Managing & Monitoring: A guide to today’s Theatre Management Systems and Network Operations Centers


Thanks to the rise of digital technology, it’s a whole new era for movie theatre operators, with a wide array of offerings that help a multi-screen cinema program, organize and oversee its movie and pre-show presentations and ensure that the show always goes on. Film Journal International debuts its first guide to Theatre Management Systems (TMS), the Network Operation Centers that provide 24/7 support, and new systems that coordinate film scheduling and booking.


Arts Alliance Media

Screenwriter from Arts Alliance Media (AAM) is a market-leading Theatre Management System (TMS) that delivers unparalleled control of content and screens. Lost shows can be eradicated and disruption minimized with the help of Screenwriter’s proactive monitoring that alerts users to any problems before they happen.

Screenwriter automates many processes which were previously time-consuming and inaccurate, and because it’s web-based, you manage it all from anywhere that has an Internet connection. All of which frees up exhibitors’ time to get back to do what they do best–creating the best movie experiences.

Screenwriter is also the gateway to further enhance the capabilities of a traditional TMS. Designed to work seamlessly with cloud-based enterprise products, Screenwriter opens up a world of further efficiencies and cost savings when combined with circuit-level software.



AAM software is installed on over 25,000 screens around the world. They operate globally and have customers in countries from China to the USA, Australia to Ecuador, and many more in between. AAM works with exhibitors large and small; clients include Wanda Cinemas (China), Cinépolis (Mexico), Cineworld (U.K.), Mars (Turkey), Ster Kinekor (South Africa) and Hoyts (Australia).


Ballantyne Strong

Ballantyne Strong ( offers a full suite of hardware, software, installation and support services for the cinema industry, digital signage and beyond.

Their state-of-the-art 24x7x365 Network Operation Center monitors and services more than 100,000 devices at 16,000 locations for over 1,000 global customers from multiple, fully redundant, and geographically located datacenter facilities staffed with industry experts.

Ballantyne Strong’s custom, software-agnostic LMS hardware is certified to work with every library and theatre management software provider and offers exceptional performance and reliability, with one of the best warranties possible to keep your system up and running when you need it the most.

Contact: Blake Titman,



Multiple challenges have risen since exhibitors started switching from film to digital projection, changing the way single-screen as well as multiplex theatres are managed. CineDigitalManager® Theater Management System (TMS) was designed to help cinemas through this transition and take advantage of new opportunities.

Developed in close cooperation with projectionists and cinema owners, CineDigitalManager combines all key features in a user-friendly, tactile interface: Digital Delivery, KDM Management, Playlists Editor, Scheduling, Monitoring, Reporting and more.

Compatible with most server and all projector brands, CineDigitalManager’s features include:

* Quality system management 

* Digital signage

* Equipment automation

* Multi-theatre management

* DCP encoding tool

* Pre-show music management

More than 6,000 screens worldwide are using CineDigitalManager TMS.

Contact: Etienne Roux, Business Development Manager



France: UGC, Ciné AlpesGroupe Majestic, Circuit Grand Ecran, Noë Cinéma, Ciné Movida, CinéOde, Ociné

Spain: Ciné Mancha, Cines Dreams

Italy: M3C Cinema, Cinetuscia Village

Germany: Union Cinema

Denmark: Kino Grenaa, Værløse Bio

Israel : Lev Cinemas

South Korea: CGV, Primus Osan Cinema, Yawoori Cinema, Megabox Kimpo, Imsil Cinema, Lotte Sung Nam Cinema

Taiwan: Cinemax (Gold Lion, In89)

Canada: Magic Lantern Theatres, Rainbow Cinemas


GDC Technology

One of GDC Technology’s flagship products, the TMS-2000 Theatre Management System (TMS) is a comprehensive solution that gives you centralized control over the entire theatre’s operation from one location. The latest version of the TMS-2000 offers a robust, user-friendly management system with increased operational efficiency with a start-up time that is 13 times faster than the previous version. Designed to streamline all theatre operations, the new Web access feature offers users the capability to monitor all screens in the theatre remotely. In addition, GDC developed an iPhone app to build on the success of the iPad app launched in 2014.

