Major Releases

Black or White
Film Review: Black or White

Kevin Costner continues a quietly incremental comeback with this child-custody drama. It could have been his Kramer vs. Kramer–but doesn’t even come close. More »

Wild Card
Film Review: Wild Card

Security expert fights a Las Vegas thug in a pointless remake of the 1986 Burt Reynolds vehicle Heat. More »

The Boy Next Door
Film Review: The Boy Next Door

J-Lo's latest histrionic effort provides some fitful low-grade diversion but is not the gloriously juicy trash one might have hoped for. More »

Film Review: Mortdecai

Rhymes with: mortify More »

Strange Magic
Film Review: Strange Magic

George Lucas's animated fairytale is definitely strange, but lacks a certain magic. More »

Film Review: Cake

Contemporary L.A. drama with daubs of humor about a troubled upper-middle-class woman fighting chronic pain with a huge pill habit and rotten attitude. An admirable showcase for Jennifer Aniston as she daringly stretches into a darker role, but viewers too will feel some pain on this slowly evolving cinematic journey. More »

Song One
Film Review: Song One

A glum, pedestrian attempt at a "real world" musical that ultimately feels as artificial as a ritzy Broadway show. More »

Black Sea
Film Review: Black Sea

Black Sea, the tale of a submarine quest in search of lost Nazi loot, is reminiscent of Das Boot, though a better title might have been Der Gelt. It’s a gruesome thriller with an oddly sentimental touch. More »

Still Alice
Film Review: Still Alice

Julianne Moore gives a remarkable performance in this poignant, wisely understated drama about a linguistics professor battling early-onset Alzheimer’s. More »

The Wedding Ringer
Film Review: The Wedding Ringer

Intermittently amusing bro-comedy trifle that confirms Kevin Hart's talent, though not his taste in material. More »

Film Review: Blackhat

The government uses a jailed hacker to fight Internet terrorists in a complex but lifeless thriller. More »

Spare Parts
Film Review: Spare Parts

Feel-good family fare in sore need of subtlety. More »

Film Review: Paddington

This feel-good, looks-great first-time big-screen adaptation of the beloved British children's stories about a stowaway Peruvian bear finding his, er, bearings in London is much more than just, oops, bearable. The handsome production greatly benefits from a top-notch cast of some of the U.K.’s finest actors and its beautiful blend of CGI-enriched live action and animated ursine star. More »

Taken 3
Film Review: Taken 3

I don't know who you are, but if you let yourself go to this movie, it will find you and it will kill your love of action films, Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, and plots involving knocking someone off for the insurance money. More »

Woman in Black 2
Film Review: The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death

A pseudo-sequel that squanders an interesting setup with a muddled storyline and repetitive scares. More »

A Most Violent Year review
Film Review: A Most Violent Year

In this searing crime drama set in New York City during the winter of 1981, J.C. Chandor tracks the rise of an ambitious immigrant–Oscar Isaac in a stunning breakout–against rampant political and industry corruption. More »

American Sniper review
Film Review: American Sniper

True-life account of sniper Chris Kyle's four tours of duty in Iraq is a powerful meditation on the effects of war. More »

Film Review: Unbroken

While this World War II survival story ably showcases the talents of its top-notch crew, it doesn't stand tall as a complete film. More »

Selma review
Film Review: Selma

An impassioned lead performance and timely parallels to contemporary social issues enliven and elevate this otherwise somewhat routine biopic. More »

Big Eyes
Film Review: Big Eyes

An unhinged performance by Christoph Waltz betrays the promise of the fascinating true story behind those kitschy but popular big-eyed Keane paintings. More »

Film Review: The Gambler

Mark Wahlberg stars in this comically overwrought fizzle about a self-destructive literature professor piling up gambling debts with suicidal abandon. More »

Into the Woods
Film Review: Into the Woods

Over-scaled, too dark and only intermittently charming Sondheim musical adaptation does a disservice to a great cast and is often so noisy you can't even appreciate the music. More »

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb
Film Review: Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

Latest rollicking entry in the sturdy series (installments one and two together hit a billion dollars in grosses) again has natural and historic wonders come alive at night to wreak havoc. But it’s largely kids’ stuff. More »

The Interview
Film Review: The Interview

If you’re curious, the movie that has North Korea so upset is genuinely amusing, if flawed in the length department. More »

Annie review
Film Review: Annie

Here’s an updated Annie for today’s entitled, tech-savvy and racially diverse generation of tweens who can easily relate to the new Annie’s love of luxurious toys. Their parents and other adults may miss the sweet innocence of the original, but they won’t be entirely bored by this frenetic new version of her classic story. More »

The H obbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
Film Review: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

After rewriting the rules for modern fantasy cinema, for the better and worse, Peter Jackson’s six-film Tolkien saga slams, bangs and shudders to a long-overdue conclusion. More »

Exodus review
Film Review: Exodus: Gods and Kings

Moses battles Egyptian pharaoh Ramses in a Ridley Scott epic modeled more on Gladiator than the Bible. More »

Top Five
Film Review: Top Five

Chris Rock has expressed nervousness that his admittedly "little" film is being released with a blockbuster rollout and attendant expectations. He’s right—it's indeed funny in spots, but often thin and underdeveloped as well as improbable. Nonetheless, it will be a smash. More »

Film Review: The Pyramid

This Mummy-inspired chiller unravels before it even gets going. More »

Inherent Vice
Film Review: Inherent Vice

As you might expect from a team-up of Paul Thomas Anderson and Thomas Pynchon, Inherent Vice is confounding, challenging and consistently unique. More »



Fifth annual CinemaCon to return to Caesars Palace April 20

The fifth annual CinemaCon will return to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on April 20-23 More »

NATO issues technological requirements for High Dynamic Range projection

NATO has released technological requirements for High Dynamic Range projection systems More »

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