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Take a seat at Standees: Dineplex introduces 'Entertaining Eatery' in

...out to be another twist to FJIs multi-chaptered cookbook on Dinner at the Movies, Scott declares, It is very easy to have dinner... More

Educating the industry: Larry Etter wrote the book on concessions

...of those options, as readers of FJIs long-running series about Dinner at the Movies know. All this is really based on how can... More

Open house: Malcos Memphis Grill attracts both moviegoers and

Not only has "Dinner at the movies" provided our readers with a generous serving of delicious... More

Jubilee in Yakima: Mercy family celebrates 101 years with Orion Cinema

...its Class of 2012 review. This November, serving up another helping of Dinner at the Movies, we now take a personal tour of the gorgeous... More

Frank 'n' Fun: CineBowl & Grille concept extends cinema entertainment

...material and completely illuminated from inside. It is literally glowing.What about dinner at the movies, then? (See our series on this trend) We do... More

Look whos dining&Tom Stephenson creates multiple choices for cinema

...dual service option, which is different from how Showcase SuperLux serves up dinner at the movies with two separate operations for in-theatre and cucina... More

Let there be Lux: New Showcase concept combines fine food and film

...of this unique cinematic offering, both as part of our long-running Dinner at the Movies series and the annual Class of the Year design... More

Culinary VIPs: Cineplex entertains guests with gourmet offerings

...really high time that our exclusive series takes a look at how Dinner at the Movies is served in Canada.Since Cineplex Entertainment opened its... More

Expansion course: Studio Movie Grill double-dates dinner at the movies

...industry can remain relevant.Film Journal International began its exclusive series about Dinner at the Movies in June 2007 with a profile of Studio Movie... More

Coconut cuisine: Paragon adds VIP meals at Miami's CocoWalk

...helping of holiday meals, Film Journal International invites our readers to another Dinner at the Movies More

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1. OUIJA $19.87
2. JOHN WICK $14.41
3. FURY $13.35
4. GONE GIRL $11.04
5. BOOK OF LIFE, THE $10.04

Weekend of 10/27/2014
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October 27, 2014 - October 27, 2014
Diplomat Resort in Miami/Hollywood


April 20, 2015 - April 23, 2015
Caesars Palace

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