'FJI' Takes a Bow: A few words from our longtime readers

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“Having been in the film business for over 30 years, I can safely say I have read Film Journal International for that entire time. From the interesting articles and features to the specials revolving around the trade shows, there was always been lots to look forward to. However, my favourite section was always the regional roundup towards the end of the magazine—a great snapshot as to what was going on around the world. As a matter of fact, in my younger (and pre-Internet!) days I used to cut out the interesting features from that section and put them in a scrapbook—how the world has changed!

While I look forward to the new combined publication, it does feel like yet another staple of the industry is passing the baton on…”—Andrew Cripps, President, International Theatrical Distribution, 20th Century Fox Films


“Film Journal International has earned a standing ovation for its decades as the go-to publication for all of us here at Warner Bros. Pictures Domestic! We send a big thanks to Bob and Andrew Sunshine and the entire team of contributors at FJI for keeping us up-to-date on all the important industry news. That’s been no small feat given the pace at which changes have been happening in our business. FJIhas been an impressive source of information to help us evaluate the impact of those changes and gain insights into the future. The one thing that never changes is the quality of work that the Sunshine family brings to their projects. We look forward to the merge ofFJIandBoxofficebecause we know that you will continue to bring our industry together through your excellent research, interviews and articles. Thank you for the rich past of Film Journal International and best wishes on your future success!”—Jeffrey Goldstein, President, Warner Bros. Domestic Distribution


“I’ve always enjoyed picking up a copy of Film Journal International and browsing through it to see what was happening around the world. Your editorials always attempted to point to and discuss the many challenging issues facing the industry. I was always keen to get the Journal’s perspective on the rapid changes in technology in theatres, in the areas of projection, sound and automation. All our instincts that the international market was on the cusp of extraordinary growth were always reflected in the coverage of your magazine.

We will miss FJI but are delighted that you will continue your important coverage of world affairs at your international events. Warmest regards—and good luck from all of us at UPI.”—Duncan Clark, President of Distribution, Universal Pictures International


“I will miss Film Journal International showing up in my inbox each month. It has always covered interesting topics in exhibition, distribution and new technologies, and the global and domestic industry news has been insightful and reliable. I’ve always felt this is a true source for ‘insiders.’

I wish Bob and Andrew continued great success with CineEurope, CineAsia and ShowEast, as well as in any new endeavors in the years to come.”—Kyle Davies, President, Domestic Distribution, Paramount Pictures


Film Journal has always been a terrific resource to the film and exhibition community and we’re sorry to see it go after more than 80 years in print. Congratulations to the writers, editors, contributors and publishers who have made this magazine the standard-bearer of the monthly industry trade publications over so many years! Bravo on a job well done!”—Chris Aronson. President, Domestic Distribution, 20th Century Fox Films


Film Journal International has been a valuable industry resource and will be sorely missed. I have always found FJI to be insightful and timely in the many diverse articles it produces with each edition. All of us loyal readers are very grateful for the encyclopedic nature of this industry standard.”—Jim Orr, President, Domestic Distribution, Universal Pictures


“My former company was totally new to the cinema industry when I first joined it over 30 years ago, fresh out of business school. Although we were a well-established brand in other markets, we knew virtually nothing about cinema. Bob and Jimmy Sunshine came to visit and provided a virtual crash course on what we needed to know to compete and succeed. We learned to rely on the great content and information provided in the pages of Film Journal International. Today, QSC is grateful for so many years of friendship, support, and for providing a great industry resource!”—Mark Mayfield, Director of Global Cinema Marketing, QSC, LLC


Film Journal International has been a great resource for me over the years both as a distributor and exhibitor. FJI’s in-depth film reviews, analysis on the latest cinema technology, and features on leading industry figures have filled a needed gap in the trade publication space. During the digital transformation of the film business that took place over the last ten years, FJI has kept all of us up-to-date on the latest developments. I look forward to learning how the merger of FJI and Boxoffice will continue to serve the market and maintain FJI’s reputation as the film professional’s magazine of choice.”—Kurt Rieder, Executive VP, Asia, 20th Century Fox International


“Film Journal International has been a great source of industry insight for both exhibition and distribution for nearly a century. Just think about the evolution of our business in that time. I have particularly enjoyed the articles on new technology and cinema innovation. Film Journal International will be missed and we thank everyone there for their dedication to covering our industry over the years.”—Niels Swinkels, Executive VP, International Distribution, Universal Pictures International


