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Into the Woods
Film Review: Into the Woods

Over-scaled, too dark and only intermittently charming Sondheim musical adaptation does a disservice to a great cast and is often so noisy you can't even appreciate the music. More »

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb
Film Review: Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

Latest rollicking entry in the sturdy series (installments one and two together hit a billion dollars in grosses) again has natural and historic wonders come alive at night to wreak havoc. But it’s largely kids’ stuff. More »

The Interview
Film Review: The Interview

If you’re curious, the movie that has North Korea so upset is genuinely amusing, if flawed in the length department. More »

Annie review
Film Review: Annie

Here’s an updated Annie for today’s entitled, tech-savvy and racially diverse generation of tweens who can easily relate to the new Annie’s love of luxurious toys. Their parents and other adults may miss the sweet innocence of the original, but they won’t be entirely bored by this frenetic new version of her classic story. More »

The H obbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
Film Review: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

After rewriting the rules for modern fantasy cinema, for the better and worse, Peter Jackson’s six-film Tolkien saga slams, bangs and shudders to a long-overdue conclusion. More »

Exodus review
Film Review: Exodus: Gods and Kings

Moses battles Egyptian pharaoh Ramses in a Ridley Scott epic modeled more on Gladiator than the Bible. More »

Top Five
Film Review: Top Five

Chris Rock has expressed nervousness that his admittedly "little" film is being released with a blockbuster rollout and attendant expectations. He’s right—it's indeed funny in spots, but often thin and underdeveloped as well as improbable. Nonetheless, it will be a smash. More »

Film Review: The Pyramid

This Mummy-inspired chiller unravels before it even gets going. More »

Inherent Vice
Film Review: Inherent Vice

As you might expect from a team-up of Paul Thomas Anderson and Thomas Pynchon, Inherent Vice is confounding, challenging and consistently unique. More »

Still Alice
Film Review: Still Alice

Julianne Moore gives a remarkable performance in this poignant, wisely understated drama about a linguistics professor battling early-onset Alzheimer’s. More »

Wild review
Film Review: Wild

Best-selling memoir about a woman hiking the Pacific Crest Trail features a brave and winning performance from Reese Witherspoon. More »

Penguins of Madagascar
Film Review: Penguins of Madagascar

Frenetic vehicle for supporting players from the Madagascar films will entertain kids but prove a little wearying for their parents. More »

imitation game
Film Review: The Imitation Game

Terrific biopic about world-class mathematician and social misfit Alan Turing, who, in spite of a painful struggle with his homosexuality, helped the Allies break the code of the Nazis' Enigma machine. More »

Horrible Bosses 2
Film Review: Horrible Bosses 2

Good for a few laughs, but not much more. More »

Hunger Games - Mockingjay Pt 1
Film Review: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

Darker, less action-packed first half of the final installment of the popular franchise moves from arenas to rubble aplenty as Jennifer Lawrence’s super-heroine is called upon to serve her beleaguered and much-destroyed nation as propaganda instrument and leader. Fans of the books and previous two films get a less flashy palette here, but the engaging characters and strong story return to stir interest for the scheduled November 2015 finale. More »

Dumb and Dumber To
Film Review: Dumb and Dumber To

Please, guys, don't do this to There's Something About Mary. More »

Beyond the Lights
Film Review: Beyond the Lights

Here we finally have the showbiz drama-romance which Glitter, Burlesque, both versions of Sparkle and countless glitzy but dreary others have tried to be. Immensely enjoyable corn done with maximum hipness, the perfect date movie and showcase for the astonishingly versatile Gugu Mbatha-Raw. More »

Film Review: Rosewater

TV satirist Jon Stewart takes a hairpin turn from comedy into serious territory with his filmmaking debut, a taut political drama based on the true story of Iran-imprisoned Newsweek journalist Maziar Bahari. More »

Foxcatcher review
Film Review: Foxcatcher

Character is destiny in this masterfully controlled true-crime sports drama that will likely catapult Steve Carell into the Oscar race. More »

Big Hero 6
Film Review: Big Hero 6

It’s no Incredibles—or Frozen, for that matter—but Disney’s first big-screen animated foray into licensed Marvel characters at least has its geeky heart in the right place. More »

Film Review: Interstellar

Captain leads a crew on a mission to outer space to find a new planet for humanity in Christopher Nolan’s new sci-fi spectacle. More »

Film Review: Jessabelle

Dark family secrets won’t remain hidden for long. More »

The Theory of Everything review
Film Review: The Theory of Everything

Gorgeously produced account of the struggles of the young Stephen Hawking and his wife Jane features award-worthy performances by Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones. More »

Before I Go to Sleep
Film Review: Before I Go to Sleep

Grim, humorless psychological thriller which goes from scrupulously set up, clenched tension to violently haywire, senselessly brutal action. More »

Film Review: Horns

Headlined by an unconvincing Daniel Radcliffe with a lame American accent, this sluggish and atonal fantasy saga awkwardly straddles the line between comedy and horror. More »

Film Review: Nightcrawler

A media satire that has little new to say about its subject but nonetheless thrives courtesy of its seedy, nocturnal L.A. atmosphere and a magnetic, uninhibited lead performance by Jake Gyllenhaal. More »

John Wick
Film Review: John Wick

Retired hit man seeks revenge on Russian mob in an above-average action film. More »

Film Review: Ouija

Skip the movie, play the game. On second thought, skip the game, too. More »

23 Blast
Film Review: 23 Blast

Actor Dylan Baker makes a solid directorial debut with this fact-based gridiron drama. More »

The Best of Me
Film Review: The Best of Me

Fans of Lifetime TV movies–and previous adaptations of books by Nicholas Sparks–will derive sentimental satisfaction from this handsomely mounted, ultimately hokey romance. For anyone else, it’s an all-too-typical adaptation of a book by Nicholas Sparks. More »



Fifth annual CinemaCon to return to Caesars Palace April 20

The fifth annual CinemaCon will return to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on April 20-23 More »

NATO issues technological requirements for High Dynamic Range projection

NATO has released technological requirements for High Dynamic Range projection systems More »

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