Upscale Appeal: How Spotlight Cinema Networks delivers luxury advertisers to art-house theatres

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Figures released by the Cinema Advertising Council last March gave exhibitors much reason to cheer. The cinema advertising industry, which gives exhibitors a reliable and valuable stream of income in addition to box-office and concession revenues, posted record-breaking numbers in 2016.

Cinema advertising is more important than ever for marketers. It is a platform that grants attention and engagement. No distractions. Luxury brands have taken advantage of this opportunity, whose cinema spots in luxury and art-house theatres feature powerful storytelling and high production values that blend right in with the movie trailers. I’ve been in this business for 25 years and speaking for myself and my colleagues at Spotlight Cinema Networks, we’ve never seen advertising this creative and more engaging for the cinema audience.

We should know. More luxury marketers advertise with Spotlight than with any other cinema-advertising company. We’re the only cinema-advertising platform 100% dedicated to luxury and art-house theatres. For luxury advertisers, we have the moviegoer demographic advertisers are looking for.

Luxury advertising offers exhibitors surprising benefits beyond the important revenue stream. Luxury marketers often produce spots that are far more entertaining and enjoyable than the commercials that dot the conventional television and digital landscapes. Just look at the work companies like Porsche, Louis Vuitton and Alfa Romeo have produced. Many are creating cutting-edge image spots and branding campaigns with clever narratives that dazzle and captivate audiences. They feature daring camera angles, beautiful landscapes, exotic locales and intriguing products.

Luxury advertisers create content that plays perfectly alongside a movie trailer. Last summer, one of Spotlight’s luxury fashion advertisers delivered a spot that was like a movie short. I was at the Angelika Film Center in New York during one showing and I recall that audience members didn’t realize it was a marketing message until the logo was shown at the end of the spot. That’s a seamless integration of commercial and content that benefits exhibitor, marketer and audience—a win, win, win! Luxury cinema advertising is not an interruption to the moviegoing experience; in fact, the high-quality creative actually enhances the overall experience for the audience.

Of course, there are enormous advantages for luxury advertisers to put their brands in front of luxury and art-house audiences. The luxury and art-house moviegoer is the ideal audience for luxury marketers. Often these theatres offer more comforts and amenities than typical multiplexes. Some have likened the environment to an upscale hotel lobby lounge area with leather reclined seating, and upscale food and beverage options including alcoholic beverages. They cater to the discriminating tastes and interests of their audience with specialized events.

And the cinema-advertising platform offers luxury advertisers the advantages of reaching consumers in a darkened space when they have tucked away their mobile devices in favor of the big screen. That type of distraction-free environment is increasingly rare in 2017.

Besides connecting luxury advertisers with the nearly 1,000 luxury and art-house screens in our network, Spotlight helps marketers and theatres in many other ways. We’re also partnering with luxury advertisers to hold events allowing marketers to put their products in the hands of consumers. These include screening events, premium brand tastings, product introductions and more.

Our mission at Spotlight is to develop ways to maintain the moviegoing experience while generating new revenue sources for the hundreds of movie theatres in our network. I am thrilled that Spotlight has the ability to deliver to our theatres a unique onscreen advertising platform—one that’s curated to provide high-quality content, trailer-like storytelling and unrivaled revenue through luxury advertising.