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A Small Section
Film Review: A Small Section of the World

Worthy but uninvolving documentary about the coffee-producing women of Costa Rica. More »

Film Review: Sagrada: The Mystery of Creation

The fabulous 130-year work-in-progress that is Barcelona's Sagrada Familia cathedral, as well as its crazy-brilliant originator, Antonio Gaudi, is the focus of this vividly informative documentary. More »

Inside the Mind of Leonardo
Film Review: Inside the Mind of Leonardo in 3D

Documentary-feature hybrid that offers unexpected insight into the world of Leonardo da Vinci, but nonetheless suffers from a heavy hand and pretentious sensibility. More »

If You Don't., I Will
Film Review: If You Don't, I Will

Anemic drama about a forever-bickering couple who do not at all get along nor emit a scintilla of chemistry. It’s a disappointing, too-lean portrait of a marriage. More »

Mr. Turner
Film Review: Mr. Turner

In Mike Leigh’s Mr. Turner, arguably the year’s most gorgeous film, Timothy Spall etches an indelible portrait of the great painter, aided by a marvelous supporting cast who make the period spring alive. More »

Goodbye to All That
Film Review: Goodbye to All That

Angus MacLachlan’s debut feature is a small, skillfully made character piece that deftly weaves comedy and drama into an entertaining whole. More »

Song of the Sea
Film Review: Song of the Sea

A bratty boy and his mute, possibly magical sister journey through a world of fairies and wonders in this alluring selkie tale from the maker of The Secret of Kells. More »

Winter Sleep
Film Review: Winter Sleep

Even Nuri Bilge Ceylan aficionados will be tested by this Palme d’Or winner. The Turkish filmmaker’s unsympathetic protagonist is less a character than an example held up for scrutiny as the sort of egocentric man around whom no one else is allowed to flourish. More »

Anything for Alice
Film Review: Anything for Alice

Good chemistry from the leads has to compensate for mixed messages from the screenplay. More »

The Captive
Film Review: The Captive

Atom Egoyan’s latest almost could have made a crackerjack thriller, but is undone by one too many ill-timed flashbacks and some garish melodrama which reduces the human element. More »

Six Dance Lessons
Film Review: Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks

The so-called geriatric set at which this sad, grating piffle is aimed has better taste and should save themselves a trip to the mall. More »

Tip Top
Film Review: Tip Top

One minute a tense police procedural, the next a wacky Almodóvarian sex farce, this schizophrenic enterprise is more wearying than entertaining. More »

Skating to New York
Film Review: Skating to New York

Beautifully shot teen wilderness adventure suffers from shallow characterizations and a highly troubling plot misstep. More »

Free the Nipple
Film Review: Free the Nipple

A low-budget First Amendment lecture with boobs, first-time filmmaker Lina Esco's fact-based feature is both sweetly earnest and painfully naïve, neither of which guarantees big box office–even with the addition of bare-naked ladies. More »

Isn't It Delicious
Film Review: Isn't It Delicious

Though it’s a bit pat, Isn’t it Delicious is nevertheless a lyrical, touching comedy-drama about seizing the day that boasts fine acting and an Oscar-worthy performance by Kathleen Chalfant. More »

A Little Game
Film Review: A Little Game

Would-be whimsical serio-comedy about a Greenwich Village ten-year-old who learns about chess and life from a stranger she meets in a park. More »

Do You Know What My Name Is
Film Review: Do You Know What My Name Is?

This largely Japanese-funded and created project might suffer a loss in translation, for its very important subject barely comes through due to a weak cinematic approach. More »

Theo's House
Film Review: Theo's House

Two architects consider the way their work has changed their world in this contemplative Finnish film that stands to find a niche art-house audience, primarily in home-entertainment markets. More »

Magician Orson Welles
Film Review: Magician: The Astonishing Life and Work of Orson Welles

Wide-ranging look at Orson Welles, one of the key figures in cinema, from Oscar-winning documentarian Chuck Workman. More »

After the Fall
Film Review: After the Fall

Desperate househusband turns to crime. More »

We Are the Giant
Film Review: We Are the Giant

A slickly assembled and insightful documentary that looks at three individual stories from the Arab Spring. More »

The Color of Time
Film Review: The Color of Time

Twelve writer-directors don’t spoil the broth in a young film whose lyrical expressionism should work best at liberal-arts colleges. More »

Film Review: Maidan

This stunning, epic-scaled film harkens back to the heroic, journalistic roots of documentary-making and yet feels modern and formally daring. More »

Poker Night
Film Review: Poker Night

A group of small-town detectives gathered for a card game tell instructive stories to a rookie in this entertainingly twisty thriller. More »

Miss Julie
Film Review: Miss Julie

Claustrophobic, basically unexciting and heavy-handed presentation of August Strindberg's difficult classic, despite all the bloody carrying-on. More »

Dying of the Light
Film Review: Dying of the Light

A past-his-prime CIA agent faces off against terrorists and his own damaged flesh in this macho political thriller about young guns and old warriors who won't hang up their swords. More »

Take Care
Film Review: Take Care

Some nice performances and funny lines spark this highly improbable rom-com. More »

Shes beautiful
Film Review: She's Beautiful When She's Angry

Engaging overview of the women’s movement launched in mid-century America. More »

Life Partners
Film Review: Life Partners

The low-key but razor-sharp yet delicate quality of Susanna Fogel's rookie feature make this funny, touching tale of friendship very special indeed. More »



Fifth annual CinemaCon to return to Caesars Palace April 20

The fifth annual CinemaCon will return to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on April 20-23 More »

NATO issues technological requirements for High Dynamic Range projection

NATO has released technological requirements for High Dynamic Range projection systems More »

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