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BBoy for Life
Film Review: BBoy for Life

The dancing is familiar but the stakes are higher in this moving documentary set in a country with one of the highest murder rates in the world. More »

Film Review: Manakamana

An observational documentary in which the camera captures the passengers of a cable-car cabin in Nepal. More »

Visions of Mary Frank
Film Review: Visions of Mary Frank

Deeply loving, if too slight, documentary about one of the great beauties of the New York art world, who always forged her own path. More »

The Jewish Cardinal
Film Review: The Jewish Cardinal

Informative, absorbing, but as obvious as its title and a bit too glib for its own good, this French import will appeal mainly to religious addicts fascinated by the feverishly agenda-ridden internal workings of the Catholic Church. More »

Perfect Sisters
Film Review: Perfect Sisters

Slow-moving thriller about murderous sisters could have used a few more thrills. More »

Dancing in Jaffa
Film Review: Dancing in Jaffa

Marvelously moving and quite inspirational documentary about the potent, peace-making power of dance. More »

Cuban Fury
Film Review: Cuban Fury

Mark Frost expands the Cornetto comedy brand by reaching out to the ladies: Instead of lads getting drunk and duking it out with zombies and aliens, they’re, well, how to put it? Dancing in the Bars? More »

Only Lovers Left Alive
Film Review: Only Lovers Left Alive

Indie trailblazer Jim Jarmusch delivers yet another highly original take on a familiar genre, with vampire blood, moody sounds and mesmerizing visuals the infusion here. Fans won’t be disappointed, especially with a mellow and ever-mysterious Tilda Swinton sipping blood as an ageless, chic vampire still in love. More »

Hateship Loveship
Film Review: Hateship Loveship

As evidenced by the number of production companies and people involved, Hateship Loveship seems to have had difficulties getting off the ground. And it will be more difficult still for this lackluster film to attract a sizeable audience—despite the presence of its big-name stars. More »

The King of Escape
Film Review: The King of Escape

Alain Guiraudie, whose Stranger by the Lake made such a splash, has always been a sexual provocateur, as is demonstrated by this earlier, much less cogent, very screwball raunch-fest. More »

A  Fragile Trust
Film Review: A Fragile Trust: Plagiarism, Power, and Jayson Blair at the New York Times

Informative doc fleshes out the story but holds few surprises. More »

The Galapagos Affair
Film Review: The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden

Fascinating documentary about the human history of the Galapagos Islands which is, as is so often the case, more dramatic than any kind of cooked-up tropical fiction. More »

Alan Partridge
Film Review: Alan Partridge

Radio host tries to defuse a hostage situation in a sharp comedy from Steve Coogan. More »

10 Rules for Sleeping Around
Film Review: 10 Rules for Sleeping Around

As dimwittedly obvious as its title, can it even be called a comedy if there are no laughs? More »

Nymphomaniac, Vol. 2
Film Review: Nymph()omaniac, Vol. 2

The romance is gone in the second half of Lars von Trier's erotic opus, which leaves pleasure behind for a prolonged immersion in pain. More »

In the Blood
Film Review: In the Blood

Gina Carano's latest star vehicle highlights her strength as a fighter, but her limitations as an actress. More »

Ilo Ilo Review
Film Review: Ilo Ilo

Subtle snapshot of family life in 1990s Singapore. More »

Film Review: Watermark

Stunning images aren't quite matched by a coherent theme. More »

The Unknown Known
Film Review: The Unknown Known

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld reviews his career in a challenging documentary by Errol Morris. More »

The Retrieval
Film Review: The Retrieval

A skillfully wrought feature with appreciable emotional and historical resonance. More »

Boys of Abu Ghraib
Film Review: Boys of Abu Ghraib

An ambitious examination of the psychological cost of war, Boys of Abu Ghraib is bound to be as polarizing as the Iraqi War itself. More »

Film Review: Blumenthal

Seth Fisher’s low-key but promising directorial debut is marred by the presence of his star: Seth Fisher. More »

Nothing Without You
Film Review: Nothing Without You

So abysmal, so unintentionally funny. More »

Locker 13
Film Review: Locker 13

An ambitious little anthology film with a moral center—in each segment the characters' fates are explicitly tied to their moral choices—but few real scares. More »

Finding Vivian Maier
Film Review: Finding Vivian Maier

Completely captivating doc about the most undiscovered of real artists, with a fascinatingly dark backstory as well. More »

Jews of Egypt
Film Review: Jews of Egypt

Though it has its interesting sections, this stilted documentary is more suited to a museum archive than a theatrical venue. More »

Cesar Chavez
Film Review: Cesar Chavez

Well-directed and acted, and taking for its subject a worthy figure, Diego Luna’s Cesar Chavez is a solid addition to the biopic canon. The film should satisfy those looking for a faithful, though not hagiographical, depiction of the icon, although others might be left wishing the filmmakers had taken a more inventive approach. More »

Hide Your Smiling Faces
Film Review: Hide Your Smiling Faces

An atmospheric indie whose lack of narrative momentum is offset by its moody portrait of two young brothers navigating an alternately terrifying and beautiful rural southern landscape. More »

Breathe In
Film Review: Breathe In

Older married teacher falls hard for comely young student. It's a perennial premise, which has been done so much better than this movie devoid of sexiness or gripping drama. More »

The Raid 2
Film Review: The Raid 2

An ultra-violent sequel that revels in martial-arts murder and mutilation with an enthusiasm that’s as repugnant as its flimsy undercover-cop story is clichéd. More »



DCDC to provide satellite and digital delivery platform to Cinema Buying Group

The Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition (DCDC) has concluded a template agreement with the Cinema Buying Group More »

CinemaCon attendance up five percent

CinemaCon announced a five percent increase in attendance over its 2013 show More »

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