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20K on Earth
Film Review: 20,000 Days on Earth

Goth rocker turned postmodern bluesman Nick Cave turns himself inside-out for this transformative, electrifying documentary about the dark and often mundane wizardry of creativity. More »

Film Review: Altina

One artist's long, kaleidoscopic life is explored in detail in this comprehensive but somehow drab doc. More »

The Man on Her Mind
Film Review: The Man on Her Mind

Cutesiness carried to nauseating extremes. More »

Film Review: The Pirates

For the undemanding, like Korean mass audiences who reportedly have made this the most-seen film in their history, this will serve. More »

Film Review: Swearnet: The Movie

A sloppy, slovenly slob comedy that's less a major motion picture than a second business venture for the Canadian comedy group, the Trailer Park Boys. More »

Finding Fanny
Film Review: Finding Fanny

Bollywood takes a detour into Indiewood in this meandering, though well-meaning road comedy. More »

Archaeology of a Woman
Film Review: Archaeology of a Woman

Terrific acting stamps this believable daughter vs. mother struggle that has veteran indie fave Sally Kirkland as a mom sinking deep into dementia and Victoria Clark as her aspiring Manhattan-chef daughter whose mother-problems stall her rise. A parallel murder case and a murky long-ago romance muddy this otherwise interesting family drama’s waters. More »

The Quitter
Film Review: The Quitter

Seven years after alienating his fledgling family, a failed baseball player tries to make amends in this modest, intermittently charming Brooklyn-set drama about the ties that bind. More »

Film Review: Alumbrones

In Alumbrones, a fetching documentary by newcomer Bruce Donnelly, twelve Cuban artists speak about their intertwined love for their work and their country. More »

I Am Eleven
Film Review: I Am Eleven

Diverting look at children on the cusp of adolescence. More »

The Frontier
Film Review: The Frontier

A beautiful and perceptive young woman persuades a retired professor of literature and his son to try and repair their deeply-damaged relationship in this well-acted family drama. More »

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby
Film Review: The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby

Tragic star-crossed lovers are centrally featured here, but the writing and handling are so annoyingly arch and arty that you don't care a fig about them. More »

My Old Lady
Film Review: My Old Lady

Appealing performances and an engaging premise, not to mention Paris looking its most glorious, are assets here, but too much gloom in the final act brings the party down. More »

Bird People
Film Review: Bird People

Fanciful, original and unexpected airport-set drama that captures the frenzy and pressures of modern life contrasted with lives led by creatures free as a bird. But quirkiness and length may delay takeoff. More »

Take Me to the River
Film Review: Take Me to the River

This indulgent, star-studded documentary about Memphis music is more over-enthusiastic jam session than film. More »

Film Review: Honeymoon

A woman morphs into an alien creature in this modest but creepy horror flick. More »

Smiling Through
Film Review: Smiling Through the Apocalypse: Esquire in the 60s

The real "Mad Men" come to life in this telling doc about cultural icons of the ’60s. More »

The Green Prince
Film Review: The Green Prince

The human journey behind a most unusual collaboration in the Middle East slowly comes into focus in this documentary. More »

Faith Connections
Film Review: Faith Connections

A documentary on spiritual devotion that reveals precious little about personal belief. More »

Born to Fly
Film Review: Born to Fly

Doc focuses on an uncategorizable career more than on the strange work it has produced. More »

The Longest Week
Film Review: The Longest Week

A Wes Anderson facsimile that only serves to make you treasure the real thing all the more. More »

Kelly & Cal
Film Review: Kelly & Cal

There's an awful lot to like in this funny, sensitive and quirky little May-December romance. More »

God Help the Girl
Film Review: God Help the Girl

Belle & Sebastian fans should swoon for Stuart Murdoch’s twee musical, though non-members of the choir to which the singer-turned-director is preaching may be less enthralled. More »

But Always
Film Review: But Always

Childhood friends become lovers in a downbeat romance that leans on soap-opera twists. More »

Film Review: Memphis

Tim Sutton’s gorgeously shot nomadic mood piece about a temperamental musician searching Memphis for God, inspiration, or both will bore most audiences but hypnotize a few looking for that magical symbiosis of Jim Jarmusch’s blank poetry and David Gordon Green’s early Southern Gothic. More »

No No
Film Review: No No: A Dockumentary

Documentary on controversial 1970s Major League pitcher Dock Ellis is all over the field, but gradually settles down to eke out a win. More »

Film Review: Frontera

A border drama about illegal-immigration justice that finds Ed Harris sleepwalking his way through a story that mainly operates as a one-note political sermon. More »

Gringo Trails
Film Review: Gringo Trails

Travel documentary cautiously but intelligently criticizes the predicaments associated with tourism. More »

Last Days in Vietnam
Film Review: Last Days in Vietnam

A virtually untold chapter of American history still poignantly resonates nearly four decades later. More »

Film Review: Wetlands

A poppy take on boundary-pushing sexual matters featuring a stellar breakthrough performance. More »



Giant Screen Conference to feature laser projection demo

A special technical session of the Giant Screen Cinema Association conference will feature the first large-scale projection demo using a 90,000-lumens Christie 6P laser projection system More »

ShowEast names Cinepolis' Acuna 'International Exhibitor of the Year'

Eduardo Acuña, CEO of Cinépolis in Brazil, will be honored with the 2014 ShowEast “International Exhibitor of the Year” Award More »

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