What We Do in the Shadows feature
Reality Bites: Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi's mock-doc 'What We Do in the Shadows' makes light of vampire roommates

In one of What We Do in the Shadows’ most memorable scenes, a trio of vampires sharing an apartment in Wellington, New Zealand is introduced to the marvels of modern (read: anything post-World War II) technology. More »

Timbuktu feature
Defying jihad: Abderrahmane Sissako’s acclaimed ‘Timbuktu’ dramatizes a city under siege

In Bamako (2007), Abderrahmane Sissako put the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund on trial in Mali. In his latest narrative feature, Timbuktu, his “defendants” are the jihadists who occupied that Malian city two years ago. More »

Still Alice feature
Through the Looking Glass: Westmoreland and Glatzer’s ‘Still Alice’ stars Julianne Moore as a professor facing early Alzheimer’s

If one were to flash-forward a few weeks, it would not be difficult to imagine a couple of Academy Awards going to the Most Minimal Emoting in Starring Categories. More »

Black Sea feature
Unfathomable: Kevin Macdonald directs Jude Law in ‘Black Sea’ thriller about rogue submariners on a treasure hunt

A Russian submarine disaster was the start of Black Sea, an underwater adventure starring Jude Law that Focus Features is releasing on Jan. 23. More »

Predestination feature
Doing the Time Travel Twist: The Spierig brothers go back (and forward) in time with ‘Predestination’

 “I love time travel movies,” says writer/director Michael Spierig. “Particularly since we’re in 2015, and this is the year of Back to the Future 2, when Marty McFly goes into the future. I’m still waiting for my hoverboard!” More »


Seattle Cinerama
Peerless in Seattle: Enhanced Cinerama selects cream of the technology crop

“Customers’ reactions to the new and improved features have been very positive,” enthuses Ryan Hufford, senior systems engineer for Vulcan Inc. and an integral part of the team effort behind the latest and, without doubt, greatest upgrade to the famed Cinerama theatre in Seattle, Washington. More »

A Pass to the Future: MoviePass and AMC Theatres usher movie ticketing into the 21st century

“Hollywood has a problem,” says Stacy Spikes as we sit in a bustling, glass-walled Manhattan office shared by the likes of Reddit, that über-hip website of the Millennial generation. More »

Rob Novak
The Marcus menu: Rob Novak guides circuit’s food and beverage growth

Back on the operator side of the business this month, we bring you a profile of Rob Novak, director of concessions for Milwaukee, WI-based Marcus Theatres. More »

ShowBiz Feature
No biz like ShowBiz: Kevin Mitchell moves Dallas chain in new direction

There’s no better way for FJI to kick off a promising new year for theatrical exhibition than with a story about a fast-growing circuit. More »

IFC Center feature
Forever independent: New York City’s IFC Center draws in customers with atmosphere and attitude

There are a lot of things that New York City doesn’t exactly have a shortage of. Pizza joints. Bagels. Funky smells on the subway. And independent movie theatres, to the eternal delight of the Big Apple’s cinephile contingent. More »


Integrating Part 2
Integrating the Audience, Pt. 2: Shazaming the preshow at National CineMedia

Following last month’s feature about technological advancements in the cinema advertising space, Film Journal International has the opportunity to present another winning idea for engaging our ever-connected moviegoers. More »

Screenvision 1-15
Integrating the audience: Cinema preshow goes high-tech with the latest gadgetry

When it comes to “Engaging the Audience," rewarding them, or otherwise enticing them to come to the movie theatre in the first place, our readers know that cinema, brand and product marketers have all been taking a leading role. More »

Sony Laser
The promise of laser: New projection technology still faces challenges

Right now, intense discussion in the exhibitor community is focused on a brand-new generation of projectors illuminated by a laser light source. More »

Star Screen
Shining Star: A Chinese screen company’s tale of struggle and triumph

The Chinese film industry is growing by a remarkable 15 cinema screens per day, and two-thirds of those screens are being made by Anhui Star Screen Co. LLC. More »

Replacing digital projetors
Replacing digital projectors: A look into the future

This article looks at the replacement cycle of digital-cinema equipment. More »



Project Almanac
Film Review: Project Almanac

Saying this underbaked Chronicle knockoff is meant for teenagers is an insult to the intelligence of teenagers everywhere. More »

The Wedding Ringer
Film Review: The Wedding Ringer

Intermittently amusing bro-comedy trifle that confirms Kevin Hart's talent, though not his taste in material. More »

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