ product has traditionally been deals, this new partnership with B&B Theatres marks the beginning of Dealflicks’ next phase—dynamic pricing for all movie tickets.

“Dealflicks has been the number-one leader in the movie-ticketing deal space for the past few years,” says Sean Wycliffe, the CEO and founder of Dealflicks. “But now, we can be the first and last stop for moviegoers when they are looking to see a film. Dealflicks can now not only offer the best price, as we have been doing, but we can also offer the entire inventory of the theatre to customers, allowing them to buy all their movie tickets in one place… While other ticketing experiments in the movie exhibition space exist, we believe that Dealflicks’ platform of dynamically offered movie tickets and concessions is the true, sustainable and profitable future for theatres, studios, customers and the industry at large.” (


Fandango’s mobile and social ticketing innovations serve moviegoers and exhibitors with best-in-class movie information, trailers and original content for movie discovery, and ticketing to more than 33,000 screens worldwide.

Fandango works closely with technology partners like Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Snapchat and others in building new mobile, social, AI bot, and voice-recognition tools that enable moviegoers to discover movies and buy tickets—or ask Alexa which movies are playing in nearby theatres.

Fandango ticketing is integrated into Apple’s Messages platform and Facebook Messenger, so that when fans are planning a group movie outing, they can access Fandango without leaving their messaging conversation. Fandango has also incorporated new digital payment platforms, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Visa Checkout and Masterpass, enabling ticket purchases via debit and credit cards, speeding through ticketing checkout with just one tap. Fandango also offers Split Pay, making it easier to share the bill for tickets with multiple friends.

Recently, the company added to its growing suite of ticketing properties, joining Fandango and Flixster, as well as Ingresso in Brazil and Fandango Latin America, enabling the company to now serve hundreds of millions of moviegoers worldwide. (

Jack Roe

There was once a ticket system that was very, very simple.

Paper tickets were easy, but their reporting rather dismal.

And so arrived the 386 with its RAM and memory,

Consigning chunking ticket machines to distant history.

And since then the ticketing companies have made life even better.

With time clocks and EMV they've changed our lives forever.

And then came with its graphs and pretty curves

So gone are the days of shared desktops getting on your nerves.

With film booking and loyalty systems, websites and mobile apps

They've everything you could possibly need and if not only ask.

Their software products are a candy store as far as you can see

Where you pick the suites that fill your seats down in good old Tennessee.

—Alan Roe, CEO, Jack Roe (


In today’s ever-changing cinema POS environment, theatres are demanding more from their POS suppliers. Omniterm, as your true partner, is introducing the new, compact yet powerful 1.8 Intel Celeron Quad Core processor POS terminal, the OMNI 7650. The OMNI 7650 is a fan-less POS terminal with a scratch-proof, projected capacitive touch screen. Housed in a beautiful body, the kiosk has the system performance and reliability Omniterm customers have come to expect. The OMNI 7650, combined with the Integra Ticketing Retrieval software, will help speed the line of customers waiting to see a movie. (

POSitive Cinema

Increase revenues, enable data mining and improve customer satisfaction by giving customers the power to control their cinema-going experience. Introducing POSitive Cinema’s enhanced mobile app. Features for your customers include:

* Ticketing: Booking and pre-booking

* Concessions: Pre-purchase concessions and in-seat dining

* Dine-In: Use their own device to place and see status of orders

* Marketing: Receive app-exclusive campaigns

* Customer Service: On-demand customer interaction and support for in-hall issues

* Loyalty: Earn, redeem and view status of points

* Skip the Queue: No need to wait on line when ordering in advance

* Profile: Manage their own customer profiles

Benefits to your Ccinema include:

* New Revenue Generation: Through cross-selling and up-selling of movies and concessions. Fully integrated with POSitive Cinema’s Campaign Management Module

* Savings: Reduce headcount as wait staff is no longer needed, only runners

* Reduce CapEx: Allowing customers to BYOD

* Increased Customer Satisfaction: Complete control of the cinema-going experience from before they select the movie, through to seeing the movie, and following up on their experience

* Data Mining: Track customer activity before and during the cinema experience


Retriever Solutions

Retriever Software, a leader in theatre point-of-sale technology, is expanding our product offerings to include network and IT services for theatre exhibitors. Retriever can now help with "all-things computer" in your operation. We maintain LAN and WAN networks, phone and surveillance systems, and we can even support your office desktop computer hardware. Of course, we continue to supply ticketing software, digital signage, websites, mobile apps, film-rental management and more, making us the comprehensive solution for technology in your operation. Hence, we have updated our name to Retriever Solutions. Take a sneak peek at our new logo and look for more exciting updates from us throughout the year. Contact us for the solution. (

RTS (Ready Theatre Systems)

Take your theatre to the next level with Full Service Restaurant Mode, Easy Bar Tabs, and Graphical Layouts with Seat Selection. These features, and many more, are now available using the RTS system. (

ticket. International

ticket. International offers inventory management systems for the leisure industry and especially for the cinema industry. All products are fully integrated and summarized in the product line Dolphin. 550+ successful installations speak for themselves.

ticket. International’s offering encompass box office, POS systems, hospitality/restaurant POS, responsive design and state-of-the-art developing techniques, digital ticket, Orderman, kiosk systems, guided tour management and event management, access control and complex management systems. Mobile solutions like Mobile Manager, Mobile Reports, Mobile Entry Control and Mobile Stock Taking round out the product portfolio.

The Dolphin product line is a highly integrated system for ticketing and concession sales, gastronomy, access control, online and mobile ticketing. In addition to the sales modules are extensive management and reporting modules. Dolphin offers a central server solution with three-tier architecture, a central database (Oracle 12, SAP Sybase SQL), application server (C++) and web systems (php).

The central server is either located in the headquarters or in a data center. For smaller customers, we provide a safe and cost-effective hosting contract at our high-security Deutsche Telekom data center. The integrated software deployment dramatically reduces the time required for updates. Dolphin technology also requires very little bandwidth and minimal administrative effort.

Finally, the new ticket.@WEB online solution uses responsive design and state-of-the-art developing techniques to unite previously separate sales channels into a modern, high-performance and flexible online sales channel. (