Film Journal has always been more than simply a magazine. Its role in promoting and advancing the exhibition industry over the years has been substantial. From profiles of our most important leaders to articles about emerging technologies, Film Journal consistently shined a light on the greatness of our industry.”—John Fithian, President & CEO, National Association of Theatre Owners


Film Journal International, whose reputation for solid reporting and incisive analysis has made it part and parcel of the fabric of the theatrical exhibition business for an amazing 84 years, will be missed by DCDC and its exhibitor and content-provider customers alike. We are confident that its good work will live on under its new masthead.”—Randy Blotky, CEO, Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition (DCDC)


“I’ve had the pleasure of reading Film Journal for the past 46 years and have even had a few articles I have penned published in it over the years! The sad thing is it is coming to an end, so now I have no other choice but to stop reading altogether and pay attention to my wife and kid! I love the half a ton or so of Sunshines I’ve worked with over the years and while I will miss the magazine, I look forward to working with you guys on the shows for many years to come! Thanks for the great publication and partnership!”—Ray F. Boegner, President, Strong Cinema/Ballantyne Strong, Inc.


“Since 1934, Film Journal International has been a staple in the motion picture industry. As members of the film community with an almost equally lengthy history, we know the dedication it takes to maintain such a legacy. The Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation began in the early 1930s as nothing more than a group of people who cared about one another and made a promise to help take care of each other when times got tough. For nearly 80 years, we have been taking care of our own thanks to the support and commitment of people like Bob and Andrew Sunshine and industry conventions like ShoWest and ShowEast. They have given us the opportunity to bring cholesterol screenings and flu shots to industry members on the tradeshow floor, have ‘Walked with Will’ on the beaches of Florida and have helped us share the amazing work of our ‘Brave Beginnings’ program. Thank you, Film Journal International, for sharing this journey with us and for helping the Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation continue the tradition of taking care of our own.”—Christina Blumer, Director of Development,Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation


“I first started reading Film Journal when I joined the cinema industry. Throughout my career from a film booker to a theatre manager to a marketing executive, I relied on Film Journal for news, reviews and general industry updates. Although I embrace the digital age, I’ve always preferred reading the magazine. You can call me old-fashioned, but there’s something about sitting down at your desk, opening Film Journal and being inspired by its content from all its contributors. Like many, I’ll miss Film Journal. Thank you, Film Journal, for being such a big part of our culture for so long.”Tony Adamson, Senior VP, Strategic Planning, GDC Technology (USA) LLC


“For over eight decades Film Journal has been at the heart of the industry, providing a perspective of the global cinema industry in a way that few other publications have been able to. The magazine has proved extremely useful to us as a business and whilst we’re sad to see it go, we know the future is in safe hands with the team at Boxoffice.”—Richard Mitchell, VP, Global Marketing and Commercial Development, Harkness Screens


Film Journal International has been an essential source of industry information and connection for The Coca-Cola Company. Along that same line, Bob and Andrew Sunshine have committed to maintaining connections with their partners and have always worked to deliver what is most important to their partners’ future. Thanks to Film Journal, we’ve been able to honor and celebrate colleagues and industry partners and have had the opportunity to share information about our products, innovations and equipment with the industry, both domestically and with colleagues around the globe.”—The Coca-Cola Team


Film Journal International has been a blessing for me on multiple levels. As a novice in the theatre industry beginning in 1997, I turned to FJI for insight and education. For over 20 years in my tenure at Malco Theatres, I used my monthly edition for updates and introductions to people, places and products. FJI became my silent partner in assisting me to get a better understanding of the industry and its components. In 2015, I was invited to become a vocal partner with FJI: What a significant change! Kevin Lally, Rebecca Pahle, Robin Klamfoth, Anita L. Watts and everyone at FJI welcomed me with tremendous respect while developing me professionally even further. As Film Journal exits the stage, I wonder where my career might have stalled without their guidance and support. I will never forget the encouragement and patience the staff and its leadership shared; the inspiration and creative properties they have conveyed; the substance and vitality they continually revealed. FJI has truly been an integral part of my life experience.”Larry Etter, Concessions Editor, Film Journal International