Keys to Great Seating: Movies shouldn’t be a pain in the neck!


With theatre ticket sales relatively flat for the last 30 years, owners and operators have been focusing on “the experience” to differentiate, drive sales, and get consumers coming back for an encore. New sound and projection technologies and in-seat dining have all helped with the sensory experience, but none work well when seats are squeaking, inoperative or just uncomfortable.

Seating is a foundation of the moviegoing experience. Being comfortable and relaxed helps you forget about the outside world and become immersed in the onscreen fantasy. Choosing the right chairs for your next project is not as easy as taking a seat. Here are the Three Keys to Great Theatre Seating.

1. Comfort: OK, it sounds like a no-brainer. But comfort is as personal as the 16 individualized settings on my car seat. Our height, weight and shape all impact our own unique preferences. With that said, in a standard seating position an adult should be able to place their feet on the ground, while having their lower back support and head and spine aligned and not pushed forward. You should sit “in” not “on” a chair. When reclined, the whole body should be supported from neck to calve, including the lower back and knee.

2. Durability: The chair you buy today should be the chair you sit on tomorrow. With that said, the materials that you don’t see are as important as those you do. Make sure that your cover is from a reputable supplier that can service and supply for years to come. Check on the durability (double rubs), light fastness and color transfer. Frame, suspension and workmanship should all be backed by a company that will be able to support the warranty for the long run.

3. Longevity: Even a luxury sports car needs occasional service. Make sure that there are systems to maintain and support any needed repairs in your local area.

Having spent more than 20 years in the residential furniture manufacturing business, and working with some of the world’s largest suppliers, I have always been interested in the decision-making process of choosing the right piece of furniture. Consumers might shop two or three stores and find themselves sold on something that they have sat on for less than 30 minutes, deeming it the most comfortable. Then they take their purchase home, only to find after one episode of “Game of Thrones” that their back hurts and by the end of the entire season their cushions have collapsed. Investing in a quality piece of furniture from a trusted manufacturer always pays off in the long run.

Palliser ( is the largest manufacturer of upholstered furniture in North America and an industry leader in power-recline technology. We have a legacy over 70 years' strong providing innovative, high-quality furniture and exceptional service. We also plan logistics for product delivery and coordinate easy setup. Then, we stand behind our products with a comprehensive warranty and exceptional customer service. As the Encore by Palliser motto says, “Keep them coming back.”