Another innovative new feature is Content Watcher. Just picture this: Any time new content arrives from a specific source—such as a remote file server or a satellite—Content Watcher retrieves the new content automatically without any human intervention, ensuring new content will not be missed due to the user’s oversight. Basically, GDC designed Content Watcher to help maximize efficiency. To date, GDC TMS solutions are the second-largest installation base in the world, covering 16,000 screens in 2,400 theatres.

Contact: Sylvia Lee. Assistant Marketing Manager

(852) 2507 9541


Hollywood Software

Hollywood Software’s Theater Command Center (TCC)—the first-ever TMS—currently runs more than 12,000 screens for 375+ circuits worldwide. TCC is the only TMS that builds show playlists automatically via POS imports and rules set for content, which means a complex with 10 or more screens can be programmed in less than 20 minutes each week. It centralizes content management and automates features, trailers and KDM transfers, creating significant efficiencies that enable theatre staff to focus on customers, and managers to oversee an entire complex from one screen and—with one mouse click—troubleshoot and solve problems instantly.

TCC supports Dolby, Doremi, GDC, Qube and FilmStore players and can ingest digital files via hard drive, satellite or network share. It integrates with all major POS systems, and features APIs for the automated ingestion, programming and reporting of ad content. It even automatically trims content from packs in overlapping show situations based on asset prioritization.

Coming soon: TCC 3.5, due in early 2016, will include integration with the Barco Alchemy ICMP, plus enhancements to title mapping and preshow pack scheduling designed to give users even more flexibility with programming in today’s world of multiple formats and precious screen real estate.

Contact: Larry McCourt, Senior VP, Sales & Marketing

(818) 961-0792

 375+ circuits worldwide use TCC including Marcus Theatres, Carmike Cinemas, Empire Cinemas, Palace Cinemas and Caribbean Cinemas.

Countries Serviced:

United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, the Caribbean.


Moving iMage Technologies

Moving iMage Technologies recently introduced a new division focusing on the business and operations of the cinema exhibition industry: Professional Cinema Enterprise Solutions. The new division is anchored by Cinergy, a modular, cloud-based Cinema Enterprise suite of software tools for complete, secure management, reporting and visibility of your theatres and their assets. Centralized at the corporate level with regional and localized drill-down capabilities to any digital asset or existing point of sale, Cinergy now allows you the most comprehensive management of your cinema business.

A product of joint marketing and development with DCIP, Cinergy provides the most experienced and proven IT and software development professionals in the cinema industry. “Digital cinema was such a leap forward in technology for our industry that our focus was in the presentation of great pictures and sound,” notes Joe Delgado, executive VP, sales and marketing, at Moving iMage Technologies. “Having achieved the best presentations, what remained to all but a few was the management feedback from all these digital platforms. Since they generate such incredible amounts of invaluable data, there needed to exist the right software tools to extract, collate and manage that data. Cinergy does that.”

Richard Manzione, CEO of DCIP, says, “Having a theatre operations background, I know how critical it is to have the right kinds of information. But having great amounts of raw data can be just as invisible to operations management as no data at all. What the DCIP team of programmers and developers has achieved by working with, and listening to, cinema operations professionals, is a modular software solution that can be tailor-made to any size cinema business. Cinergy cost-effectively scales to your particular needs and scope. And since software is not a static proposition, our group, along with MIT, looks forward to growing and innovating our products as you grow and innovate your business.”



Sony Digital Cinema

Cinemas with multiple screens can enjoy convenient, efficient, centralized content management of their theatre operations with TMS from Sony. Create and schedule weekly show playlists across all your projectors, with direct data import from ticketing/POS systems. Manage ingest of DCP content and KDMs to ensure that every projector is ready for the show. Monitor real-time operational status of up to 32 projectors. Save time with an Auto Delete function that intelligently manages media server capacity. Adding an optional license supports automation of advertising and other pre-show content. Everything’s easy with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that simplifies workflow and demands on your resources.

Contacts:Susie Beiersdorf, VP of Sales, Sony Digital Cinema (US)

(310) 244-6649

Oliver Pasch, Sales Director, Digital Cinema (Europe)

+49 2151 36024



Ymagis launched its Melody TMS solution in 2014. Since then, it has been deployed at 191 cinema sites across Europe with over 1,270 licenses. The Melody TMS is an intuitive, web-based user interface (drag-and-drop) that allows you to schedule and supervise shows on a weekly basis for any auditorium within your cinema site, manage KDMs with server push information, monitor equipment, manage content through a library management system, oversee screenings, create playlists, organize ingests and view their progress, and play background music ambient at will.

