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NAC - Winans
Guarding the Association: Chuck Winans charts NAC’s growth

“I cannot tell you how many times I had calls from trade and consumer press, television stations… They were always complaining and yapping about how theatres and stadiums could possibly charge so much for concessions?” Chuck Winans still sounds exasperated. More »

NAC - Scudillo
Promoting the Association: Jeff Scudillo keeps NAC in motion

“Concessions are the backbone of the theatre industry. We implore our members and the concession industry as a whole to not be afraid to try new things and to always think outside the box.” More »

NAC - Evans
Lasting concession connections: Evans family has deep ties to NAC

“As chairman of the NAC board, I have no responsibilities now,” chuckles John Evans Jr., senior VP, Gold Medal Products. More »

NAC - Etter
Educating the industry: Larry Etter wrote the book on concessions

“Utilizing the assets of the organization, networking with colleagues and meeting with manufacturers, all of us sharing that wealth of experience has been great, not just for our business, but for me personally as well. NAC has been extremely valuable to me. It has been my educational process for the last 35 years.” More »

Pioneering pictures and popcorn: Norm Chesler recalls early concession days

“Will NAC be around another 70 years? Oh, yes, it’s got to! There is always demand for a place where you can learn about your industry.” According to Norm Chesler, a longtime member and 1997-99 president, “there will always be a need for NAC..." More »

Selling candy and good cheer: Libby Mauro has sweet tooth for movie business

“Working with theatre owners? I love it very much.” Spoken like a true salesman, Libby Mauro, special markets manager, Western Region sales, at Promotion in Motion, actually backs up his pitch by delivering the goods. More »

Malco Ridgeway
Open house: Malco’s Memphis Grill attracts both moviegoers and business crowd

Not only has "Dinner at the movies" provided our readers with a generous serving of delicious ideas, the concept has also extended the lives of many movie theatres in great locations that have been lacking the heft and pull of the multi- and megaplexes around them. More »

Gary Butske
Emagine that! Gary Butske rises to VP at leading Michigan circuit

This month’s Concession Spotlight moves back to the operator side with a profile of Gary Butske, Jr., VP of Emagine Entertainment Inc. More »

Counting on concessions: Theatre circuits rely on that boost to the bottom line

During Gabelli & Company’s June 2014 Movie & Entertainment Conference, participating exhibitors made a compelling case to investors about how “theatrical exhibition thrives on innovation and stability.” Nowhere is this more evident than in the food and beverage segment of their operations. More »

NAC Preview 2014
Rocky Mountain confections: NAC heads to Denver for Concession & Hospitality Expo

The National Association of Concessionaires’ annual gathering used to be called the NAC Convention & Trade Show. But the title was restrictive, says NAC executive VP Dan Borschke. “The reason why we changed [the event name], frankly, is to be more encompassing..." More »

Investor alert: Theatrical exhibition thrives on innovation and stability

“2014 looks really good and, obviously, we are very optimistic as we look to 2015 and 2016. But one of the key things about the industry has been…stability. And as the largest operator in the industry, we get a lot of efficiencies from our size and scale, and so we believe we are the leader in that stable industry.” More »

Vue from the top: With CineEurope award, Alan McNair moves into the spotlight

“This is ruining my carefully cultivated anonymous profile,” says Alan McNair, albeit “only half-jokingly.” More »

Batlle profile
UNIC-ly qualified: CineEurope honors former UCI/Cinesa chief Pepe Batlle

It’s hard to imagine anyone more qualified to receive the UNIC Achievement Award than José “Pepe” Batlle, former CEO of Cinesa in Spain and chief operating officer for Continental Europe at ODEON & UCI Cinemas Group. More »

Kino Zukunft
Brewing cinema culture: Berlin’s Haus Zukunft revels in funky atmosphere

Welcome to Kino Zukunft & Freiluftkino Pompeji, near Ostkreuz, Berlin, Germany. More »

Cinema: The best entertainment value

American film productions achieved worldwide box-office revenues of $36 billion (€26 billion) in 2013. That’s a record! More »



Guardians of the Galaxy review
Film Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

With Marvel’s backing, cult filmmaker James Gunn blasts off for the stars and takes audiences along for a wild, funny ride. More »

Film Review: Hercules

Legendary strongman is caught in the middle of a brutal civil war in a fast-paced vehicle for Dwayne Johnson. More »

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