Red Hot: Latin America enjoys huge box-office growth

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International Day at ShowEast always focuses on the moviegoing scene in Latin America, and this year the delegates from that region have plenty to celebrate. “The 2015 box-office year was red-hot at Latin American cinemas, with substantial growth over 2015 realized in virtually all of the major territories in this vibrant moviegoing region,” says Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at comScore. “The total gross from Latin America in 2015 was a whopping $3.5 billion (up an impressive 13% from 2014’s $3 billion), with a mix of locally produced and U.S.-based titles driving massive numbers of enthusiastic patrons to the cinema.”

Turning his attention to specific nations, Dergarabedian reports, “The countries of Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador and Chile realized the most robust uptick in movie theatre attendance and/or revenue over the prior year, with these vital moviegoing hot spots generating anywhere from 20% to 60% increases versus 2014. The contributions from Latin American cinemas provided an all-important building block in 2015’s record-breaking total of nearly $40 billion in global revenue in 2015.”

comScore collects data from 16 Latin American territories, but does not solicit data from the Caribbean territories. The top countries in terms of admissions were:

1. Mexico, 296 million admissions

2. Brazil, 168 million admissions

3. Colombia, 58 million admissions

4. Argentina, 50 million admissions

5. Peru, 46 million admissions

The admissions total for the 16 Latin American territories comScore surveys was 712,102,410, which averages out to 44.5 million admissions per territory.

More comScore statistics follow.