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Film Review: Viktor

Morose thriller set and shot in Moscow, which follows French ex-convict Viktor (Gerard Depardieu, who recently renounced his French citizenship and became Russian) as he tries to find out why his son was murdered.

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Film Review: E-Team

Four international human rights investigators descend on political atrocities to determine accountability. More »

Film Review: Laggies

Disappointing comedic entry about a late-20s slacker who won’t grow up is writer/filmmaker Lynn Shelton’s first outing directing someone else’s material. Points here for strong cast and an occasional chuckle, but otherwise there’s just no point. More »

Film Review: Rudderless

Well-done indie drama about a lost-soul house painter reborn through rock ’n’ roll is a nice actor’s showcase for star Billy Crudup and an impressive directorial debut for actor William H. Macy. But in spite of some good work onscreen, both hero and story lack the edge and originality to carry this drama beyond respectability. More »

Camp X-Ray
Film Review: Camp X-Ray

Army guard and Guantanamo detainee form a grudging relationship in a thoughtful but far-fetched drama. More »

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya
Film Review: The Tale of The Princess Kaguya

As charming as it is delicate, this unusually low-key, if a tad overlong, animated feature brings yet more prestige to the famed Ghibli output. More »

Dear White People
Film Review: Dear White People

There won't be a smarter or funnier screenplay this year (or more striking feature directorial debut), and that is just the basis for this surprising, wonderful and quite definitive college film. More »

Young Ones
Film Review: Young Ones

Jake Paltrow's near-future frontier saga aspires to greatness from its first frame, but falls well short of achieving it. More »

Listen Up Philip
Film Review: Listen Up Philip

Idiosyncratic comedy-drama about a self-absorbed novelist that is at once irritating and oddly compelling. More »

Film Review: Felony

A trio of fine performances led by Tom Wilkinson can’t elevate this rote and lethargic police-centric morality play about cops covering up a hit-and-run crime. More »

Eternity: The Movie
Film Review: Eternity: The Movie

George S. Kaufman said, "Satire is what closes on Saturday night." This piece of utter cluelessness will be lucky to last that long. More »

A Requiem for Syrian Refugees
Film Review: A Requiem for Syrian Refugees

Disturbing documentary that explores the largely forgotten lives of thousands of Syrians living in hopelessness in Northern Iraq. More »

Film Review: Algorithms

Sight-challenged Indian teenagers push to become championship chess players in this disappointingly slight, surface-dwelling documentary. More »

The Hacker Wars
Film Review: The Hacker Wars

A flashy portrait of rebel “hacktivists” and their anarchist accomplices that opts for superficial, unconvincing glorification over in-depth analysis. More »

Film Review: Default

Though it's sometimes exciting and thought-provoking, there are basic design flaws in Default which prevent it from taking off. More »

The Golden Era
Film Review: The Golden Era

A biopic of ideas rather than emotions, though strangely not necessarily the ideas of the writer whose life it chronicles. More »

Watchers of the Sky
Film Review: Watchers of the Sky

An exhaustive, complex look at genocide with a sobering and historically predictable prognosis. More »

Summer of Blood
Film Review: Summer of Blood

If Eddie Murphy couldn't make a vampire in Brooklyn funny, this film certainly can't. More »

Film Review: Diplomacy

Oscar-winning German director Volker Schlöndorff’s exceptional drama imagines some intriguing but non-factual circumstances at war’s end surrounding Hitler’s order to the Paris “governor” to destroy the city. The film unites one of history’s most important episodes with some plausible what-ifs and also features two of France’s greatest actors, Niels Arestrup and André Dussollier. More »

Film Review: Whiplash

Whiplash is one of the most affecting and enjoyable movies of the year. Young director Damien Chazelle turns out to be a natural-born filmmaker with impressive chops. More »

One Chance
Film Review: One Chance

The talents of the lead actors go a long way towards making this contrivance the heart-warming audience winner it sets out so determinedly to be. More »

I Am Ali
Film Review: I Am Ali

Family and friends remember the life of fighter Muhammad Ali. More »

Film Review: Automata

The clichéd conventions of the futuristic sci-fi genre are all present and accounted for in this particularly arid and harrowingly slow example of the form. More »

Waiting for August
Film Review: Waiting for August

Heartwarming but dramatically slack documentary portrait of the struggles of one parentless Romanian family More »

You're Not You
Film Review: You're Not You

Noble intentions and a two-time Oscar winner are not enough to rescue this melodramatic weeper about the unlikely bonding of two young women—one a successful concert pianist dying of ALS, the other an aimless student who becomes her kooky but life-affirming caretaker. More »

Film Review: Awake: The Life of Yogananda

Appealing documentary about spiritual leader Paramahansa Yogananda. More »

Film Review: #Stuck

This heavily calculated two-hander—which surely and sadly won't be the last to bear a hashtag in its title—is redeemed by some funny writing and the bold, appealing performance of Madeline Zima. More »

Film Review: The Overnighters

In Jesse Moss’ taut and morally complex documentary, a pastor opens his church to homeless men looking for work in the booming North Dakota oil fields and faces the wrath of a small town nervous about their community’s rapid transformation. More »

Evolution of a Criminal
Film Review: Evolution of a Criminal

A straight-A student turned teenage bank robber returns home years later to talk to friends, family and accomplices about what pushed him into such a shocking act in this mature, meditative documentary. More »

Dead Snow II
Film Review: Dead Snow II: Red vs. Dead

Mock, schlock and two smoking barrels More »



CineAsia to honor Major Cineplex's Vicha Poolvarluk

Vicha Poolvarluk, chairman of Major Cineplex Group, will receive the 2014 “Exhibitor of the Year” Award at CineAsia More »

Australian International Movie Convention announces diverse program

The 69th Australian International Movie Convention will be held Oct. 12-16 at Jupiters Hotel & Casino More »

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