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Seattle Cinerama
Peerless in Seattle: Enhanced Cinerama selects cream of the technology crop

“Customers’ reactions to the new and improved features have been very positive,” enthuses Ryan Hufford, senior systems engineer for Vulcan Inc. and an integral part of the team effort behind the latest and, without doubt, greatest upgrade to the famed Cinerama theatre in Seattle, Washington. More »

A Pass to the Future: MoviePass and AMC Theatres usher movie ticketing into the 21st century

“Hollywood has a problem,” says Stacy Spikes as we sit in a bustling, glass-walled Manhattan office shared by the likes of Reddit, that über-hip website of the Millennial generation. More »

Rob Novak
The Marcus menu: Rob Novak guides circuit’s food and beverage growth

Back on the operator side of the business this month, we bring you a profile of Rob Novak, director of concessions for Milwaukee, WI-based Marcus Theatres. More »

ShowBiz Feature
No biz like ShowBiz: Kevin Mitchell moves Dallas chain in new direction

There’s no better way for FJI to kick off a promising new year for theatrical exhibition than with a story about a fast-growing circuit. More »

IFC Center feature
Forever independent: New York City’s IFC Center draws in customers with atmosphere and attitude

There are a lot of things that New York City doesn’t exactly have a shortage of. Pizza joints. Bagels. Funky smells on the subway. And independent movie theatres, to the eternal delight of the Big Apple’s cinephile contingent. More »

Adam Gottlieb
Spanning the Continent: Adam Gottlieb guides growth of NY-based concession supplier

This month’s Concession Spotlight turns back to the supply side for a profile of Adam Gottlieb, executive VP, sales and procurement, at New Hyde Park, NY-based Continental Concession Supplies, Inc. (CCSI) More »

cinemarketing  1-15
Phantoms, Paddingtons & Penguins: Cinemarketing initiatives raise funds for wildlife and restore a Wurlitzer

In partnership with Twentieth Century Fox of Germany, the kinos of Cineplex in 63 cities donated two cents (European) for every ticket sold at any one of the group’s 87 locations showing Die Pinguine aus Madagascar to the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF). More »

Major Cineplex
Five-star experiences: Major Cineplex celebrates 20 years of deluxe locations

Thailand’s Major Cineplex Group, winner of the 2014 CineAsia “Exhibitor of the Year” Award, has been breaking new ground in many ways since its relatively modest beginnings in 1995–and apparently has quite a few more aces up its sleeves for years to come. More »

Phil Zacheretti
Phoenix rising: Phil Zacheretti oversees 97 screens in eight states

Our Concession Spotlight this month expands beyond just theatre concessions, as we introduce you to Phil Zacheretti, president and CEO of Phoenix Big Cinemas Management (PBCM) in Knoxville, TN More »

CineAsia Intro
Heading to Hong Kong: Annual CineAsia convention focuses on a booming region

The Asia-Pacific market is responsible for an increasingly large share of the global box-office bounty each year, which makes the annual CineAsia convention in Hong Kong a more and more essential event for the international movie exhibition and distribution communities. More »

Cinemarketing 12-14
Art, Heart, Food & Fury: Cinemarketing promotions feed the soul…and stomach

Art in the Arthouse…   In honor of this month’s CineAsia event, we begin our latest “Cinemarketing” overview with an exhibition featuring the exquisite abstract works of Nanchong City, China-born artist Xi Hou More »

Stan Jody Reynolds
Premium humanitarians: Stan & Jody Reynolds honored for commitment to charities

In recognition of their extensive philanthropic work with Variety The Children’s Charity and other charitable organizations, the founder, president and CEO of insurance company Reynolds & Reynolds, Stan J. Reynolds, and his wife Jody will receive the Al Shapiro Distinguished Service Award at the ShowEast convention in Florida. More »

Malco Premier Lanes
Incredibowl! Malco rolls 50+ years of bowling experience into family entertainment

“During the mid-1950s, we actually entered into the bowling business as a hedge against the declining theatre attendance with the emergence of television,” explains Robert “Bobby” Levy, executive VP, advertising and marketing at Malco Theatres. More »

Malco Intro
A century of dedication: Malco Theatres kicks off 100th anniversary with humanitarian honor

“It is always an honor to be recognized by your peers and we are humbled by the choice of Malco Theatres as this year’s award recipient.” More »

Malco Execs
At the Malco Roundtable: After 100 years, the business is still all about family

“I am third-generation,” notes Stephen Lightman, the chairman and CEO of Malco Theatres, as we begin celebrating the circuit’s 100th Anniversary. More »



The Wedding Ringer
Film Review: The Wedding Ringer

Intermittently amusing bro-comedy trifle that confirms Kevin Hart's talent, though not his taste in material. More »

Film Review: Paddington

This feel-good, looks-great first-time big-screen adaptation of the beloved British children's stories about a stowaway Peruvian bear finding his, er, bearings in London is much more than just, oops, bearable. The handsome production greatly benefits from a top-notch cast of some of the U.K.’s finest actors and its beautiful blend of CGI-enriched live action and animated ursine star. More »

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