Film Review: Birdman (or the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)


Virtuosic camerawork and a stellar ensemble of actors more than make up for the occasional moment of portentous twaddle in Alejandro G. Iñárritu's latest—and maybe his best—film. More »

Major Releases

John Wick
Film Review: John Wick

Retired hit man seeks revenge on Russian mob in an above-average action film. More »

Film Review: Ouija

Skip the movie, play the game. On second thought, skip the game, too. More »

The Best of Me
Film Review: The Best of Me

Fans of Lifetime TV movies–and previous adaptations of books by Nicholas Sparks–will derive sentimental satisfaction from this handsomely mounted, ultimately hokey romance. For anyone else, it’s an all-too-typical adaptation of a book by Nicholas Sparks. More »

The Book of Life
Film Review: The Book of Life

This animated feature is tricky to get into, but soon enough becomes a colorful piñata spreading goodies hither and yon. More »

Fury Review
Film Review: Fury

American tanks fight superior German forces in the closing days of World War II. More »

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Specialty Releases

Revenge of the Green Dragons
Film Review: Revenge of the Green Dragons

Chinese gangs battle for supremacy in 1990s New York City. More »

Force Majeure
Film Review: Force Majeure

Impressive hybrid of relationship drama and special-effects frills and thrills is a sustaining charge of engaging entertainment, also helped by convincing performances and the authentic if sterile setting of a family-friendly Swiss Alpine resort. More »

Life of Riley
Film Review: Life of Riley

Delightful, fanciful comedy about the romantic travails and worse amongst three middle-aged couples in rural Yorkshire, England, is given much added life by performances from a strong cast, pungent dialogue and inspired production design. Sadly, it also marks Alain Resnais’ last film. More »

1,000 Times Good Night
Film Review: 1,000 Times Good Night

For a movie about a photojournalist, 1,000 Times Good Night is less than meets the eye, but it does boast yet another fine performance by Juliette Binoche. More »

Film Review: Viktor

Morose thriller set and shot in Moscow, which follows French ex-convict Viktor (Gerard Depardieu, who recently renounced his French citizenship and became Russian) as he tries to find out why his son was murdered.

  More »

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CineAsia to honor Major Cineplex's Vicha Poolvarluk

Vicha Poolvarluk, chairman of Major Cineplex Group, will receive the 2014 “Exhibitor of the Year” Award at CineAsia More »

Australian International Movie Convention announces diverse program

The 69th Australian International Movie Convention will be held Oct. 12-16 at Jupiters Hotel & Casino More »

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