Fan Appeal: Fandango's multi-faceted initiatives encourage moviegoing

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Fandango has always had the goal of driving more consumers to the big screen and serving fans wherever and whenever they are looking for movie information. As part of your team, Fandango is continually working on new products, services and technological innovations to leverage ever-evolving consumer habits and make the customer experience as frictionless as possible.

For example, Fandango’s scanner-less online ticketing technology—with no scanning equipment required for entry to your theatre—continues to be a popular option with our exhibition partners and enhances your guests’ experience of going to the movies. Our recent social ticketing innovations with Apple’s Messaging platform on iOS 10, Facebook, Snapchat and other environments enable friends and families to easily plan a night out at the movies and purchase tickets without leaving their social-media conversations. These experiences fit organically into the way movie fans are already communicating and making their moviegoing plans. Thanks to additional technology partners like Amazon, Google, Samsung, Microsoft and many others, we are building tools for movie discovery and ticket-buying across every platform to help you fill more seats. With our frictionless, worry-free ticket-buying options, Fandango’s mobile apps have been downloaded more than 205 million times.

Many of Fandango’s recent movements help activate excitement about upcoming movies, “eventize” moviegoing and generate more advance ticketing. Fandango added Movieclips, YouTube’s largest network devoted to movie-related content, to expand our reach to fans with trailers and clips and to get them talking about and purchasing tickets to upcoming movies. Last year, we acquired M-Go (now known as FandangoNOW), which activates excitement about new releases by offering ticketing bundles and gets ticket buyers caught up on previous movies in a franchise. In the same year, we added the popular movie properties Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes to help fans make their moviegoing decisions.

This month, we launched Fandango FanShop, our first-ever online movie merchandise store featuring specially created collections of unique and exclusive wearables, collectibles and experiences tied to theatrical releases and beloved movie franchises. As with everything we do, the goal is to activate moviegoer excitement for upcoming releases, and currently we are offering gear related to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Baywatch, Wonder Woman and Despicable Me 3. In the near future, Fandango plans for fans to be able to purchase movie tickets and merchandise in the same transaction on Fandango or offer movie ticket and merchandise bundles as special promotions and as gifts with purchase.

Fandango is also significantly expanding its footprint in Latin America, one of the world’s fastest-growing theatrical film markets. We recently unveiled a new global brand strategy and premiered innovative new ticketing destinations forleading online ticketers in Brazil and Fandango Latin America (formerly Cinepapaya) in key countries throughout Latin America. Fandango plans to further invest in Latin America in the areas of technology, marketing and content, so the company’s subsidiaries can continue to serve consumers, exhibitors and studios at the highest level.

We at Fandango enjoy collaborating with our exhibition partners on innovation, and introducing new ways to incentivize fans to purchase tickets in advance. We look forward to continuing to help you reach more people with the very best movie discovery, planning and ticketing capabilities to super-serve movie fans and drive more theatre attendance.