Food + Film: Major circuits pair chefs and cinema

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As everyone knows, movie theatre concessions have evolved far beyond popcorn and soda. From mom-and-pop indie theatres to big chains like AMC and Regal, dine-in concessions have become au courant—a great way to get hungry moviegoers in the theatre and spending their hard-earned bucks under one roof.

As movie theatres have had to step up their game, technology-wise—offering immersive sound, laser projection and luxury recliner chairs, among other cutting-edge advancements—so too has it become a near-requirement to offer high-end food and beverages to those who want a little something beyond the normal concessions offerings. Burgers and milkshakes? Naturally. Sushi? Of course! And the most important meal: dessert. (Hey, you have to treat yourself…) FJI combed through movie theatre menus from around the world—and got mighty hungry in the process—to find seven of the tastiest, interesting or otherwise noteworthy dishes to nosh on during a good movie. From Dubai to Brooklyn, if you’re going to the movies, you need never be hungry.

Visitors to Kinepolis’ Alicante, Spain location can treat themselves to a sushi platter courtesy of Sushicque, the country’s first in-theatre sushi bar. With a group? Go for the 30-piece.

Boasting Ghirardelli chocolate brownies, vanilla and triple chocolate ice cream and cinnamon chips, Studio Movie Grill’s brownie sundae is one of the Texas-based chain’s most popular desserts.

Tarantino fans can treat themselves to a Royale with Cheese Burger—with smoked bacon, cheddar, red onion, lettuce, tomato and aioli—at select Alamo Drafthouse locations. And of course, there are Alamo’s signature milkshakes—espresso chocolate, grasshopper and chocolate peanut butter pictured here. (They cost more than $5. Blame inflation.)

Luxury chain iPic prides itself on its high-quality food offerings, which makes a lobster roll—with pink chili aioli and Old Bay potato chips on the side—a perfect fit for its menu.

Moviegoers at Brooklyn’s Nitehawk Cinema rave about the art-house theatre’s fried chicken sandwich. Pair it with one of their movie-themed cocktails for a tasty night out. (And a personal recommendation: Try the tater tots.)

Dubai’s Reel Cinemas offers one appetizing appetizer with their deep-fried shrimp wrapped in noodles, served with sweet chili sauce.