Fully Integrated: What you need to know about Dolby's IMS3000


At CineEurope 2017, Dolby will be returning to the Centre de Convencions Internacional Barcelona (Expo Hall, Suite B) to showcase its full range of integrated, end-to-end audio, imaging, accessibility and postproduction solutions. One of the products that will be on display is the recently launched Dolby Integrated Media Server IMS3000, which combines Dolby audio and image processing in one unit. When coupled with the Dolby Multichannel Amplifier and SLS Express Series, it offers a complete, integrated solution from 5.1 to Dolby Atmos.

Ahead of the show, we caught up with Dolby’s Jed Harmsen, senior director, cinema products, for a closer look at what customers should know about the IMS3000.

What is the key benefit to your customers if they choose the IMS3000?

In comparison to other offerings in market, the IMS3000 provides our customers with a streamlined all-in-one solution for delivering the latest in imaging and immersive audio experiences to their patrons. The value for the exhibitor is an increase in purchasing power, since they no longer need to buy and power multiple solutions as well as having their critical audio and imaging playback controls through a single user interface.

Additionally, the Dolby IMS3000 can decode all of Dolby’s cinema formats and many of Dolby’s broadcast formats, providing customers the flexibility to enable theatrical quality Dolby Atmos when they choose. Exhibitors can start with Dolby Audio 5.1 or 7.1 and, once ready, simply purchase a license to play back movies mixed in Dolby Atmos and provide cinema-goers with an immersive audio solution that transforms their entertainment experience.

How does the IMS3000 streamline the setup and operational process for exhibitors? 

The IMS3000 provides customers with an all-in-one solution for audio and imaging delivery, ultimately offering the ability to simplify cinema system designs.By combining the IMS3000 with the Dolby Multichannel Amplifier, we can further reduce component and engineering costs, space requirements, power and HVAC requirements for our exhibition customers.

Does adopting the IMS3000 help future-proof the screen for future Dolby Atmos deployment?

Absolutely. We designed the IMS3000 to provide customers the flexibility to upgrade their audio-delivery capabilities from Dolby Audio 5.1 and/or 7.1 to Dolby Atmos later if they decide to purchase an upgrade license. 

I see that the IMS3000 doesn’t have a fader/volume knob. How do I control the sound?

The IMS3000 is controlled through a web-based user interface [UI]. You can log into the IMS3000 network from a computer, tablet or smartphone to gain access to the necessary controls of both your image and audio playback. If a hardware-based fader is required or preferred, Dolby’s CAT868 external fader can be used.

My cinema uses non-sync to play advertising audio through the sound processor. Does the IMS3000 have a non-sync input?

The IMS3000 has the capability of playing out several different digital audio sources. There is an auxiliary AES port that can be configured for inputs (such as non-sync) as well as outputs (such as booth monitors).

The Dolby IMS3000 and Dolby Multichannel Amplifier are both available to purchase. For more information, visit the Dolby booth in Expo Hall, Suite B, at CineEurope.