Transformers: Ymagis Group continues to provide new solutions

Cinemas Features

Like it or not, digital is everywhere. And in a world increasingly defined by digital transformation, everything is moving much faster than ever before.

The movie industry entered the digital age just a short decade ago. Ymagis Group has been one of the key players in this transformation in Europe. But today, history is accelerating and we are facing new challenges.

The Group I preside over that includes our two entities, CinemaNext and Eclair, was founded to provide innovative solutions to its partners and help them to disrupt their business models to attain higher profit levels. Evolution is in our DNA, and our mission today is to make sure we keep improving the quality of services available to our partners’ own customers.

From our European origins, our vocation is to be global, with a fast-growing presence in the U.S. with our offices in Dallas, New York and, shortly, Los Angeles.

Eclair Logistics North America is now three years old. The company manages a network that has connected close to 200 movie theatres in the U.S. alone, which can now more easily access the content exhibitors want to show.

EclairPlay revolutionizes the way cinemas and distributors may streamline their supply chain for content delivery. Available in the U.S., Western Europe and Australia, we plan to expand EclairPlay very quickly to the rest of the world. One of EclairPlay’s newest features comes from the recent launch of EclairExpress, our software-only serverless solution that allows movie theatres to access all platform features as well as secure DCPs, without any dedicated hardware.

CinemaNext expanded its U.S. footprint last year with the creation of CinemaNext North America, based in Dallas. The company now provides U.S. cinemas with first-class services in terms of equipment sales, financing, design and project management, installation, commissioning, maintenance and support through our customer service available seven days a week. We also provide software solutions, such as TMS, digital signage, equipment monitoring tools and occupancy optimization, among others.

We continue to invest in introducing more innovative solutions to the market.

We strongly believe that HDR is key for the future of movie theatres to keep providing a premium experience. Our affordable EclairColor HDR technology, which combines an innovative mastering process with the optimization of select projection systems, has already been deployed, with 146 cinema screens to date, and is now being installed across North America.

EclairColor HDR is a key component of our Sphera Premium Cinema concept, which features a wall-to-wall screen, custom luxury cinema seats, 4K HDR projection, an innovative lighting concept as well as an unrivaled sound system with a pioneering transducer subwoofer and new acoustic structure. Sphera combines the finest technologies to provide the best experience to moviegoers.

EclairGame is also a new concept developed by our group to provide one-of-a-kind entertainment experiences to moviegoers. EclairGame is an eSport solution for cinemas that allows theatres to enhance their audiences’ experience while targeting new demographics.

Ymagis Group is finally preparing the launch of a stunning new virtual reality concept solution for cinema exhibitors, as we firmly believe VR will be a game-changer. Exciting news to come!

We are continuing to expand in North America, getting closer to the Hollywood creative community. Before this summer, we will open an office in Los Angeles, our third in the U.S. after New York City and Dallas. It will feature a team dedicated to the deployment of our innovative solutions.

More than ever, we are committed to being your trusted partner. You can count on us.