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Sound at Seats
Good vibrations: Transducer technologies enable sound at your seat

In our September edition last year, Film Journal International presented the first industry-wide survey of 4D systems that offer seat motion and other tactile enhancements to the film experience. More »

Laser article
Shining light on lasers: Illumination technology enters a new phase

The recent introduction at CinemaCon 2014 of the first commercially available laser-illuminated projectors puts the cinema industry in the forefront of what can be considered its fourth generation in illumination technology. More »

Immersive Sound
The spectrum of immersive sound: New technologies create enhanced audio experience

Imagine stepping from life and being totally immersed in the story during your next cinema experience. More »

Audience Entertainment
That’s (Audience) Entertainment! Barco partnership adds interactive dimension to cinema package

“Audiences will soon interact with the big screen, engaging in a dialogue with both content and each other through group motion and sound!” That’s the idea behind iD– Interactive Dimension, which Barco and Audience Entertainment jointly announced in March. More »

Master of conversions: Legend3D’s Barry Sandrew goes deep

The Hollywood career of Dr. Barry Sandrew, who founded 3D-conversion and visual-effects giant Legend3D, moves from black-and-white to color and now to state-of-the-art 3D, as if mimicking the evolution of the movie industry itself. More »

Earth-shattering: FJI salutes the 40th anniversary of Sensurround’s quakes and battles


This article will be presented in the startling new multi-dimension of


Acoustics 2014
Acoustics alert: If nobody complains, did a tree really fall in the forest?

We are often asked to visit a cinema complex to figure out the cause and best solution to an acoustical problem. More »

GDC Feature
A GDC status report: Digital-cinema leader expands to new markets

This year has seen GDC spread its wings into growing markets including Latin America and Southeast Asia with the establishment of four new offices in Brazil, Peru, Indonesia and Malaysia and increase its worldwide installations with the addition of prominent new customers. More »

CE Week
Home advantage: CE Week unveils the latest and greatest in consumer electronics

“Sentiment toward tech spending is benefiting from an improving consumer outlook. Also, the growing anticipation for new product launches could be increasing appetite for tech..." More »

The Gospel according to Ted: CinemaBarco embarks on mission of enhancing the experience

“CinemaBarco is a living, breathing entity, very much,” says Ted Schilowitz, who in March became the official “CinemaVangelist” for Barco. More »

Sony laser
Looking forward to laser: Is the new technology ready for primetime?

Laser projection promises exciting benefits for cinema operators. But with some big practical and commercial questions unanswered, is this nascent technology ready for primetime just yet? More »

Global partnership: Deluxe Digital Cinema increases end-to-end capacity to deliver more content to more theatres

As deadlines get shorter and movies get larger and more complex, Deluxe Digital Cinema has expanded its European capacity and fine-tuned workflows to meet increasing demand and take its movie business forward in a rapidly changing marketplace. More »

A fresh vision: New Sony Digital Cinema VP has eye on the future

Three months into his expanded role as Vice President of Sony Digital Cinema 4K Solutions for Europe and the Americas, David McIntosh takes an open look at Sony’s ambitious plans for its newly structured cinema business. More »

PayPal Feature
Conquering the black hole in mobile ticket sales

We are delighted to be a sponsor of this year’s CineEurope. While we have been working with cinemas around the world for some time, this is a perfect opportunity to learn more about the industry and to see how we can work with cinema companies to help maximize their revenues. More »

Hancock 06-14
Moving beyond digital: Technology drives customer experience in cinemas

The transformation of cinema over the last decade is almost complete, with the global digitization of screens reaching the final ten percent. However, the changes are not just happening in the projection booth, but across the whole cinema value chain, from production right through to the screen. More »



The Maze Runner
Film Review: The Maze Runner

Youths try to break out of a deadly maze in the latest young-adult doomsday thriller. More »

This is Where I Leave You
Film Review: This Is Where I Leave You

Siblings bond, fight and face new problems after the death of their father in an ensemble dramedy based on the best-selling novel. More »

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