The Melody TMS is compatible with any third-party software (e.g., digital signage, points of sale), making it fully automated and therefore requiring less human intervention. Meeting all exhibition needs, from single-screen sites to large multiplexes, it is also interoperable with all leading server brands and fully compatible with the Barco Alchemy cinema projector range. Version 2.1 was recently certified by European cinema advertising specialist Weischer.Media. The Melody TMS can be accessed from anywhere via its mobile app.

Contact: Christof Federle

+43 664 8130 030



Arts Alliance Media

AAM’s Network Operations Centre provides thousands of screens around the world with proactive and reactive support services, monitoring hardware and software for any potential issues which can be either resolved remotely or highlighted directly to the cinema. AAM provides support to cinemas using their software, as well as to resellers in various countries to help to install and configure AAM products. The multilingual NOC team works in multiple languages, including Spanish, Mandarin, French and Portuguese.


Ballantyne Strong (see listing above)


Bardan Cinema

Bardan Cinema’s Network Operations Center (NOC) offers a comprehensive 24/7 remote monitoring and support platform with real-time alerts, assuring exhibitors minimum downtime and optimum equipment health. Their corrective maintenance service seeks to restore normal operation of equipment after a malfunction. This service offers repair in the shortest possible time, replacement of damaged parts and components, and recovery of optimal functionality.

Contact: Rodolfo Abarca

Clients: Cineplanet (Peru and Chile),Royal Films (Colombia), Supercines (Ecuador), Movie (Uruguay), Life (Uruguay), Cine Monje Campero (Bolivia), Cinema Valladolid (Honduras), Silver Spot (US), Sercenco (Peru).

DCinema NOC Brazil is operated by Quanta DGT. Clients in Brazil includeKinoplex, Cinematográfica Araújo, Cinesystem, GNC and Arcoplex.



Christie’s proactive monitoring keeps your systems running and your revenue flowing.Christie understands that downtime is not an option. Since the beginning of the digital cinema conversion, Christie’s Network Operations Center (NOC) has ensured thousands of digital theatre systems are running smoothly. Their state-of-the-art NOC features a 24/7 technical help desk, remote monitoring and configuration management, preventative servicing, on-site emergency response and critical spares-replenishment programs. Their highly trained nationwide service team is available in most markets in as little as two hours. And now their new enhanced service portal supplies high-value information and analytics that support customers in making timely and insightful decisions about their operation.

* Proactive diagnostic alerts: Discovery and warning triggers that alert operator of early failure.

* Trend reports: Continuous monitoring and collecting of high-speed data for trend reports.

* Case query: Problem tracking and collaboration tools.

* Access to online training: Help bridge the gap of skilled experts.

Christie services cinemas around the world. Call (877) 454-4267.



Cielo has redefined NOC monitoring and is changing the way exhibitors are managing their cinemas. By leveraging the latest cloud-based technology, the Cielo platform provides exhibitors full visibility across their entire circuit from any internet connected device, allowing them to manage their cinema from anywhere.™

With Cielo, exhibitors can stay on top of expiring lamps, make sure playlists are correctly built, and address any equipment alert in real time, all from your mobile phone. Cielo integrates directly with the Cielo Support Center, staffed by factory-certified, multi-lingual support engineers, so you are always just one click away from best-in-class remote support.  

Cielo currently services over 2,000 screens worldwide including prominent circuits such as Marcus Theatres, Goodrich Quality Theaters, Cine Colombia, and more.

Contact:Alex Younger

(305) 776-8319



CineXpert delivers software for cinemas’ and circuits’ service departments to operate a Network Operations Center and to oversee equipment and content operations. With no additional cost, the NOC can be accessed by any other party with or without restricted access on features and cinemas.

On top of basic remote access for curative operations, the Equipment Monitoring System (EMS) provides valuable information to perform low-level preventive maintenance tasks. Additionally, an analytics system delivers lamp performance information and a data-mining engine empowers exhibitors with a problem-trackback system.

