Film Review: Wild Card

Wild Card

Security expert fights a Las Vegas thug in a pointless remake of the 1986 Burt Reynolds vehicle Heat. More »

Through the Looking Glass: Westmoreland and Glatzer’s ‘Still Alice’ stars Julianne Moore as a professor facing early Alzheimer’s

If one were to flash-forward a few weeks, it would not be difficult to imagine a couple of Academy Awards going to the Most Minimal Emoting in Starring Categories. More »

Unfathomable: Kevin Macdonald directs Jude Law in ‘Black Sea’ thriller about rogue submariners on a treasure hunt

A Russian submarine disaster was the start of Black Sea, an underwater adventure starring Jude Law that Focus Features is releasing on Jan. 23. More »


The Boy Next Door
Film Review: The Boy Next Door

J-Lo's latest histrionic effort provides some fitful low-grade diversion but is not the gloriously juicy trash one might have hoped for. More »

Film Review: Mortdecai

Rhymes with: mortify More »

Strange Magic
Film Review: Strange Magic

George Lucas's animated fairytale is definitely strange, but lacks a certain magic. More »

Film Review: Cake

Contemporary L.A. drama with daubs of humor about a troubled upper-middle-class woman fighting chronic pain with a huge pill habit and rotten attitude. An admirable showcase for Jennifer Aniston as she daringly stretches into a darker role, but viewers too will feel some pain on this slowly evolving cinematic journey. More »

Song One
Film Review: Song One

A glum, pedestrian attempt at a "real world" musical that ultimately feels as artificial as a ritzy Broadway show. More »

Black Sea
Film Review: Black Sea

Black Sea, the tale of a submarine quest in search of lost Nazi loot, is reminiscent of Das Boot, though a better title might have been Der Gelt. It’s a gruesome thriller with an oddly sentimental touch. More »




Reel News



Drafthouse Feature
Drafthouse rules: Texas-based distributor is adaptable and provocative

With its young Drafthouse Films, Austin, Texas-based Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas is giving movie fans whose tastes range from thrilling to arty another reason to “Remember the Alamo.” More »

Major Cineplex
Five-star experiences: Major Cineplex celebrates 20 years of deluxe locations

Thailand’s Major Cineplex Group, winner of the 2014 CineAsia “Exhibitor of the Year” Award, has been breaking new ground in many ways since its relatively modest beginnings in 1995–and apparently has quite a few more aces up its sleeves for years to come. More »


The Humbling feature
Last act: Al Pacino reunites with Barry Levinson for Philip Roth tale of an actor’s existential ‘Humbling’

Al Pacino, the heavy-duty Actors Studio alum, appears to be moving through what seems to be a comedy in his new film, The Humbling. More »

Leviathan feature
In the belly of the beast: Andrey Zvyagintsev’s acclaimed ‘Leviathan’ depicts one man’s fight against corruption in modern Russia

Andrey Zvyaginstev’s Leviathan begins with a series of long shots, landscapes and seascapes of the forbidding Barents Sea coast of Russia. More »

A Most Violent Year feature
Crime scene: J.C. Chandor’s ‘A Most Violent Year’ focuses on a New York immigrant’s struggle to run an honest business

Director J.C. Chandor describes the preparation for A Most Violent Year, an A24 release opening on Dec. 31, as a series of happy coincidences. More »

Selma feature
Return to Selma: Ava DuVernay makes history with drama of Martin Luther King's civil-rights march

One thing director Ava DuVernay wants to make clear about Selma: It will not be "medicine-y." More »

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News, statistics and publications from the National Association of Theatre Owners, the world's largest exhibition trade organization. More »


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