Today’s Ticketing: 'FJI' surveys new developments at leading movie ticketing companies


Film Journal International offers our annual update on the latest initiatives from companies that specialize in ticketing for movie theatres.

Atom Tickets

Atom Tickets is now officially live in every AMC and Regal cinema throughout the U.S. New exhibitors such as Studio Movie Grill, Megaplex and SilverSpot Cinemas are also Atom-enabled.

Atom Tickets’ free app and website provide relevant reviews, trailers and synopses to help customers make the best decision on what to see. Moviegoers may then invite friends (via Facebook or their contact lists) to purchase their own tickets to join them. Atom offers streamlined ordering of tickets and concessions from any Android or iOS phone. Paper tickets and IOUs have been replaced by Atom’s innovative platform, which keeps all plans, messaging, payment and tickets in one place.Atom’s website and app also sell movie merchandise with a ticket purchase. (


Along with their partner Smart Pricer, Compeso has developed advanced algorithm technology to create smartPricing, the latest fully automated pricing software in the cinema industry. The new check-out solution is based on peak biometric technology. Together with partner Sthaler Fingopay, they are able to offer the safest and most modern payment method to date. Fingopay and smartPricing and Fingopay are integrated with WinTicket, Compeso’s main software. (


Dealflicks continues to innovate with ticketing technology and marketing services for exhibitors. They have just increased their partnerships with POS companies to offer real-time inventory where available. This allows them to also offer full-price tickets to users when deals aren’t available or when they are sold out. The combination of full-price tickets and deals is the next iteration of Dealflicks’ dynamically priced platform. Dealflicks will be rolling this out throughout 2017 to their existing and new partners.

Dealflicks is the number-one movie ticket deal app, offering movie tickets and concessions deals with no convenience fees in over 3,000 screens across the U.S. Movie theaters gain meaningful, incremental revenue through Dealflicks’ dynamic pricing and inventory platform, getting butts in empty seats that would have gone unsold. Dealflicks has now sold over 2,500,000 tickets and concessions since its launch in July 2012. (


For 15 years, the admit:one suite from Collaborative Software has offered exceptional functionality and reliability within the admissions, hospitality and retail sectors. It has been proven to be an excellent fit for cinema and movie exhibition in Europe and Africa due to its all-encompassing features and modest price. DigiCine now brings this exciting solution to the American market for the first time.

The system is designed to be an all-in-one ticketing system, allowing customers to sell tickets online, on mobile devices and face-to-face. Customers get all modules including:

* Event management (control over events, scheduling, tickets and price cards)

* Sales administration (financial data, membership schemes, customer insight and reporting)

* Point of sale (front-of-house system including digital signage for ticket sales, gift shop and concessions)

* Stock management (barcoding, price setting, stock taking and deliveries) (,


Fandango tickets to more than 29,000 screens across the country and sells the majority of online tickets for the nation’s top exhibitors. The company’s global expansion in Latin America ranks Fandango as the world’s leading online movie ticketer with more than 32,000 global screens.

Fandango is constantly looking for new ways to help consumers discover movies and buy tickets, and is working with top social brands and platforms to build new ticketing innovations for messaging, AI, voice and more. Recent social ticketing innovations for Apple Messages on iOS 10, Facebook and Snapchat enable moviegoers to plan a night out and purchase tickets without leaving their social-media conversations. Fandango is also building tools with Amazon, Google, Samsung, Microsoft and more.

The company continues to develop new ticketing innovations to make it easier and more fun to discover new movies, find new theatres, and help increase theatre attendance. (


Cinemacon 2017 saw the launch of, TaPoS' cloud-based interface, offering customers the reliability and functionality of a full cinema PoS but with the flexibility of the cloud. TaPoS from JACRO provides full inventory including purchase ordering and supplier maintenance, loyalty and membership, F&B, reserved seating, film booking, mobile apps, centralized gift cards, employee scheduler and time clock, employee activity-monitoring tools, detailed user permissions, Microsoft Power BI integration, accounts export, enterprise module and a centralized films database. TaPoS is ideal for independent cinemas that need to compete efficiently and effectively with the major cinema circuits. ( recently added Regency Theatres to its circuit. With the addition of 188 screens in 27 locations across Los Angeles, the deal gives a greater presence within the major market in California where it already represents 400 theatres statewide. has also extended its agreements with Missouri’s B&B Theaters’ 401 screens and Larry Miller Megaplex Theatres in Utah, which has 185 screens in total. The number of tickets sold by in the first quarter of 2017 was up 62% compared to the same period in 2016.


The responsibility to maximize the available seats for any film based on expected attendance is critical. In those cases where demand is stronger than expected, Omniterm has developed a method to swap auditoriums even when reserved tickets have already been sold.

The “Swap Seats” function will automatically transfer the seats based on each transaction from the original auditorium to the new auditorium. There is also the option to manually “Swap Seats” using drag-and-drop functionality. Best of all, a report option is available that provides seat information before and after the movie. (

Ready Theatre Systems

Ready Theatre Systems (RTS) takes your theatre to the next level with full-service restaurant mode, easy bar tabs and graphical layouts with seat selection. (

ticket. International

ticket. international develops, sells and installs and maintains professional ticket and inventory management systems for the leisure industry and especially for the cinema industry. The company was founded in 1996 and has worked on more than 550 successful installations.

Its product line Dolphin is a highly integrated system for ticketing and concession sales, gastronomy, access control, online and mobile ticketing. In addition to the sales modules are extensive management and reporting modules. Dolphin offers a central server solution with three-tier architecture, a central database (Oracle 12, SAP Sybase SQL or MS SQL), an application server and web systems.The central server is either located in the headquarters or in a data center. For smaller customers, they provide a safe and cost-effective hosting contract at their high-security Deutsche Telekom data center. Dolphin does not require an error-prone data transfer and has a unique offline mode in case of network failure. This means that that your business is still fully operational even if the line to the data center is interrupted. After reconnecting, all data is automatically synchronized.

Besides the state-of-the art-solutions ticket@web and mobile ticketing, ticket. international provides a powerful API for web developers to build their own look and feel. Most of the current TMS systems can be connected via the TMS-interface of Dolphin. In addition, ticket. international is currently working on the integration of Showtime Analytics and Smart Pricer. Another product highlight is the brand new kiosk system with a 42-inch multi-touch-screen. The newly designed kiosk software is also a highlight. The presentation layer is designed in HTML5, enabling every customer to realize its own look and feel. (

Vista Entertainment Solutions

Subscription service MoviePass recently entered a strategic collaboration with Vista Group International and its subsidiary Vista Entertainment Solutions (VES). By integrating MoviePass directly into the VES ticketing software, participating theatres will be able to offer MoviePass members enhanced features and new capabilities on mobile devices. These features include:

* E-ticketing, seat selection and advance purchase capabilities directly from a subscriber’s mobile phone. This integration also provides exhibitors with more granular data, complete with an analytics dashboard to see frequency of use at specific locations as well as valuable demographic information on moviegoers;

* The ability to invite friends, both MoviePass and non-MoviePass members;

* The option to purchase food and beverage items directly via the app for a cashless transaction;

* Direct integration into an exhibitor’s loyalty program. (