Film Review: The Drop

The Drop review

An excellent cast carries this familiar crime story that relies on revelations a little far-fetched. More »

Major Releases

The Maze Runner
Film Review: The Maze Runner

Youths try to break out of a deadly maze in the latest young-adult doomsday thriller. More »

This is Where I Leave You
Film Review: This Is Where I Leave You

Siblings bond, fight and face new problems after the death of their father in an ensemble dramedy based on the best-selling novel. More »

Hector and the Search for Happiness
Film Review: Hector and the Search for Happiness

A good cast comes and goes and can’t quite carry this overly stylized, globetrotting dramedy, about one man who literally searches high and low in his pursuit of true happiness. More »

Film Review: Tusk

Kevin Smith kicks the dust off his filmmaking career with a wild, wooly walrus tale. More »

Walk Among the Tombstones Review
Film Review: A Walk Among the Tombstones

A grim ’70s-style detective story whose narrative failures are overshadowed by evocative turn-of-the-millennium anxieties and a world-weary tough-guy performance from Liam Neeson. More »

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Specialty Releases

Film Review: Tracks

Ably supported by Adam Driver, Mia Wasikowska commands the screen in John Curran’s superbly photographed drama based on a true story. More »

Film Review: Hollidaysburg

Well-observed, empathetic look at friends reuniting over their first college break. More »

The Zero Theorem
Film Review: The Zero Theorem

A noisy, hyperkinetic, visually gorgeous spectacle that tackles the mother of all big questions–the meaning of life—Terry Gilliam's latest is sometimes frustrating and occasionally outright goofy, but it's never dull. More »

Art and Craft
Film Review: Art and Craft

Documentary portrait of the artist as a disturbed man, but one who is overwhelmingly endearing, functioning and talented—and whose métier happens to be art forgery. This smartly produced and constructed art-themed art-house entry delivers a canvas of caper, comedy and delightful curiosities that engage and provoke some serious thought. Like the hero’s forgeries, it deserves a close look. More »

Brush with Danger
Film Review: Brush with Danger

Written and directed by Indonesian siblings Livi and Ken Zheng, this well-intentioned but heavy-handed drama about the exploitation of desperate immigrants is unlikely to reach as large an audience as its message merits. More »

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Australian International Movie Convention announces diverse program

The 69th Australian International Movie Convention will be held Oct. 12-16 at Jupiters Hotel & Casino More »

Giant Screen Conference to feature laser projection demo

A special technical session of the Giant Screen Cinema Association conference will feature the first large-scale projection demo using a 90,000-lumens Christie 6P laser projection system More »

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