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Amira & Sam
Film Review: Amira & Sam

A potentially intriguing interracial love story between an ex-soldier and Middle Eastern lass feels much too forced and contrived. More »

The Devils Violinist
Film Review: The Devil's Violinist

The latest classical-music legend to have his life trashed–again—by a cheaply sensationalistic movie, this famed fiddler deserved way better. More »

Backstreet Boys
Film Review: Backstreet Boys: Show 'Em What You're Made Of

The ’90s boy band dusts itself off for a self-congratulatory, and not especially revelatory, career retrospective on the occasion of their 20th anniversary tour. More »

Oscar Nominated Documentary Shorts 2015
Film Review: The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2015: Documentary

The long shadow and in-your-face reality of mortality shadows nearly all the entries in this year’s powerful, draining Oscar-nominated documentary short films program. More »

Oscar Nominated Live-Action Shorts 2015
Film Review: The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2015: Live- Action

This year’s program of Oscar-nominated live-action short films is longer on character and short on cute. More »

Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts 2015
Film Review: The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2015: Animation

Disney’s wonderful canine tale Feast is the standout in this year’s program of Oscar-nominated animated shorts. More »

Alien Outpost
Film Review: Alien Outpost

The directing debut of visual-effects supervisor Jabbar Raisani is a thinly veiled monster-movie allegory about the morale-sapping nature of wars without borders, beginnings or foreseeable ends. Though well-executed, it's ultimately overly familiar and predictable. More »

Film Review: Timbuktu

A nuanced, humanistic portrait of a town besieged by jihadists, its images of violence suffused with almost surreal dreaminess. More »

Film Review: Girlhood

Drama of a female teen and her gang in a tough Paris project delivers some fine acting but is wobbly in its story of the young heroine’s sad journey into an ugly early adulthood. More »

How to Be a God
Film Review: Hard to Be a God

Profoundly artistic in many ways, a tough slog in others, Aleksei German’s final film poses a genuine challenge to its audience. More »

Above and Beyond
Film Review: Above and Beyond

This fascinating true-life tale begs for feature-film treatment. More »

Film Review: Supremacy

Topical and accomplished filmmaking overcomes genre expectations. More »

Suburban Gothic
Film Review: Suburban Gothic

A bubblegum ghost story about boomerang-child angst. More »

My Name Is Hmmm
Film Review: My Name is Hmmm...

Agnes B better stick to her day job. More »

Red Army
Film Review: Red Army

Non-hockey fans need not worry: This doc about Russia’s famed late-20th-century ice hockey team isn’t just for the converted. But filmgoers who don’t care a fig about Cold War-era tensions, culture clashes and the USSR’s erosion into the new Perestroika-embracing Russia can retire to the locker room, because these dynamics play big roles. More »

TheHumbling review
Film Review: The Humbling

Al Pacino’s superb performance as an aging, psychologically unraveling actor cannot save this pretentious and flat-footed film. More »

Film Review: Mommy

Mom-obsessed Xavier Dolan triumphs with this startlingly original, compellingly watchable character study that is simultaneously hilarious, appalling and sad. More »

Film Review: Manny

Engaging look at legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao is best for hardcore fight fans. More »

Son of a Gun
Film Review: Son of a Gun

A talented cast is squandered in this derivative, far-fetched Australian crime action- thriller which misfired on home soil. More »

Against the Sun
Film Review: Against the Sun

A good old-fashioned story of American wartime heroism that's ironically less jingoistic than the major-studio release American Sniper. More »

Duke of Burgundy
Film Review: The Duke of Burgundy

A lush lesbian romance that marries eroticized energy and relationship role-playing concerns to hypnotic ends. More »

We'll Never Have Paris
Film Review: We'll Never Have Paris

Possibly groundbreaking as a rom-com aimed at the newly empowered nerd-chic audience, this indie effort only intermittently charms. More »

Miss Hill
Film Review: Miss Hill: Making Dance Matter

Packed with archival footage of modern-dance luminaries, this edifying documentary reveals the critical role played by the unsung Martha Hill in the evolution of one of America’s most revolutionary art forms.  More »

Film Review: R100

A reflection on destructive sexual fantasies vaunts some wonderfully outrageous and original comedy but an unimpressive final act. More »

Salvation Army
Film Review: Salvation Army

A complex but fascinating childhood in Morocco is followed by a tough and difficult-to-follow time in Switzerland. More »

Film Review: Killers

An efficient psychological horror-thriller hybrid, set in Tokyo and Jakarta, about two killers who connect online. More »

20 Once Again
Film Review: 20 Once Again

This Chinese remake of a Korean fantasy hit is a pretty surefire audience pleaser, overflowing with rambunctious comedy and eye-misting sentiment. More »

Phoenix Project
Film Review: The Phoenix Project

This melancholy take on the Frankenstein story should play well with horror buffs who prefer character conflict to rampaging creatures and gore, but its low-key virtues make break-out appeal unlikely. More »

Three Night Stand
Film Review: Three Night Stand

A classic romantic comedy reinvented for the Millennial generation—with an emphasis on raunch over romance, emotional confusion over true love. And, oh yes, it’s all laid-back and pretty funny. More »

The Touch of an Angel
Film Review: The Touch of an Angel

The up close and personal approach of this Holocaust doc proves to be its very strength, through one man's harrowing yet inspiring reminiscences. More »



CinemaCon to honor Cinemark International's Valmir Fernandes

Valmir Fernandes, president of Cinemark International, will receive the Global Achievement Award in Exhibition at CinemaCon More »

Fifth annual CinemaCon to return to Caesars Palace April 20

The fifth annual CinemaCon will return to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on April 20-23 More »

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