Film Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America Review

Smart, intense and action-packed, this superhero movie-as-political thriller expands the boundaries of comics-based films, with a story barely a futuristic step from our troubling surveillance-state reality. More »

Major Releases

A Haunted House 2
Film Review: A Haunted House 2

More of the same, no matter how lame. More »

Make Your Move
Film Review: Make Your Move

Nothing new here, except for a lot of very hot Asians and a welcome return to sensible dance editing, putting this a notch above in the genre More »

Film Review: Bears

Another typically engaging, vividly shot entry in the successful Disney wildlife series. More »

Film Review: Transcendence

Johnny Depp is an idealistic researcher whose consciousness is uploaded into an artificial intelligence in this slick techno-thriller with delusions of seriousness from Christopher Nolan’s cinematographer. More »

Heaven Is for Real
Film Review: Heaven Is for Real

A small-town minister experiences a crisis of faith in this adaptation of a best-selling book. More »

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Specialty Releases

Small Time
Film Review: Small Time

You might not buy a used car from the guys in Small Time, but you will enjoy the movie about their exploits, even their exploitations (of others). More »

Fading Gigolo
Film Review: Fading Gigolo

Some top screen talent gets lost in the silliness surrounding the amorous adventures of an unlikely gigolo and his even more unlikely pimp, with writer/director/actor John Turturro the shtupper “ho” co-starring with Woody Allen as the mercenary shtup-enabler. Yarmulkes off to Turturro’s brave but deeply ill-conceived comedic foray into Brooklyn’s Satmar Hasidic community and other alien territory. More »

A Promise
Film Review: A Promise

Handsomely filmed but wan period romance. More »

Final Member
Film Review: The Final Member

Breezy documentary about the aging owner of a small Icelandic museum dedicated to penises and his quest for one last, coveted exhibit is a charmer, thanks to the warmth and sly sense of humor the protagonist brings to his unusual hobby. More »

Kid Cannabis
Film Review: Kid Cannabis

Chock-full of funny lines and deliciously skewed attitude, this hazy Kid is worth adopting. More »

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DCDC to provide satellite and digital delivery platform to Cinema Buying Group

The Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition (DCDC) has concluded a template agreement with the Cinema Buying Group More »

CinemaCon attendance up five percent

CinemaCon announced a five percent increase in attendance over its 2013 show More »

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