For content, the Show Controller System (SCS) checks and helps you fix consistency issues around KDMs, CPLs, SPLs and connections with booking systems.


+352 20 20 32 90

Clients: Kinepolis Group (Europe), Cannes Film Festival (France), 2AVi (France), GFD Technologies (UK), Light House Cinema (Ireland), Grand Cinemas (Middle East), Reel Cinema (UAE), Scrabble JLT (UAE), Cinema Services OOD.


GDC Technology

Apart from manufacturing hardware and developing software for cinemas worldwide, GDC Technology also emphasizes providing value-added services to customers. In 2010, GDC opened their first Network Operations Center (NOC) in China to provide 24-hour, real-time remote monitoring services for digital-cinema systems in China. Through a simple user interface, the NOC provides centralized screen and display controls at various locations. In 2014, GDC set up its second NOC in Singapore, ensuring hassle-free theatre screenings for exhibitors worldwide.


Sony Digital Cinema

Theatre operators can enjoy even more peace of mind with Sony’s Network Operations Center (NOC), providing remote monitoring and multilingual support in Europe, seven days a week from 9 a.m. to midnight. The U.S. NOC operates 24/7 and delivers over 95% success rate with first calls, reports Sony. Potential issues can be pinpointed and analyzed remotely by their engineering specialists, giving theatre owners extra peace of mind that their Sony 4K projector fleet is in optimum condition for every performance.



Ymagis offers NOC services to its exhibitor clients, servicing over 9,500 screens. Its services extend beyond remote repairs to include customer communication, problem analysis, maintenance management, equipment monitoring, manufacturer contact and integrator support, spare parts management, warranty claims and training.

Ymagis NOC centers are located in Liège (international territories, including the U.K., Ireland, Italy, Benelux, Greece, Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and Turkey), Paris (France and North Africa), Valencia (Spain and Portugal) and Düsseldorf (Germany and Austria).

Contact: Mirko Heukemes

+32 4 364 12 54



Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition (DCDC)

DCDC was formed by AMC Theatres, Cinemark Theatres, Regal Entertainment Group, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. to provide the industry with theatrical digital delivery services across North America through a specially created network comprised of next-generation satellite and terrestrial distribution technologies. It is capable of supporting feature, promotional, pre-show and live content distribution into theatres.

DCDC currently has 1,910 sites installed and more than 2,430 theatres under contract, with a backlog of 500 sites that it continues to work on. By 2018, DCDC says its network will surpass 32,000 screens in more than 3,000 theatre locations. Thirty-one content providers use the DCDC network.

Contact: Randy Blotky

(310) 651-2600


Hollywood Software (see listing under Theatre Management Systems)


Share Dimension

Share Dimension is a software development company based in The Netherlands specializing in state-of-the-art business intelligence and predictive analytics applications for the cinema industry. Cinema Intelligence ( is the first collection of business intelligence solutions aimed at cinema exhibitors designed to optimize forecasting, planning and scheduling of movies, alternative content and corporate events and proven to increase profitability.

The sophisticated algorithm developed by Share Dimension combines advanced forecasting based on historical box-office information at the cinema level with cutting-edge scheduling technology. It generates unbiased estimates of future admissions per film, per location and per day based on automated analytics of past admissions and present trends.

Cinema Scheduler, the core module of Cinema Intelligence, analyzes box-office data and automatically builds daily schedules optimized to increase the number of showtimes and the occupancy rate and minimize screen idle times. Schedules are automatically exported to the ticketing system of the exhibitor. Cinema Scheduler boosts productivity by allowing rapid creation of daily optimized schedules at each cinema across an entire cinema circuit.

Share Dimension announced that they have signed a strategic partnership with Vista Group International, a global leader in cinema-management software. Vista owns 50% of the company. Share Dimension has offices in the Netherlands and Los Angeles.


For North America:

Christiane Ducasse, Sales & Business Development

(310) 435-4063

Select Clients:

Pathe Theatres BV, Netherlands

JT Bioscopen/Vue Cinemas, Netherlands

CinemaxX/Vue Cinemas, Germany

CinemaXimum/Mars Entertainment, Turkey

JCA Cinemes, Spain

Vox Cinemas, Middle East

Alamo Drafthouse, USA