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Guardians of the Galaxy review
Film Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

With Marvel’s backing, cult filmmaker James Gunn blasts off for the stars and takes audiences along for a wild, funny ride. More »

Film Review: Hercules

Legendary strongman is caught in the middle of a brutal civil war in a fast-paced vehicle for Dwayne Johnson. More »

And So It Goes
Film Review: And So It Goes

As generic as its title, this comedy squarely aimed at "mature" audiences may find itself roundly rejected by seniors, if they have any taste. More »

Film Review: Lucy

Drugs unleash the full potential of the brain with tragic results in Luc Besson's sci-fi adventure. More »

The Fluffy Movie
Film Review: The Fluffy Movie

The personal material shines brightest in this consistently amusing if not hilarious stand-up comedy film. More »

Magic in the Moonlight
Film Review: Magic in the Moonlight

Slight Woody Allen period romance is enlivened by appealing leads Colin Firth and Emma Stone. More »

Wish I Was Here
Film Review: Wish I Was Here

A failing actor learns that his father is dying in Zach Braff's Kickstarter-funded feature. More »

Sex Tape review
Film Review: Sex Tape

Couple's homemade porn circulates on the web in an R-rated comedy that wastes the talents of its stars. More »

The Purge: Anarchy
Film Review: The Purge: Anarchy

A modest but noticeable improvement on its predecessor, The Purge: Anarchy offers a more effective—if still far from ideal—realization of the series' killer premise. More »

Film Review: Planes: Fire and Rescue

Action-oriented animated sequel that, in blockbuster fashion, offers well-choreographed set-pieces in place of an interesting story and characters. More »

A Most Wanted Man
Film Review: A Most Wanted Man

Stylish, dense contemporary spy drama about a suspected terrorist on the loose in 2008 Hamburg has the late Philip Seymour Hoffman again delivering an exceptional performance, here as a rogue German agent determined to stamp out terrorism. A true audience-pleaser for the smart set, but attention must be paid. More »

Dawn of the Apes review
Film Review: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

If Rise of the Planet of the Apes successfully restarted the dormant Apes franchise, the superior Dawn indicates the grand saga this new iteration might become. More »

Deliver Us From Evil
Film Review: Deliver Us From Evil

An effective if imperfect meeting of the detective film and the exorcism-based fright flick. More »

Earth to Echo
Film Review: Earth to Echo

Earth to Echo is a shame-free replication of (or homage to) E.T. and Chronicle, but mainly hits home with its universal worry: What happens when best teen buds are forced to separate? More »

Film Review: Tammy

Hollywood’s most bankable big-screen comedienne is on the buddy-comedy road again, with a most worthy companion—a brilliantly out-there Susan Sarandon. More »

Film Review: America

Dinesh D'Souza returns with another jingoistic doc that primarily plays to true believers. More »

Transformers: Age of Extinction
Film Review: Transformers: Age of Extinction

Autobots defend ungrateful humans in the fourth entry in the franchise. Special effects still reign despite a new cast. More »

They Came Together
Film Review: They Came Together

David Wain does the world a solid by giving glossy romantic comedies the Wet Hot American Summer treatment. More »

Begin Again
Film Review: Begin Again

Familiar contemporary spin on the “Let’s make it in the music biz” sub-genre benefits from an adoring abundance of downtown New York locations and another committed performance from Mark Ruffalo as a seriously distressed former label big shot. More »

Film Review: Snowpiercer

In this dark, wildly entertaining vision of a post-apocalyptic planet, Bong Joon-ho conjures a speeding train of survivors who mirror the class system and all its inequities of the real world. More »

Think Like a Man Too
Film Review: Think Like a Man Too

More is less in this frantic, overstuffed follow-up. More »

Jersey Boys Review
Film Review: Jersey Boys

Solid adaptation of the Broadway hit shows how The Four Seasons became pop stars. More »

Third Person
Film Review: Third Person

Writer-director Paul Haggis’ new film will most likely screen soon on long airline flights: perfect for a movie where you sometimes don’t know where you are, and with so many plot ellipses you needn’t worry if you missed something while in the loo. More »

How to Train Your Dragon 2
Film Review: How to Train Your Dragon 2

Technically stunning, and touchingly perceptive about the relationship between people and animals, this is an impressive achievement but may be all a bit too much for younger viewers. More »

22 Jump Street
Film Review: 22 Jump Street

Why fix what isn't broken? 22 Jump Street is, for a very specific reason, the exact same movie as its predecessor and for once that isn't a criticism. More »

The Signal
Film Review: The Signal

A genre hybrid that doesn't lack for ideas, but does lack a consistency of creative vision. More »

The Fault in Our Stars review
Film Review: The Fault in Our Stars

“I love it when you talk medical to me,” one kid with cancer says to another in The Fault in Our Stars. Facing its issues with such wit and attitude keeps the film from ever being lugubrious. That and Shailene Woodley. More »

Edge of Tomorrow
Film Review: Edge of Tomorrow

Doug Liman’s half-inventive Full Metal Alien Groundhog Day war film is buoyed at first by Tom Cruise’s rascally twinkle before falling back on shopworn battle-bot effects and videogame plotting. More »

A Million Ways to Die in the West
Film Review: A Million Ways to Die in the West

Seth MacFarlane's scattershot love letter to Blazing Saddles hits the comic bull’s-eye when it counts, but also has its fair share of misfires. More »

Film Review: Maleficent

Wronged fairy casts a fearsome spell in Disney's elaborate reworking of "Sleeping Beauty," redeemed from kitsch by an alluring Angelina Jolie. More »



ShowEast to honor Televisa's Fernando Perez Gavilan

Fernando Pérez Gavilán, vice president of Televisa International and Televisa Cine, will receive the 2014 “International Distributor of the Year” Award at ShowEast More »

Studio Movie Grill announces coast-to-coast expansion

Studio Movie Grill is stretching to both coasts with new locations announced in Florida, Pennsylvania and California More »

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