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Film Review: Private Peaceful

This predictable wartime drama, based on the book by War Horse author Michael Morpurgo, is redeemed somewhat by good performances and the craftsmanship of veteran director Pat O’Connor. More »

Film Review: True Son

Documentary about an idealistic 22-year-old running for city council in a blighted part of Stockton, Calif., is as bright and vibrant as the civic situation is dire. More »

Film Review: Plot for Peace

An impressive story for those who can follow its dense political maneuvers. More »

Film Review: Braddock America

A poignant and endearing portrait of post-industrial Americana. More »

Film Review: Goodbye to Language 3D

Jean-Luc Godard’s latest film is an extension of his typical concerns, uniquely expressed by 3D. But though Goodbye to Language 3D shared a Jury Prize at Cannes, it’s a bit of a prankster’s poke in the eye. More »

Film Review: The Great Invisible

Affecting on both personal and political levels. More »

Film Review: Revenge of the Mekons

This affectionate portrait shines a well-deserved spotlight on a band that has never managed to convert their cult following into mainstream success. More »

Film Review: Citizenfour

Documentary account of how Edward Snowden leaked intelligence to the world press. More »

Glen Campbell I'll Be Me
Film Review: Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me

Alzheimer's is given an unforgettably human face here, and that face belongs to a music legend. More »

White Bird in a Blizzard
Film Review: White Bird in a Blizzard

A clichéd indie about a girl’s coming-of-age amidst her mother’s disappearance that, despite a sturdy lead performance by Shailene Woodley, is undone by hackneyed, go-nowhere plotting. More »

Film Review: Exists

Blair Witch Project co-director Eduardo Sanchez returns to the faux-found footage well and hauls out a bucketful of Bigfoot in this derivative but creepy shocker. More »

Stonehearst Asylum
Film Review: Stonehearst Asylum

Not at all the psycho shriek-fest its Halloween-proximate release might suggest, Stoneheart Asylum is a handsome psychological cat-and-mouse game featuring excellent performances by a powerhouse cast. More »

Low Down
Film Review: Low Down

Based on the life of obscure jazz pianist Joe Albany, this biopic etches a familiar portrait: that of a post-bop artist who is gifted, broke, unappreciated, relationship- challenged—and hooked on drugs. But here that same old story gets a new spin, as told by Albany’s daughter. More »

Revenge of the Green Dragons
Film Review: Revenge of the Green Dragons

Chinese gangs battle for supremacy in 1990s New York City. More »

Force Majeure
Film Review: Force Majeure

Impressive hybrid of relationship drama and special-effects frills and thrills is a sustaining charge of engaging entertainment, also helped by convincing performances and the authentic if sterile setting of a family-friendly Swiss Alpine resort. More »

Life of Riley
Film Review: Life of Riley

Delightful, fanciful comedy about the romantic travails and worse amongst three middle-aged couples in rural Yorkshire, England, is given much added life by performances from a strong cast, pungent dialogue and inspired production design. Sadly, it also marks Alain Resnais’ last film. More »

Red Dot on the Ocean
Film Review: Red Dot on the Ocean

Endlessly engrossing documentary, with candid, you-are-there footage, about Matt Rutherford's nearly impossible solo boat voyage around the Americas. More »

Tiger Lily Road
Film Review: Tiger Lily Road

Frolicsome farce with a whimsically feminist bent affords some fun but needed a new ending. More »

1,000 Times Good Night
Film Review: 1,000 Times Good Night

For a movie about a photojournalist, 1,000 Times Good Night is less than meets the eye, but it does boast yet another fine performance by Juliette Binoche. More »

Heart Machine
Film Review: The Heart Machine

An unsettling new twist on age-old themes. More »

Film Review: Viktor

Morose thriller set and shot in Moscow, which follows French ex-convict Viktor (Gerard Depardieu, who recently renounced his French citizenship and became Russian) as he tries to find out why his son was murdered. More »

Film Review: E-Team

Four international human rights investigators descend on political atrocities to determine accountability. More »

Film Review: Laggies

Disappointing comedic entry about a late-20s slacker who won’t grow up is writer/filmmaker Lynn Shelton’s first outing directing someone else’s material. Points here for strong cast and an occasional chuckle, but otherwise there’s just no point. More »

Film Review: Rudderless

Well-done indie drama about a lost-soul house painter reborn through rock ’n’ roll is a nice actor’s showcase for star Billy Crudup and an impressive directorial debut for actor William H. Macy. But in spite of some good work onscreen, both hero and story lack the edge and originality to carry this drama beyond respectability. More »

Camp X-Ray
Film Review: Camp X-Ray

Army guard and Guantanamo detainee form a grudging relationship in a thoughtful but far-fetched drama. More »

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya
Film Review: The Tale of The Princess Kaguya

As charming as it is delicate, this unusually low-key, if a tad overlong, animated feature brings yet more prestige to the famed Ghibli output. More »

Dear White People
Film Review: Dear White People

There won't be a smarter or funnier screenplay this year (or more striking feature directorial debut), and that is just the basis for this surprising, wonderful and quite definitive college film. More »

Young Ones
Film Review: Young Ones

Jake Paltrow's near-future frontier saga aspires to greatness from its first frame, but falls well short of achieving it. More »

Listen Up Philip
Film Review: Listen Up Philip

Idiosyncratic comedy-drama about a self-absorbed novelist that is at once irritating and oddly compelling. More »

Film Review: Felony

A trio of fine performances led by Tom Wilkinson can’t elevate this rote and lethargic police-centric morality play about cops covering up a hit-and-run crime. More »



Fandango adds seven new exhibitors to ticketing network

Fandango has added Bow Tie Cinemas  to its digital ticketing network More »

CineAsia to honor Major Cineplex's Vicha Poolvarluk

Vicha Poolvarluk, chairman of Major Cineplex Group, will receive the 2014 “Exhibitor of the Year” Award at CineAsia More »

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