Emotional Connection: Screenvision Media promotes cinemas' lasting impressions

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Audiences have an emotional connection to movies and the moviegoing experience that impacts their memory and recall, says leading cinema-advertising company Screenvision Media, and the company has the science to back up that statement.

At its annual spring Upfront presentation to CMOs, planners and buyers in New York City, Screenvision Media revealed groundbreaking neuroscience research that shows movie theatres are optimized for advertising. According to the research, moviegoers view the screen for 84% of an ad’s duration. Viewers also pay more attention to ads in cinema’s immersive environment than they do on television, where more than half of viewers lose attention during ads. The research further noted that moviegoers process in-theatre ads in a deeper and more memorable way, as viewers feel twice as connected to and engaged with advertisers’ messages in the cinema than on television. In fact, the emotional response, a key determinant to ad recall, to advertisements in Screenvision Media’s “Front + Center” pre-show is 18% higher than with the same ads on television, ensuring lasting impressions.

“As the media marketplace becomes even more fragmented, cinema reinforces its position as one of the most essential components of a brand’s media plan. As our research proves, cinema offers a more deeply engaged audience, with no ad skipping, blocking or fraud,” said John Partilla, CEO of Screenvision Media. “People don’t just watch cinema, they feel it, and we recognize that. We’re proud to always deliver your brand’s blockbuster moment in the most memorable way.”

Screenvision Media is also maximizing buyers’ opportunity to be associated with the biggest Hollywood hits. For the second year running, its “10 Pack” offering allows Upfront advertisers to not only align with the year’s top tentpole movies, but to also secure preferred ad placement throughout the year. In 2017, the box office attracted 1.2 billion moviegoers and generated $11 billion in revenue overall, with the top 10 films accounting for over $3.8 billion. So far this year, Screenvision’s Media’s 10 Pack offering has outpaced expectations and exceeded projected impressions by 14 percent.

“The record-breaking films keep coming, proving that blockbusters aren’t limited to specific months, and that cinema continues to serve as a valuable, high-impact audience replacement for declining TV ratings throughout the year,” said Katy Loria chief revenue officer at Screenvision Media.“We provide incremental high-impact reach, and work hard to always provide a premium offering, in a brand-safe environment that generates the most memorable impressions in media. There is no better place to find that than on the big screen.”

Screenvision Media continues to add to their “Connected Cinema” solutions and advanced targeting platform, Cintel, to extend and deepen engagement with moviegoers, enabling brands to activate before, during and after the movies. This is a prime opportunity for advertisers, as research indicates that moviegoers experiencing Screenvision Media’s “Front + Center” pre-show in auditoriums also spend an average of 13 minutes in high-impact, high-traffic lobbies. Screenvision Media’s technological innovations and recent strategic alliances incorporating augmented reality and virtual reality provide brands with additional high-impact engagement platforms to carry their message from the lobby to the big screen. In addition, Cintel allows advertisers to target moviegoers beyond ratings and demographics. With the addition of new data inputs, Screenvision Media is targeting Q4 2018 to activate media plans with more advanced targeting.

“The attention, retention and impact gained through cinema advertising delivers the most memorable impression, drives consumer action, and bolsters ROI for brands. We’re always looking to push the envelope even further to engage audiences and deliver quality impressions,” said John McCauley, chief marketing officer at Screenvision Media. “The immersive and captivating moviegoing experience continues to improve based on innovation, renovation and new builds for our exhibitors, helping to create the optimal environment for memorable impressions. With the rise of augmented reality and virtual reality capabilities for our pre-show advertisers, we’re excited about what this will bring for the year ahead.”

Screenvision Media is continuing to explore the latest innovations: augmented reality with Fuze Viewer, virtual reality with VRX, and eSports with Hollywood eSports.

The company also announced the launch of “Corner Stories.” Created by Screenvision Media’s in-house creative team 40 Foot Solutions, “Corner Stories” provides a behind-the-scenes look into small-business owners making a difference in their communities.

Local businesses nominated themselves for the chance to appear in the inaugural “Corner Stories” segment as part of Screenvision Media’s “Front & Center” pre-show. The winning spot debuted on July 4 and will continue to air across the company’s national footprint for the entire month.

“Small businesses are an integral part of the community and moviegoing experience. In fact, according to our proprietary research, more than half of moviegoers support their communities by shopping local,” said Katy Loria. “We recognize the importance these businesses play in our local communities and work to actively champion them. By elevating local businesses to the national stage, we’re extending their story to a larger audience and building their community beyond the screen.”

According to BIA/Kelsey’s U.S. Local Advertising Forecast for 2018, small businesses will spend up to $150 billion on advertising this year. Screenvision Media recognizes that these businesses face a myriad of challenges and choices when it comes to marketing themselves and aims to provide easier access to the big screen through the “Corner Stories” initiative. All nominations were reviewed by Screenvision Media’s Reel Local Advisory Panel judges, including Greg Grunberg, actor, podcast host and entrepreneur; Clint Wisialowski, VP of sales, Marcus Theatres, and Russell Allen, VP of operations, Allen Theatres.

“Our ‘Corner Stories’ program is a turnkey platform that enables us to showcase small-business owners and tap into moviegoers’ powerful affinity toward local businesses,” said Matt Arden, senior VP and executive creative director at Screenvision Media. “Based on our proprietary research, 46 percent of moviegoers enjoy learning about locally owned businesses and nearly three-quarters of them believe it’s important to support local communities. The impact of the big screen is undeniable and we’re excited about the prospect of getting more small businesses involved.”

The Screenvision Media cinema-advertising network is comprised of over 15,000 screens in 2,300+ theatre locations across all 50 states and 94% of DMAs nationwide, delivering through more than 150 theatrical circuits, including seven of the top ten exhibition companies.