Love for sale: John Turturro directs and collaborates with Woody Allen on comedy about unexpected ‘Fading Gigolo’

Fading Gigolo Feature

Once upon a barber’s chair, John Turturro was rattling on about an idea he had for a movie. More »

Surnow feature
Big time: ‘24’ co-creator Joel Surnow drives off the TV lot with refurbished car-dealer comedy

Small Time, which marks the big-screen directing debut of a small-screen writer-producer, is a charmer of a character comedy that comes out exactly life-size. More »

Ilo Ilo Feature
Family ties: Anthony Chen’s award-winning ‘Ilo Ilo’ explores life of a Filipino maid in Singapore

Anthony Chen may be only 29 years old, but his deep humanity and keen understanding of people, with all of their conflicts and contradictions, stamp him as an old and very wise soul. More »

Errol Morris
The haze of history: Errol Morris queries Donald Rumsfeld about fog of Iraq War

A 2013 study estimated that the second Iraq War cost the United States over $2 trillion. Tens of thousands of casualties include the deaths of almost 4,500 U.S. soldiers. More »

Captain America Feature
Soldier showdown: Joe and Anthony Russo take the helm of ‘Captain America’ franchise

Joe and Anthony Russo, the Coen Brothers of TV, have shepherded such series as “Community” and “Happy Endings” as executive producers and “Arrested Development” and other series as directors, winning an Emmy Award along the way. More »

Bad Words Feature
To bee or not to bee: Jason Bateman crashes a spelling contest as star and director of ‘Bad Words’

Although Bad Words advertises itself with a close-up of Jason Bateman’s mouth forming (possibly foaming) the F-word, it turns out that Focus Features’ irreverent R-rated antic is more about spelling than swearing. More »

Divergent Feature
‘Divergent’ emergent: Neil Burger directs Lionsgate’s new bid for a dystopian young-adult franchise

Sometimes a filmmaker has to look a long time before finding a project that’s the right fit. And then he often has to wait an even longer time just to get it green-lit and off the ground. But every so often, the perfect project just falls in a filmmaker’s lap. Ready to go. That’s how Neil Burger (The Illusionist, Limitless) found himself attached to Divergent. More »

Stalingrad Feature
Staging ‘Stalingrad’: Fedor Bondarchuk commands a Russian war epic in IMAX 3D

The first Russian production in IMAX 3D, Stalingrad depicts a pivotal battle against German forces during World War II. More »

Le Week-End Feature
Midlife in Paris: Roger Michell guides an aging couple’s awkward second honeymoon in ‘Le Week-End’

A wish-fulfillment for those seeking adult content in its literal sense, as well as for feminist complainers, Le Week-End is one of its director’s three movies about grown-up relationships, with strong, even against-the-grain female roles. More »



Film Review: Transcendence

Johnny Depp is an idealistic researcher whose consciousness is uploaded into an artificial intelligence in this slick techno-thriller with delusions of seriousness from Christopher Nolan’s cinematographer. More »

Draft Day
Film Review: Draft Day

Pro football manager faces crises on the most important day of his career in a well-tooled vehicle for Kevin Costner. More »

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