Eyes on the Prize: Stephanie Goodin oversees marketing at Gold Medal

Cinemas Features

The classic pairing of movies and popcorn wouldn’t be possible without the work of dedicated concession professionals like Stephanie Goodin of Gold Medal Products Co.

Goodin was first introduced to the cinema business in 2007 when she joined Gold Medal Products Co. and became familiar with the concession offerings and equipment Gold Medal deploys to the industry. She was recently appointed to the position of VP of marketing after ten years of loyal service.

A lifelong native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Stephanie grew up a “Westsider,” as the locals would say. While in grammar school, she cultivated a love for all sports activities and developed into an accomplished volleyball and basketball player. In 1996, she made the first big decision on her career path, choosing to attend the College of Mount St. Joseph rather than the University of Cincinnati. “I really wanted to major in business at UC, but I also loved graphic design,” she recalls. “Hence, I made the choice to follow the path of creative work.” Her decision culminated with a degree in 2000.

Stephanie’s start in the workforce began with her family, assisting her dad at the family business, Delta Displays. “My dad taught me to set high goals, to follow my dreams, be dedicated and work hard to reach them.” She credits her father with being instrumental in teaching her the habits of staying focused while completing the task assigned. Her mother was also a strong influence. “My mom taught me to always be positive, compassionate, strong and confident in everything I do. Together my parents taught me to have good morals and to know that family will always be there to support you.”

Stephanie left the family trade when her father sold the business. Her career then progressed to a brief stint with the franchise Fast Signs before she landed a position with Huff Realty in Cincinnati, where she climbed the ranks and earned the title of director of marketing. There, she honed her skills and developed her marketing attributes.

In the summer of 2007, she interviewed with executives at Gold Medal. It was an excellent fit and she secured the marketing post there, which she loves. She credits her abilities to excel in such a competitive channel of business to “having great mentors, guidance and support from the Evans family, CEO and chairman Dan Kroeger and the entire Gold Medal team.”

Kroeger returns the compliment. “Gold Medal’s brand is at the forefront because of Stephanie’s contributions. Her tireless work ethic and loyalty are unparalleled.” It appears she has sculpted a creative talent for marketing while blending in the business elements necessary to lead her team.

Goodin views the ability to personalize and enhance the food and beverage experience for the cinema patron as the greatest opportunity within the theatre food and beverage culture. “The cinema channel is still growing, it continues to have the opportunity for growth,” she maintains. “The cinema allows for a customer-centric feel.”

Goodin believes her company has risen to the challenge of healthy vs. indulgent snacking. “Consumers are looking for both options and even looking for a blend of the two: an indulgent snack made with healthier ingredients.” Her responsibilities include staying on top of the latest trends in the food and beverage industry, trends in marketing, creative communications and digital presentations. She then must apply the gained knowledge and educate or present valuable content and products while building customer loyalty.

“I think my role is to provide cinemas with personalized profit-building solutions that will exceed their customers’ needs in their moviegoing experience. I want them to take advantage of [Gold Medal’s] concession innovations, ideas, quality equipment and supplies to take their business to new heights,” Goodin declares. She finds the business to be exciting and constantly evolving, since “concession foods connect with so many emotions and feelings—from happiness and excitement to nostalgia and comfort.” And that is what she does at Gold Medal; she gets to mirror that emotional attachment, making people feel happy while helping them build a business at the same time.

If you ask about her favorite movies, classics are her first pick. Singin’ in the Rain is at the top of her list, a romantic musical from the ’50s; however, she also boldly states she is a huge fan of all the Marvel action films. True to form, she loves all movies and prefers not to leave any of them out. While enjoying movies, her favorite snack is…drum roll, please…popcorn!

As for pastimes, Stephanie loves being outdoors, camping and hiking. Also, true to her family heritage, she would like to visit Ireland. “I told my parents, ‘Let’s just go!’” and if she can’t convince the family to journey to that island, she says Tahiti would be nice. Loyal to her hometown, she attends the Reds’ home games and suffers through the Bengals’ final scores.

Those who know her best say her first love is that of a devoted mom dedicated to her family. Stephanie is married to a great husband, Dale, and they share their lifestyle with a beautiful seven-year-old daughter, Reagan.