Full Slate: CineEurope offers a busy schedule of films, product previews and seminars

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“CineEurope is about film,” declares Robert Sunshine, co-managing director of the annual convention for the European cinema business, now celebrating its 26th year. “I don’t believe any other show screens as much content as we do. Twelve product presentations with an average of ten films previewed come to nearly 120 films. If you want to know what’s coming down the pike, come to CineEurope.”

The show runs June 19-22 at the Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona (CCIB) in Barcelona, Spain, and participating studios include Entertainment One, Europacorp, Lionsgate, Paramount Pictures International, Sony Pictures Entertainment, SF Studios, StudioCanal, Twentieth Century Fox International, UniFrance, Universal Pictures International, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International and Warner Bros. Feature films being screened at the event include Universal’s Despicable Me 3 and Atomic Blonde, Fox’s War for the Planet of the Apes and Warner Bros.’ Annabelle: Creation.

There will also be a full schedule of seminars on a wide range of topic of vital interest to the exhibition industry. Says Sunshine, “There has been real progress in programming at CineEurope, and most of this has come about because of our partnership with UNIC [the International Union of Cinemas]. Phil Clapp and Jan Runge have been instrumental in making this happen. This year is no exception, with topics ranging including ‘Women in Cinema.’ ‘Innovation and the Big Screen Experience,’ and Coca-Cola’s sessions on ‘What Do Youth Audiences Really Want?’ and ‘Unlock Cinema Retail Growth with Disruptive Innovation.’ Additionally, the ICTA [International Cinema Technology Association] has put together programs touching on virtual reality, ‘What’s New in Cinema Technology’ and ‘Diversifying the Cinema-going Experience.’”

Sunshine notes that “the CEO of UNIC is leaving his position to pursue new endeavors and to be closer to his new daughter Clara, who was born recently. All of us at CineEurope want to thank Jan Runge for all his support over the years and to wish him good luck in the future.”

He adds, “We do a great deal of thank-yous at CineEurope to single out our sponsors, but the company that truly deserves it is Coca-Cola, our corporate sponsor for the past 26 years. Their support and commitment to CineEurope and the industry are extraordinary.

“At this year’s show we also wanted to thank those individuals who helped start CineEurope [then known as Cinema Expo International] in Brussels and single out those that were instrumental in the move to Barcelona. We call this our Founder’s Award and we are very pleased to have a group present at the awards ceremony to receive this prestigious honor.

“We are also very excited that two of the top executives in the motion picture industry will be at CineEurope this year. Representing Fox will be Stacey Snider, CEO of the company, and recently appointed Paramount CEO Jim Gianopulos.”

The festivities end with the Thursday night awards ceremony that “singles out some of the finest executives in the industry,” according to Sunshine. This year, Tony Chambers and Lee Jury of Disney will receive the International Distributors of the Year Award; Eddy Duquenne, Co-CEO of Kinepolis, takes “Exhibitor of the Year” honors; Piero Fumagalli, CEO of Arcadia Cinemas, will receive the UNIC Award of Achievement, and Telecinco Cinema is CineEurope’s Independent Producer of the Year.

Here are select highlights:


Monday, June 19

9:30-10:30—Seminar on “Women in Cinema: The Business Case”

10:45-11:45—Seminar on “Innovation and the Big Screen Experience”

13:00—Opening ceremony

13:45—Studiocanal product preview

15:15—An afternoon with Sony Pictures Entertainment

17:00—Warner Bros. Pictures product presentation and screening of Annabelle: Creation

20:00—Opening-night dinner reception sponsored by Warner Bros. Pictures and Dolby Laboratories


Tuesday, June 20

8:45-10:00—Coca-Cola Seminar: “What Do Youth Audiences Really Want?”

10:15—Universal Pictures International product presentation and screening of Despicable Me 2

11:30-13:15—Focus sessions on the tradeshow floor including “Diversifying the Cinema-going Experience” and “What’s New in Cinema Technology”

16:00-17:00—Focus session on virtual reality

18:30—Twentieth Century Fox International preview for 2017 and beyond


Wednesday, June 21

8:30-9:45—Coke retail seminar on disruptive innovation

10:00—Paramount Pictures International product preview

13:45-14:45—Focus session on IPTV, a new threat from piracy

15:00—Lionsgate product presentation

16:30—Walt Disney International product presentation

19:00—Universal Pictures International screening of Atomic Blonde

21:00—CineEurope salute to the 20th anniversary of Kinepolis


Thursday, June 22

8:45-9:30—Focus session on meeting the audience demands of tomorrow

9:45—Entertainment One product presentation

10:45—Twentieth Century Fox International screening of War for the Planet of the Apes

14:00—SF Studios product presentation

15:00—UniFrance product preview

16:00—Special screening from Lionsgate

18:30—Awards ceremony sponsored by Coca-Cola

19:30—CineEurope after-party