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Film Review: Cannibal

The fact that this gripping and unsettling study of the psychopathic mind also magically manages to be very moving brings potential mainstream appeal to its ostensibly art-house subject. More »

My Man is a Loser
Film Review: My Man is a Loser

This formulaic sex farce is rescued by sharp comedic performances. More »

Film Review: Letter to Momo

Literally beset by goblins, this strained animated effort should have concentrated on the human elements of its story rather than the supernatural. More »

A Master Builder
Film Review: A Master Builder

A personal project which should have stayed personal, this turgid yet flat Ibsen adaptation is third-time unlucky for Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory. More »

Film Review: Fanny

"Classic" is a word all too casually bandied about, but for Daniel Auteuil's screen adaptation of this beloved French trilogy it is completely apropos. More »

Alive Inside
Film Review: Alive Inside

Incredibly moving and powerful documentary about combatting Alzheimer's with music. Without the use of a single CGI effect, you see literal miracles happening here. More »

A Five Star Life
Film Review: A Five Star Life

With a lot of travelogue-type footage and some introspection, director Maria Sole Tognazzi’s A Five Star Life finds a new angle to the women’s issues we thought we already settled, or at least had enough of for now. More »

Film Review: Aftermath

Imagine Night of the Living Dead, then take away the zombies and add radiation sickness: The result would be something like this claustrophobic post-nuclear apocalypse tale about how quickly civilized people revert once civilization is gone. More »

Film Review: Persecuted

Neither its religious message nor its ridiculous plot are remotely convincing. More »

Mood Indigo
Film Review: Mood Indigo

An excessively whimsical romance that’s undone by cartoonish performances and direction by Michel Gondry that practically bludgeons viewers via cutesy formal trickery. More »

Video Games: The Movie
Film Review: Video Games: The Movie

You'd have to be a real noob to glean anything substantial from this superficial, haphazardly structured primer on videogame history. More »

Double Play
Film Review: Double Play

Low-budget documentary celebrates left-field movie mavericks. More »

I Origins
Film Review: I Origins

This unfinished-feeling, lovesick fantasy from the maker of Another Earth pairs a fatalistic romance with a fuzzy-headed take on the science-vs.-religion debate. More »

A Long Way Down
Film Review: A Long Way Down

The plot of A Long Way Down is as awkward and as annoying as they come, but some really good acting by the film’s four major stars almost makes this one worth seeing. Almost. More »

Land Ho
Film Review: Land Ho!

A pair of seniors find friendship and renewal on a road trip through Iceland, but the journey is flatlined by lack of incident and tedious naturalism. More »

Film Review: Rage

In different hands, Rage could have been a devastating chronicle of the sins of the fathers being visited on their children, friends and random unfortunates. But Andalusian filmmaker Paco Cabezas, making his English-language directing debut, is unable to keep the complicated story and international cast in line; the results are never dull but are sometimes unintentionally hilarious. More »

Film Review: Affluenza

Handsome-looking but all-too-familiar drama about wealthy Long Island teens with too much money and time on their hands makes no inroads into the adolescent angst that afflicts the silver-spoon set. Like the recent and aggressively marketed Palo Alto, a screen pulse may awaken in ancillaries. More »

Underwater Dreams
Film Review: Underwater Dreams

As captivating as it is important, Mary Mazzio's seemingly modest tract about immigration achievement grabs you by the heart, as it grows and grows into something big and vital. More »

Made in America
Film Review: Made in America

The unlikely team-up of rapper/businessman Jay Z and filmmaker Ron Howard doesn't result in odd-couple fireworks. Try familiar yawns instead. More »

Road to Paloma
Film Review: Road to Paloma

A one-note on-the-lam saga that’s primarily notable for its simplistic celebration of the outlaw life through endless shots of writer/director/star Jason Momoa in sunset silhouette. More »

Film Review: Honour

Keep murder in the family. More »

The Empty Hours
Film Review: The Empty Hours

Extremely leisurely but never dull, this sensitively made film is filled with a radiant performance from Venezuelan actress Adriana Paz. More »

As It Is in Heaven
Film Review: As It Is in Heaven

This assured debut feature quietly ratchets up the tension. More »

Closed Curtain
Film Review: Closed Curtain

Closed Curtain is the second movie in Jafar Panahi’s ongoing defiance of the filmmaking ban imposed on him in Iran, the title a metaphor for his contemplation of oblivion. More »

Boyhood review
Film Review: Boyhood

Believe the hype: Richard Linklater's decade-in-the-making epic is a remarkable achievement. More »

Film Review: Wrinkles

Literally dedicated to "all the old people of today, and of tomorrow," this animated look at aging is deeply humanistic, immensely moving, often hilarious and quite, quite wonderful. More »

Film Review: Marius

Utterly delightful, almost uncanny in its perfect period confidence and brio, this is a reminder once more of why we love French films. More »

Film Review: Heatstroke

A cheeseball B-movie about a woman and a girl combating arms dealers in the African desert that fails to generate suspense, excitement, or even unintentional B-movie laughs. More »

Me and You
Film Review: Me and You

Bernardo Bertolucci's most negligible effort to date, in which he takes a familiar—for him—premise and does very little with it. More »

Beyond the Edge
Film Review: Beyond the Edge

Solid history lesson isn't as visually splendid as expected. More »



Studio Movie Grill announces coast-to-coast expansion

Studio Movie Grill is stretching to both coasts with new locations announced in Florida, Pennsylvania and California More »

AMC Theatres spending $600M to add fully reclining seats

AMC Entertainment Holdings is spending $600 million to remodel its theatres with larger, fully reclining seats More »

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