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Richard Attenborough
From the archives: Remembering Richard Attenborough

Lord Richard Attenborough, one of the giants of British cinema, died on Sunday, August 24, at the age of 90. More »

Life of Crime feature
Crime story: Jennifer Aniston gets carried away in Daniel Schechter’s film of Elmore Leonard comic caper

Chances were slim that Daniel Schechter would ever be able to make Life of Crime, a Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions release opening August 29. More »

Starred Up feature
Barred in Britain: David Mackenzie’s prison drama ‘Starred Up’ depicts a fraught father-son relationship

If you’re a sucker for father-son stories, as I am, you’ll probably blanch at Starred Up, as I did. There’s not a sentimental bone in its head, and there is much that is so unremittingly savage that anyone squeamish will have awfully heavy sledding. More »

Breillat 2014
Strength and Weakness: France’s provocative Catherine Breillat challenges herself with semi-autobiographical drama

Catherine Breillat is best-known for her uncompromising portrayals of the lives of women and girls, and especially for the sexually explicit ways in which their stories unfold. More »

ShowEast to salute indie producer Randy Ostrow

Film producer Randy Ostrow will be honored with ShowEast 2014’s “Bingham Ray Spirit Award” More »

The One I Love
Odd romance: Charlie McDowell brings sci-fi spin to the rom-com with ‘The One I Love’

Given Charlie McDowell’s Hollywood pedigree, introductions to the director can sound heraldic. He is the son of actress Mary Steenburgen (The Help, Melvin and Howard) and cult actor Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange). He is the stepson of Ted Danson. He is the boyfriend of Rooney Mara. He is a friend of director Steven Soderbergh, whose cameras he borrowed to shoot his first feature, The One I Love. More »

Return of the Turtles: Jonathan Liebesman oversees the reboot of those high-kicking Mutant Ninjas

Thirty years ago, Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird gave birth to four extraordinary terrapins. That's right, the pizza-loving, high-kicking Ninja Turtles aren't teenagers anymore... More »

Guardians of the Galaxy
‘Galaxy’ quest: James Gunn brings a wild crew of intergalactic warriors to the Marvel Universe

If James Gunn had had his way, the Marvel Studios blockbuster that's arriving in theatres on August 1 to conquer the late-summer box office would be…Hit-Monkey. More »

Luc Besson feature
‘Lucy’ unleashed: Scarlett Johansson powers up in Luc Besson’s sci-fi thriller

The big problem in writing about Lucy, opening July 25 from Universal, is not giving away too much. Writer-director Luc Besson is happy to discuss how he cast the movie, the problems he faced shooting it, and the intricate special-effects work required before its release. But he understandably doesn't want to reveal what happens. More »

Sex Tape feature
Lost in the Cloud: Jake Kasdan, Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel make a comical ‘Sex Tape’

"You don't even have to ask—I'll volunteer that I don't have a sex tape," laughs Jake Kasdan over the phone from California. It's the answer to an unasked question that the 39-year-old writer, director and producer expects to be giving a lot in the near future, considering that the title of his latest film happens to be…Sex Tape. More »

Religious Films
Filmmakers find faith: Religious-themed stories make a comeback in theatres

“At the Producers Guild of America’s most recent conference, producer Mark Burnett got up and said he planned to spend the next 15 years making films about Jesus and the Bible,” recalls Dr. Ted Baehr, the founder of Movieguide, a publication that offers detailed analysis of current movies from a Christian and family-friendly perspective. More »

Boyhood feature
A boy’s life: Richard Linklater’s 12-year project is an epic coming-of-age film

Shot incrementally over the course of 12 years, Richard Linklater’s Boyhood is a deceptively simple portrait of childhood, one that may rank among the more understated “epics” ever filmed. More »

Dawn of the Apes feature
Simian vs. Sapiens: Andy Serkis returns as rebel leader Caesar in Matt Reeves’ ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’

Although it's only been three of our terrestrial years since the Planet of the Apes franchise was reborn, onscreen a decade has elapsed between the events depicted in the 2011 hit Rise of the Planet of the Apes and its sequel, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, which roars into theatres on July 11. More »

Rob Reiner feature
The Keaton-Douglas debates: Oscar winners co-star for the first time in Rob Reiner’s ‘And So It Goes’

A lot of people—Rob Reiner, among them—were amazed last spring that The Film Society of Lincoln Center, for the first time in its 41-year history, presented its prestigious Chaplin Award to a director who has never been Oscar-nominated for directing: Reiner. More »

The Internet's Own Boy Feature
‘The Internet’s Own Boy’: Brian Knappenberger chronicles tragedy of web activist Aaron Swartz

When Aaron Swartz committed suicide on January 11, 2013, he was facing a possible 35-year prison sentence and a million-dollar fine. Federal prosecutors had targeted him for using an MIT computer network to download 4.7 million documents from the JSTOR database. More »



Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
Film Review: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Neither significantly better nor worse than its predecessor, the belated Sin City sequel is more of a repeat, rather than a continuation, of the original. More »

If I Stay
Film Review: If I Stay

Delivers as promised. More »

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