Touring for ‘Terminator’: Schwarzenegger spans the globe in Paramount ‘cinemarketing’ blitz

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After following Arnold Schwarzenegger around the world in (roughly) 30 days, your journeyman columnist has been effectively terminated. Exhausted from seeing the one-time Governator and his film-mates shake hands, sign autographs and pose for selfies, as well as answer questions and discuss Terminator: Genisys apparently without end, one has a whole new appreciation of what comes out of bodybuilding and goes into politics and showbiz.

Most of the above is fiction, of course. Because no trade journal has the budget to send its writers and editors from Rio de Janeiro to Tokyo, with another eight stopovers in between. It’s all for the sake of letting you, dear readers, catch up on “Cinemarketing.” Good transcontinental reporting, in fact, can be done from the comfort of one’s armchair. In this case, we gratefully acknowledge the work of Getty Images photographers for their capture of these events.

Our second call-out–and congrats on their stamina as well–goes to Paramount’s executive team, who made this massive marketing blitz happen in the first place. Among those who assembled for the European premiere at CineStar Sony Center on June 21 in Berlin were Marc Evans, president of Paramount Motion Picture Group; Nicholas Crawley, president of international marketing and distribution; Megan Colligan, president of worldwide distribution and marketing; and Tobias Riehl and Florian Ritter, co-managing directors, Paramount Pictures Germany.

Strategically placed before the home-turf premiere on June 29 at the decked-out Dolby Theatre, not far from the lovely Paramount Studios lot in Hollywood, the Berlin event was preceded by a fun U.K. fan event at Vue Westfield in London and a junket for French media in Paris. Schwarzenegger had flown into la belle France from a special handshake meeting and screening with members of the United States Marine Corps at Base Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, Calif. Never one to miss an opportunity (maybe with a political comeback in mind), Arnold also made an appearance at the NASCAR racetrack in Sonoma, Calif.

The race started back on June 1 with a press call at Copacabana Palace Hotel in Rio de Janeiro. Two days later, the four-screen Kinoplex São Luiz was the site for the Latin American fan screening of the action spectacle. Originally opened in the 1920s and operated by Grupo Severiano Ribeiro, the Ciné is one of the oldest cinemas still in operation in the country.

In Sydney, Australia, Paramount’s Genisys crew brought the Terminator team to the much newer Event Cinemas George Street. In a rapid-fire time-change trip worthy of the time travel in the film itself, Schwarzenegger was already appearing Down Under on June 4.

In their second-to-last stop in Seoul, Schwarzenegger and co-star Emilia Clarke met with South Korea’s “Idol” group BtoB before greeting other avid fans. The premiere took place at Lotte World Tower Mall. Amongst its 21 screens and 4,600 seats, Lotte Cinema Superplex G holds the title boasting “the largest fixed 35mm projection screen.” Measuring 34.07 meters (111.78 ft.) in length and 13.84 meters (45.41 ft.) in height, it had been officially entered as a Guinness World Record just a year earlier. Never mind that it is about time Guinness realized we have already gone digital, congratulations to one and all are still in order.

Terminating the massive tour in Tokyo, at least at press time, Schwarzenegger and Clarke received a special welcome gift during the premiere at the Roppongi Hills Arena in the shape of a giant teddy bear.

As Arnold famously said, I’ll be back. We are far from terminating our coverage of creative “Cinemarketing.”

The Terminator Tour

June 3, 2015: Latin American Fan Screening–Kinoplex São Luiz, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

June 4, 2015: Australia Screening

June 15, 2015: Camp Pendleton, Calif. Screening

June 18, 2015: U.K. Fan Event–Vue Westfield, London, England

June 19, 2015: Press Junket, Paris, France

June 23, 2015: European Premiere–CineStar at Sony Center, Berlin, Germany

June 28, 2015: NASCAR Appearance by Arnold Schwarzenegger–Sonoma Racetrack, Sonoma, Calif.

June 29, 2015: Los Angeles Premiere–Dolby Theatre, Hollywood

July 2, 2015: Seoul, South Korea, Premiere–Lotte World Tower Mall

July 6, 2015: Tokyo, Japan Premiere–Roppongi Hills Arena