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Kingdom of Dreams and Madness
Film Review: The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness

Venture inside the hallowed hallways of Japan's most prestigious animation studio in this insightful documentary. More »

Antarctica: A  Year On Ice
Film Review: Antarctica: A Year on Ice

Thrilling, award-winning New Zealand doc about the mysterious and forbidding continent at the bottom of the world is not your usual travelogue, but a surprising exploration of the human soul and human needs. Happily, adorable penguins and stunning visuals also get screen time. More »

Remote Area Medical
Film Review: Remote Area Medical

Doc offers in-the-trenches evidence of dire need in the U.S. health-care system. More »

Film Review: The Immortalists

Attention-grabbing subject meets colorful characters in this science doc. More »

Before I Disappear
Film Review: Before I Disappear

Can't vanish fast enough. More »

Once Upon a Time Veronica
Film Review: Once Upon a Time Veronica

Marcelo Gomes' snapshot of modern urban life—as seen through the sharp eyes of a Brazilian woman—is strikingly impressive on every level. More »

Food Chains
Film Review: Food Chains

Vitally important, infuriating exposé of the world of injustice behind the food you consume. More »

Monk with a Camera
Film Review: Monk With a Camera: The Life and Journey of Nicholas Vreeland

Enthralling and uplifting documentary about a man of the world turned monk, but one who effects real, inspiring change. More »

The Circle
Film Review: The Circle

Very strong, historically intriguing and important gay document is marred by intrusive real-life interview footage, which seriously breaks up the dramatic momentum. More »

Film Review: The Babadook

An intense, terrifying indie horror film with more on its mind than scaring its audience. More »

The King and the Mockingbird
Film Review: The King and the Mockingbird

A tyrant pursues a shepherdess across a magical landscape in an animated masterpiece by Paul Grimault. More »

Reach Me
Film Review: Reach Me

Self-help book draws an array of lost and lonely people together in a misguided message drama from writer-director John Herzfeld. More »

Late Phases
Film Review: Late Phases

Where the brilliant and unnerving Ginger Snaps forever linked women and lycanthropy in their joint submission to lunar cycles, Late Phases evokes a very different cycle, the one in which there's a time to live and a time to die, a particularly immediate preoccupation when the victims-to-be live in an old-age community. More »

Film Review: Extraterrestrial

College students looking forward to a wild weekend get more than they bargained for when their isolated cabin is invaded by aliens. More »

Flamenco, Flamenco
Film Review: Flamenco, Flamenco

Flamenco, Flamenco is not strictly a “documentary,” for no information is imparted via narration or dialogue. It is instead a pure cinematic experience, an exquisite homage to the ancient Andalusian art of flamenco as well as to the gifted dancers, singers and musicians who keep it alive today. More »

Stones in the Sun
Film Review: Stones in the Sun

Taking no sides and every side, Stones in the Sun is a powerful tripartite narrative from Haitian filmmaker Patricia Benoit, using her own family history. More »

Film Review: Pulp: A Film About Life, Death & Supermarkets

A farewell concert film so entertainingly enthusiastic that it seems like an exciting greeting; for some it may indeed be an introduction to the music of Jarvis Cocker, British rock singer-songwriter. More »

Film Review: The Mule

Less jokey than viewers might expect. More »

vhs viral
Film Review: V/H/S: Viral

In which a once-promising horror franchise sounds its death rattle. More »

A Girl Walks
Film Review: A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

A hushed and atmospheric film that features a vampire with a hijab on a skateboard. Yes, really. More »

21 Years
Film Review: 21 Years: Richard Linklater

A star-filled but unenlightening mash note. More »

Bad Hair
Film Review: Bad Hair

A too-skimpy plot and weirdly detached direction keep this domestic two-hander from amounting to much. More »

The Sleepwalker
Film Review: The Sleepwalker

A tentative feint toward genre territory can’t conceal the slightness of this heightened drama. More »

Red Army
Film Review: Red Army

Non-hockey fans need not worry: This doc about Russia’s famed late-20th-century ice hockey team isn’t just for the converted. But filmgoers who don’t care a fig about Cold War-era tensions, culture clashes and the USSR’s erosion into the new Perestroika-embracing Russia can retire to the locker room, because these dynamics play big roles. More »

merry friggin' christmas
Film Review: A Merry Friggin' Christmas

There’s not a lot to be merry about in this family-themed holiday comedy about a 30-year father-son estrangement and an adorable grandson who believes in Santa and Christmas magic. Also bah humbug but generating some valuable publicity for the film is the fact that this spring 2013 production marks one of the final screen appearances of Robin Williams. More »

Film Review: Burroughs: The Movie

U.S. premiere of 1983 film about William S. Burroughs is a mixed blessing. More »

Toy Soldiers
Film Review: The Toy Soldiers

Powerful, haunting, oddly sweet yet utterly unsentimental film about 1980s teens, with five interlocking stories, showcases a prodigious talent in emerging filmmaker Erik Peter Carlson. More »

Love Hunter
Film Review: Love Hunter

A famous Serbian musician, driving a cab for a living, tries to make it in New York. He’s also doing the same thing with a few women he meets along the way. More »

Beside Still Waters
Film Review: Beside Still Waters

Centering on a reunion of old friends, Beside Still Waters is familiar and not fully plausible, but features top-notch acting, compelling imagery and interesting film technique. More »

Film Review: The Homesman

In Tommy Lee Jones’ baffling quasi-western, he plays a scruffy claim-jumper who repays a favor by helping tough-as-nails homesteader Hilary Swank transport three mad women to safety in Iowa. More »



NATO issues technological requirements for High Dynamic Range projection

NATO has released technological requirements for High Dynamic Range projection systems More »

Introducing WhereToWatch.com, a new search site to help you find movies you love

Our six member studios of the MPAA have created a new search site called WheretoWatch.com More »

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