Film Review: Laggies


Disappointing comedic entry about a late-20s slacker who won’t grow up is writer/filmmaker Lynn Shelton’s first outing directing someone else’s material. Points here for strong cast and an occasional chuckle, but otherwise there’s just no point. More »

Eastern alternative: Hamptons Film Festival generates its own star power

If you ask filmmakers and distributors what separates New York Film Festival (NYFF) audiences from those attending the Hamptons International Film Festival (HIFF), they’ll probably answer only 109 miles. In fact, this year marked even less separation, as the two fests—one in Manhattan, one out east near the tip of Long Island—overlapped for several mid-October days. More »

That’s a wrap! Recapping the second half of the 52nd New York Film Festival

As happens every year, the end of another rewarding, varied and surprising New York Film Festival (NYFF), organized by The Film Society of Lincoln Center, is a kind of beginning. More »


The Best of Me
Film Review: The Best of Me

Fans of Lifetime TV movies–and previous adaptations of books by Nicholas Sparks–will derive sentimental satisfaction from this handsomely mounted, ultimately hokey romance. For anyone else, it’s an all-too-typical adaptation of a book by Nicholas Sparks. More »

Dear White People
Film Review: Dear White People

There won't be a smarter or funnier screenplay this year (or more striking feature directorial debut), and that is just the basis for this surprising, wonderful and quite definitive college film. More »

The Book of Life
Film Review: The Book of Life

This animated feature is tricky to get into, but soon enough becomes a colorful piñata spreading goodies hither and yon. More »

Fury Review
Film Review: Fury

American tanks fight superior German forces in the closing days of World War II. More »

Film Review: Birdman (or the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

Virtuosic camerawork and a stellar ensemble of actors more than make up for the occasional moment of portentous twaddle in Alejandro G. Iñárritu's latest—and maybe his best—film. More »

The Judge
Film Review: The Judge

Estranged son defends his father on a hit-and-run charge, fighting his own problems in the process. More »




Reel News



Premium Large Format
A bigger picture: Tracking the growth of Premium Large Format

A premium large-format cinema screen (PLF) is a clearly defined, technologically superior product, which can be marketed at a premium. In technology terms, 3D began the notion of a premium concept, but as 3D is now established in 39.3% of modern screens, cinema exhibitors believe they have found a new revenue driver in PLF. More »

Illuminated Designs
Illuminated designs: Cinema architecture that sparkles, shimmers and shines

LOOK…who’s lighting up the night. Not only has architect Tony Pleskow provided the perfect rendering to illustrate this year’s design theme, but he also sets the tone for our endeavor. More »


Off the charts: Damien Chazelle’s ‘Whiplash’ quickens the pulse with tale of ambitious young drummer

The questions concerning art, morality and the often fraught interplay between the two which Damien Chazelle poses in his film Whiplash “keep me up at night,” the writer-director admits. More »

Hossein Amini
The Talented Mr. Amini: Oscar-nominated screenwriter helms Patricia Highsmith’s devious ‘Two Faces of January’

Brazen bitchery occurs in the movie version of Agatha Christie’s The Mirror Crack’d when two old screen divas brush up against each other. Says one (Elizabeth Taylor) to the other (Kim Novak): “There are only two things I dislike about you. Your face.” More »

Boxtrolls feature
Out of the box: Laika animation studio conjures Victorian England with tale of subterranean ‘Boxtrolls’

With its all-star cast of British character actors, menagerie of paranormal creatures and darkly macabre wit, you'd be forgiven for assuming that the new stop-motion feature The Boxtrolls hails from dear old Blighty, perhaps courtesy of a newly created animation division of English horror mainstay Hammer Films. More »

The Zero Theorem
Future shock: Terry Gilliam fashions another wild sci-fi world in ‘The Zero Theorem’

Terry Gilliam slumps over his table, summoning energy as the long day drags on. "We're a part of the machine now, it's all a machine," he mutters, scanning a Lower Manhattan sidewalk café for an exit from the public-relations circus. More »

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News, statistics and publications from the National Association of Theatre Owners, the world's largest exhibition trade organization. More »


Education programs, services and news from the National Association of Concessionaires. More »


Information on the ratings system, legislative news and press releases from the Motion Picture Association of America. More »


Learn about the latest technological advances for the motion picture theatre industry from the International Cinema Technology Association. More »



1. FURY $23.70
2. GONE GIRL $17.51
3. BOOK OF LIFE, THE $17.00
5. BEST OF ME, THE $10.00

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